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Chapter 137.2: Someone Died

Seeing that, Yan Xi Wu rubbed her nose, slightly embarra.s.sed.

The commotion had come from the innermost room on the second floor, and everyone was gathered there at that moment, the place jammed packed with people as sounds of angry argument rang out from inside.

“How did such a thing happen? He was fine when we spoke earlier and he is now suddenly dead!”

“How would I now? I was feeling cold and was going to brew a hot pot of tea. I had just lit the candle when I saw this fella staring at me from his bed, the blood spilled over the entire bed.”

“Why are you looking at me like this? You couldn't possibly be suspecting that I killed him do you? There are no grudges between us, so why would I want to kill him! ?”

“The two of you were arguing earlier just today and if not for the fact that everyone pulled the two of you back, you guys would have gone at each other's throats!”

“You must be joking! This fella has such a bad temper and Heaven knows how many people he has offended on his way here. Why are you suspecting me now? He even went on to quarrel with the lady boss of this inn in front of everyone so why don't you say that the lady boss bore a grudge and secretly came to kill him in the middle of the night? !”

Upon hearing the loud argument, everyone then realized that the person who died was the tall and brawny hotheaded youth they had all seen earlier that afternoon.

The crowd parted slightly at that moment and the scene inside the room could be seen. The youth's eyes were open in a wide stare, and he had a large hole opened in his abdomen. Bright red blood stained the entire bed and had also spilled onto the floor, a highly grisly sight.

Someone within the surrounding crowd whispered softly: “Such a pitiful sight. Just how great was the grievance…..”

“Sigh, it's little wonder. The kid always had such a fiery temper and he doesn't hold back on his words at all. Maybe he crossed somebody before and did not know it. Now, retribution caught up with him.”

“But that is just too brutal! The wound on his stomach is really not small at all and he died with his eyes open. He must have been in great agony when he died.”

“Disaster really does stem from one's mouth!”

Hearing these people debate, it seemed like everyone has already decided that the culprit was really the youth who was still arguing vehemently.

Qing Yu stood at the back of the crowd, her gaze looking at the youth who died with unresolved grievance. Her eyes darkened when she noticed something strange about the wound, where the edges looked highly uneven, seemingly caused by a sharp weapon.

It looked like….. something had torn his stomach out, biting through his body.

“You….. You all cannot just make such wild accusations!”

The eyes of the youth whom everyone thought was the killer had turned red. With so many fingers being pointed right at him, even though he was a little scared, he still stubbornly gritted his teeth, unwilling to lower his head.

“Lan Yu, what happened?” A gentle female voice rang out suddenly. With a white fox fur coat draped over her back, a slim figured young girl suddenly came walking over.

The young girl was very pretty, her tiny face almost the size of a palm enchanting, looking so very weak and frail.

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