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Chapter 32 : You Have to Sleep Together.

     "What is it..." Yin Shao Jie was trying to continue to tease her. Suddenly he felt a strong sense of glare, he immediately turned his body, and the two looked behind him.

     Almost all the guests present were watching them, and their faces were envious of young people’s public display of affection.

     Oh My G.o.d!

     Mu Xiao Xiao’s face abruptly turns red. They just played a joke and they forgot that they were still at the engagement party. This time is really embarra.s.sing! Actually, in front of so many people, played an intimate play.

     She hurriedly pushed him away and ran upstairs.

     Behind him, come through the laughter of the elders.


     "It’s because of you! It’s a big crowd, you actually pushed me to the wall!”

     In the car, Mu Xiao Xiao blamed Yin Shao Jie, and when she thinks of what happened she was shy, she reached out and slapped his arm.

     Even if he is usually thick-skinned, in that situation, it’s really a little shameful. Yin Shao Jie himself regrets to die.

     "Well, it’s already happened. What is the significance of pursuing it now? Anyway, it is our engagement party. Affectionate  a little, it’s wrong?"

     He deliberately said that he disapproves, just in time returned to the high-cla.s.s apartment and drove the car into the underground garage.

     The two got off the car and entered the elevator.

     Yin Shao Jie yet bullies her again. Pushed her next to the elevator’s wall. "Look at it, it’s nothing."

     Mu Xiao Xiao's face was still red, she drills down from his arm and walks away.

     "That's because you’re thick-skinned, you don't think there is anything. I’m thin-skinned."

     When the elevator arrived, the two walked out together until the door. Mu Xiao Xiao entered the palm print to open the door.

     At this time, Yin Shao Jie’s cell phone rang.

     "It's my mother." When Yin Shao Jie saw the incoming call, he have some headache, he had a bad feeling.

     The door opened and the two walked in together.

     Mother Yin smiled very happily on the phone and said, " Xiao Jie ah, I have forgotten to tell you something, your apartment, I ordered people to remodel it. You are an unmarried couple, and you will sleep in the same room later. So that feelings can be cultivated as soon as possible, do you understand?"

     “Remodel?” What makes Yin Shao Jie wonder is how does his mother let people come in?

     Although Mother Yin does not have a palmprint pa.s.sword, he is her son. Mother wants to enter her son’s home there always a way.

     Just then, there was a sudden scream of Mu Xiao Xiao.

     "My room! How could it turn into like this? Yin Shao Jie, There’s a thief in our house!"

     Yin Shao Jie suddenly understood what was going on, showing a headache expression. "Mom, have you changed Xiao Xiao bedroom?"

     "Of course it must be! I’m not allowed you guys to sleep in different room. You will sleep together later, do you understand? Otherwise...hehe, I will send you guys to Russia immediately, Over there you can marry at the age of fourteen!"

     Yin Shao Jie sighed and pinched s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows and said, "I know I know."

     Mother Yin smiled a little mysteriously and unusually urged. “I bought some gifts for you and put them on the bed. You have to remember to be gentle to Xiao Xiao ah. Also, be sure to take good measures. Well, I will not bother your rest, good night! Muach"

     Yin Shao Jie, "..."

     He has a kind of not very good premonition.

     After explaining it to Mu Xiao Xiao, the two entered the bedroom together and as expected saw that there was a box on the bed, which was quite big.

     Mu Xiao Xiao is very happy, "What gift ah?"

     Pounce on and open the box happily.

     When she saw what was inside the box, she was dumbfounded.

     Du - Re - X! (T/N : Condom brand name )

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