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Chapter 137.1: Someone Died

She had probably been ravenous with hunger as Yan Xi Wu felt full only after having eaten two whole apples and went to sleep satisfied.

Things were peaceful and uneventful here on this side but for all the others staying at the same inn who had come to take part in the recruitment trials, it was not known whether they were hallucinating, but they were feeling that the temperature seemed to become colder and colder as they lay in their beds.

At first, they were all sleeping by themselves on their own beds, and then it became two or three of them squeezing themselves together, the blankets piled thickly together over them, but they were still trembling with cold. It did not help even when they gathered their spirit energies in their bodies, their faces turning pale as they froze.

"Yi Yi….. Why do I feel so….. so cold….." A young girl's teeth chattered as she asked the other young girl sticking close just beside her.

The girl named Yi Yi was also trembling severely as she lifted her eyes to looked out the window. "Has it started to snow….."

As she spoke, she crawled out from under the blanket with much difficulty, thinking to open the window to see outside. In the end, she accidentally knocked over the teapot on the table while walking over there and the little half of the tea inside the pot spilled onto the floor.

In that instant, the tea quickly froze at a speed visible to the naked eye, as a frosty mist emanated from it.

The two girls immediately stared with their eyes widened, gasping in shock.

The girl on the bed suddenly broke into tears crying softly, sad and afraid. "Boo hoo hoo….. What kind of a scary place are we in here….. We'll surely die here…… Boo hoo….. I wanna go home….."

"Stop that. Stop crying." Yi Yi admonished softly, and then waved her hand to light the candle in the room, which brightened up a portion of the room. But the light from the fluttering flame made the room alternate between light and and darkness, the flame extremely weak, like it would go out at any moment.

The girl stopped her sobbing weakly, tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at the other girl. "Then what should we do now?"

Yi Yi knitted up her brows and was just about to say something when she heard a shrill scream rang out next door. A flurry of footsteps immediately followed that was accompanied by a girl's terrified scream: "Eeek! Someone died!"

With such a big commotion, everyone was alerted. They had all not been able to sleep because it was too cold and now that someone has been killed, they all broke out in cold sweat from shock.

Yan Xi Wu woke up still feeling groggy and saw that Qing Yu and the others have already woken up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. "What happened out there? Why is it so noisy?"

"Seems like someone died."

Yan Xi Rou sighed inwardly, thinking that this fella here was really taking things so easy. It was thought that she was the only one who could fall asleep.

"What?" Yan Xi Wu's eyes widened in surprise. She had originally still been feeling rather sleepy but she was now fully awake. She immediately flipped off her blanket and climbed out of bed. "How could someone die so suddenly? Should we go take a look?"

"Mm. We were just about to wake you." Qing Yu said as she looked at her indifferent glance.

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