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Chapter 134.3: It Likes The Roasted Rabbit I Make

Qing Yu pressed her lips together and smiled. She was just about to say something when someone came up from behind and stuffed something round into her arms. It was warm to the touch but not scalding, its temperature just right.

Her eyes blinked in surprise as she raised her head to look up. What met her eyes was a perfectly chiseled jaw, its skin clear and flawless. Seeing her raise her head, his lips curved up slightly to reveal a faint smile.

"Knowing that she's cold, if you have time to be gabbing so much nonsense, didn't you think to grab a warmer instead?" Lou Jun Yao said without any expression on his face as he sat down on the other side of the table.

Bai Zhi Yan just stared at him, unable to speak. [Did he just imagine seeing that man smile faintly and acting so gentle? Why has his face immediately turned so cold and heartless the very next instant? !]

"Although the weather is getting colder, winter isn't here yet. Who would use a warmer now….." Bai Zhi Yan sputtered to say, his face crying tearlessly.

The man just looked at him expressionlessly, the mesmerizing violet eyes tinged with a glint of displeasure, which quickly shut him up in terror.

[Alright alright alright, you're the great lord, so anything you say has to be right. Next time I'll definitely keep a sharp lookout for that alright? Sheesh. You were already so protective in the past, and now you've gone from bad to worse that you're shielding her so unreasonably.]

Qing Yu lowered her eyes to look at the small and intricate little warmer in her arms, not knowing what was inside. But there was a faint fragrance, a highly comforting scent. The corners of her mouth unconsciously lifted and she said a soft word of thanks to him.

"The Faint Mist Sect's recruitment trials is three day away?" Lou Jun Yao asked.

Qing Yu nodded. "Yes. As the journey there is rather long, I will be setting off tomorrow."

Lou Jun Yao acknowledged with a nod and then turned to Bai Zhi Yan to say: "Transform the Lightning Blaze Unicorn back tomorrow."

Hearing that, Bai Zhi Yan was startled a moment, and it was a good while before he was able to react.

From the moment they came back from Hades' Canyon, the unfortunate beast was shrunk back into its original basic form by Lou Jun Yao. From its magnificent and valiant ma.s.sive size, it was shrunk to become as big as a kitten, its looks ambiguous and of undeterminable species, a laughable sight.

It had lived among the common cats and dogs for the past few months but as it was too ugly looking, it was ostracised by all the other animals, with none of them willing to play with it, greatly despising its repulsive looks. This caused the great and resplendent twelfth level high grade spirit beast to be greatly humiliated, but was helpless as its spirit powers were sealed up when it was shrunk. It was d.a.m.ningly unable to overpower even a useless stray, living a pitiful beastly life.

To think that the pathetic beast that had been dumped in some unknown corner waiting for mushrooms to grow had actually not been entirely forgotten by its owner.

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