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Chapter 30 : Is Inexplicably Engaged.

     "O, drive well, don't look at me anymore, I’m afraid of a car accident." Mu Xiao Xiao didn’t trust his driving skills, also showed a dislike expression.

     Yin Shao Jie is displeased. "You dare to doubt my skill? Do you know that I have another nickname called ‘The Car G.o.d’ ah? Now no one can win over me on the entire Qiuyang Mountain!"

     "Just boast, Anyway, I don't know if you are telling the truth or not, continue to boast, don't stop." Mu Xiao Xiao habitually bickered with him,  she could not let him proud and imposing.

     "Okay, Wait, I will take you to visit my racing car someday,at that time I’ll let you see how awesome I am." Yin Shao Jie said.

     "Race Car? Good! This is what I like!" Mu Xiao Xiao, with‘succeed in an evil scheme’expression. It really provoked him, let him take the initiative to bring her to play.

     Yin Shao Jie gave her a quick glance. "How do I feel that I seem to fall into your trap?"

     Mu Xiao Xiao moves over and smiled at him, then grabbed the sungla.s.ses on his face and pointed to the front and said, "Drive well, don't be distracted, This baby's life is in your hands."

     Then she happily put on the sungla.s.ses, with her fingers placed in the middle, playing up and down.

     Yin Shao Jie shook his head silently, no longer making trouble with her.

     After a while, finally returned to the Yin House.

     The big iron gates opened and their cars drove in. There was a row of servants standing, welcoming them.

     "Young Master, you are back."

     "Miss Mu, welcome back."

     Mu Xiao Xiao took off the sungla.s.ses and put the sungla.s.ses back in the car. Then they got off the car and waved at the servants. "h.e.l.lo everyone, long time no see!"

     Yin Shao Jie also got out of the car, grabbed her hand and walked inside, whispering. "You are really bored."

     Standing at the door, the servants opened the door for them.

     The two walked in together, and suddenly they heard a sound "Bang Bang Bang" and frighten them, many colorful ribbons fell on them.

     "You are back! Congratulations on your engagement!" The people in the room shouted happily.

     Mu Xiao Xiao and Yin Shao Jie stupefied.

     Mother Yin walked over and hugged Mu Xiao Xiao. She kissed her face and said with joy, " Xiao Xiao baby, you are my future daughter-in-law!"

     Yin Shao Jie looked around and found that the living room was very festively decorated. Many people were invited, and they were all dressed very grandly.

     His brows wrinkled and looked at his mother and asked, "What does this mean?"

     Mother Yin said with a smile, "Today is your engagement banquet! Anyway, Rather than carefully choosing a day, just pick whatever day we’re hitting, just do it today, Xiao Xiao baby, come over and see, I have ordered a beautiful cake for your engagement banquet. You will love it."

     Mu Xiao Xiao is also with ‘didn’t know whether to laugh or cry’expression, was pulled over. There is a cake altogether have ten layers. It is very beautiful. Just like the castle of the princess, it is simply what every girl dreams of.

     Father Yin patted Yin Shao Jie’s shoulder and solemnly said, “You have to take care of Xiao Xiao in the future, do you understand? Her father gave her to you, and you can’t disappoint her.”

     Grandpa Yin also nodded, the usual imposing face had a happy smile. "I can see you with Xiao Xiao, then I will be satisfied."

     Yin Shao Jie: "..."

     So no one asked his opinion, he wanted or not to marry Mu Xiao Xiao?

     However, under Grandpa’s serious eyes, he did not dare in face of so many people and said that he didn’t want to be engaged.

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