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Chapter 137.3: Someone Died

The youth looked as if he had just seen his saviour and his voice was immediately rather choked up. "Yi Yi, I did not kill anyone."

"I believe that you did not kill anyone." Yi Yi said rea.s.suringly, and her eyes then turned to gaze indifferently upon the overbearing man who had been accusing Lan Yu. "What proof do you have that Lan Yu killed the man?"

"He almost got into a fight with Cheng Hui earlier in the day and many people witnessed it. Isn't that enough proof that he did it?" The youth said with a scornful snort.

"If you did not see it with your own eyes, do not slander others as you please." The expression on Yi Yi's face was still a little cold. For such a frail and gentle looking girl, she actually looked a little commanding when her face turned stern.

The youth was infuriated when he heard that and he then said in a demeaning tone. "What kind of a relationship do you have with this kid? A little girl like you had better not come stick your nose into men's affairs. You might invite unwanted trouble upon yourself."

"Lan Yu is my friend, and I know him very well. Although he might be rather rash at times, but he has a kind heart, and would never go kill anyone just because of a few heated words. But this young master here on the other hand, you seem to be highly insistent on forcing Lan Yu to admit to the crime, and is misleading everyone here, trying make everyone think that Lan Yu is the one who killed him."

"This woman is being just too unreasonable. Why would I want to do that?" The man retorted angrily.

Yi Yi curved up the ends of her lips in a smile and said: "Then, what does it have to do with Lan Yu?" Her gaze then swung around measuring up the surrounding crowd. "Everyone must not forget that we have to stay her in this inn for one day and one night. If anyone is to stir up any trouble within this period, the person will be disqualified from taking part in the Faint Mist Sect's recruitment trials. I will naturally not mind having one less opponent during the trials."

After saying that, she turned to the youth whose face was still a little pale and said directly to him: "Lan Yu, come with me. We have an empty bed in our room and you can sleep there for the time being."

Having come out from home, they couldn't afford to be too strict and unbending. It was common for men and women to stay under the same roof and it was no longer a strange thing to see.

But someone has died here. Are they really going to treat it as if nothing has happened?

"You fellas hold it right there!" The man shouted in a fit. "Aren't you going to give everyone an explanation for this incident?"

Yi Yi halted in her steps and then slowly turned her eyes around. That glance, was completely emotionless. "Lan Yu did not kill him, and there is nothing he needs to explain for. Moreover the person who died is not your parents or sibling, so n.o.body owes you an explanation as well."

Everyone was stumped, unable to find anything to say. Things were really like what she said, and there was nothing they could pick on.

The man had seemed like he still wanted to argue about something but Yi Yi suddenly turned shot a dim eyed glance at him. "Although one's status or position matters naught after we get into the Faint Mist Sect, but….. the Ming Family of the Soul Cultivators Tribe are not people that all of you here can wilfully offend."

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