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himself also felt that it was strange, when he had tried previously, he had only been able to create a relatively decent Flying Dan grain after a few attempts, and as he kept trying, the process gradually became much smoother. In just ten days of time, he was able to successfully create a Flying Dan grain.

"sister Meiyao, why don't you come out and try? Why do I suddenly feel like it's very easy! " Chen Xiang shouted towards the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"If I don't try, it will be difficult, even harder than learning the Tao-creation's incantation. You can learn it first and then guide me." Su Meiyao pouted. To her, learning World Defying Dan grain was like a nightmare.


Chen Xiang just wanted Su Meiyao to test whether it was really that easy to grasp or not.

"Could it be my misconception? Maybe I can smoothly inscribe it, but it is still far from success. " Before, Chen Xiang had heard from him that even though he had studied for many years, he still could not succeed.

Chen Xiang shook his head, he no longer thought about it and continued to learn the World Defying Dan grain.

Right now, he could smoothly form a Flying Dan grain with one breath, but he still felt that he was lacking something.

In the next two months, he had gradually grasped this Flying Dan grain. It could be carved to look exactly like the one on the stone wall, but it lacked a trace of spirituality.

"Do I have to refine it into a pill?" Chen Xiang took out a World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan. He did not know how to use it, so he could just directly inscribe it on the surface of the pill.

"Let's begin!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath.

The Flying Dan grain that he had previously carved were all very large, and the one that he had carved on the surface of the pellet right now was very small.

"Let me try and release my strongest Arrogant Morale. Then, I will form a pill pattern and inscribe it on this pellet." Chen Xiang remembered that Yan Jiu had said before that the consumption required to inscribe a World Defying Dan grain was enormous, and that he would have to pay a great price.

Chen Xiang began to release his own Arrogant Morale, condensing it into extremely thin threads.

With no one to guide him, he could only figure it out by himself. Based on his own experience, he was able to determine what to do next.

In ten whole days, he had used half of his energy to condense the Flying Dan grain. He had already succeeded, but he was still missing something, which made him very angry.

He was sure that even if the World Defying Dan grain was carved onto the surface of the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan, it would not have any use, because it was missing one thing, he could not say what it was. He could only feel that the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan would not fuse with the Flying Dan grain.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang thought hard. He wished that a Alchemist could teach him a thing or two, because thinking about this answer was extremely painful.

"Pay the price of my life?" Chen Xiang carefully thought back to what Yan Jiu had said. Yan Jiu had once said that in order to condense Flying Dan grain, one could even pay the price of one's life!

"Alright, I'll throw caution to the wind!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath and frowned. He forced out all of his life force and poured it all into the Flying Dan grain.

His pure life force flowed into the Flying Dan grain like a ray of blood-red light.

The Flying Dan grain was like a bottomless pit, crazily devouring his life force. Seeing this, Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, because there was finally an effect.

"Sijing, how beautiful, quickly send me your life force." anxiously shouted, the Flying Dan grain had suddenly increased its devouring speed in an instant, and Chen Xiang could feel that his life force was disappearing many times faster.

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing had trained in the power of life and regeneration for many years, and both of them were already at the World Defying Stage Divine Rank. She very quickly released a large amount of life force and channeled it into Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, allowing him to absorb it on his own.

There were all sorts of strange flowers and herbs growing in You Yao Mountain Villa, which could also provide a large amount of life force.

"This Flying Dan grain is so deadly!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but exclaim. It had already been devouring his life force continuously for two days, and if not for the Mei Jing Sisters's support, he would have been sucked dry long ago.

Three days had pa.s.sed, and the originally pure white Flying Dan grain had become blood-red and alluring, yet it looked as if it had a trace of spiritual energy. This was what Chen Xiang thought was missing previously, this was the Qi!

"I wonder if it can be successfully branded on the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan!" Chen Xiang had spent more than two months to torture the Flying Dan grain and he felt that he was not far from success.

The Flying Dan grain was being controlled by Chen Xiang, and covered on the surface of the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan. Currently, it was flashing with a red light, Chen Xiang thought that it would be easier to follow along, because he could feel that the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan had formed a resonance with the Flying Dan grain.

Just as Chen Xiang was rejoicing in the situation, a strong devouring force suddenly appeared. This time, not only did he feel his life force being drained, he also felt the blood in his body being frantically devoured.

"Meimei, Sijing, save me!" Chen Xiang shouted in shock, he could not shake the Flying Dan grain off either.

Jiang Simei and Jiang Sijing immediately channeled all of their life force into Chen Xiang.

"Blood!" Blood! "Blood!" Chen Xiang's body was strong, and his blood was also strong.

"Eat the Blood shark fitness Dan!" Su Meiyao anxiously shouted. Previously, when Chen Xiang needed her life force, she had already escaped from the Time array, worried that something might happen to Chen Xiang.

Su Meiyao took a big pile of Blood shark fitness Dan and stuffed it into Chen Xiang's mouth, allowing him to chew.

After Chen Xiang ate a large amount of Blood shark fitness Dan, his pale, shrivelling up body finally recovered a bit of color. Luckily, the Young girl Danling was able to refine a lot of the blood.

In order to condense more Blood shark fitness Dan, they went inside the Time array. In just a moment, they brought out a big basket and like rice, they placed it beside Chen Xiang. Su Meiyao kept stuffing it into his mouth, trying to replenish his blood!

Chen Xiang trained like this for a whole day and night before the Flying Dan grain finally began to slow down and engulf and devour.

"I almost died, refining pills and using World Defying Dan grain, I really have to pay with my life." Chen Xiang sighed again.

"It's nothing. Aren't you fine now?" Su Meiyao laughed.

The World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan fused with the Flying Dan grain and the instant after, all of the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan's aura disappeared in an instant. Previously, it had even released a trace of a faint aura and pill fragrance, but now it was completely gone.

Chen Xiang looked at the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan on his palm, and said with a frown: "This pellet is trembling! The inside is very, very hot! "

After speaking, he couldn't help but loosen his grip on the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan. The World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan was currently like a red-hot metal bead, constantly emitting waves of heat. In an instant, the entire stone room was filled with steam.

"Evolving!" Su Meiyao was drenched in sweat from the heat. "This heat is way higher than the temperature of your blood and fire!"

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