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In the morning, Qin Qin received a anonymous text, "If you want to see your kid, come to Nanqing park alone at two p.m." She thought it swindle at first, for Chao Sheng protected the kid well. How could the kid then be at the park?

Seeming to know what she had thought, the mysterious man sent her a picture. It was a kid playing the sand in Nanqing park.

Qin Qin enlarged the picture. She stared at it closely. Though it was just a back of the kid, the clothes were the same ones when her baby was brought to her front by Luo Qianyi.

Qin Qin gaped at the picture and indeed it was her baby!

After putting the phone away, Qin Qin was about to rush out. However, the moment she touched the door frame, she stopped. If she rushed out like this, her move would be reported to Chao Sheng immediately...

Her hand drew back at once. No, she needed to escape.

She pulled up the certain. She didn't know why, but she could only see two guards idling around at the front gate. Normally there would be at least four to five guards.

Qin Qin tied two bed sheets into one and tested the length. After ensuring everything was fine, she tied one end of the sheets to the bed and threw the other end out of the window.

Everything went well. She was now on a taxi. Her tightly clenched fist gradually relaxed and her palm was covered with sweats.

She wanted to see the kid. Even though she knew what consequences she may get. Still, she couldn't resist the desire deep in her heart. Now, the only thing in her mind was her kid!

The phone vibrate and Qin Qin thought it was from the mysterious man. She picked it up immediately without looking at who it really was, "h.e.l.lo..."

A familiar voice of Wei Bojian came from the other side of the phone, "How is it going recently?"

It was not the news about the kid. Qin Qin was a little bit disappointed, "It was you..."

Hearing something different in her words, Wei Bojian asked, "What happened? Something wrong?"

"I'm going to see my kid. He is now in Nanqing park."

"Kid? Nanqing park?" Wei Bojian felt it was a little bit weird for the park was under construction and now didn't open to the public. How come Chao Sheng let the kid play there?

Wei Bojian told her all his concerns. Qin Qin was silenced for a while.

"I knew."

"But Bojian, there is no other way. I want to see my kid."

The moment she received the message in the morning, she had thought of what Bojian had mentioned. However, the desire to see the kid weighted more than her fear of possible dangers. She then escaped without a second thought.

It was the same as the last time. Even though she knew Luo Qianyi did it on purpose to torture her. Still, she crawled to her without hesitation. She wanted to see her baby, even though chances are rare.

It was the same this time.

The kid was the most important one to her in the world. She just couldn't give up the chance. Even though it would be traps ahead, she would fight for the one in a million possibility.

Hanging the phone, Wei Bojian was still worried. He grabbed the coat on the chair and rushed out.

In the office, Chao Sheng received the call from the guards. His face was extremely sullen. He was silenced for seconds before he gnashed his teeth, "Find her. Use whatever you can to get her back after you find her!"

Without waiting for answers, Chao Sheng threw the phone in his hand away with force. "Bang!" The phone hit the wall and fell apart.

The woman was really bold and should dare to escape under his watch! She should know the consequences when she was seized back!

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