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“Erica, will you be able to come to my home today?” Sophie asked over the phone, her tone was sad and Erica could imagine the sadness wafting off her.

“I, that…”

Erica couldn't help pausing. Today the crew had to film a night scene and it was a location shoot. She couldn't blow it off or not go, it had been planned since long back and Erica couldn't ask to change the schedule.

“Sophie, I can't. I have a location shoot and we leave in the evening. How about this, tell me where you are now and I'll come to you, I'm free in the afternoon.”

On one hand, she couldn't not go to the shoot and on the other hand was her best friend of more than ten years who had given her love, cared for her and protected her. She would not, no, she could not blow off her friend at such a time.

“That…” Sophie paused, almost tearing up at the other end as she bit her lip to keep in her emotions.

Sophie realized she was being unreasonable, asking Erica to drop everything and come over to her. She knew she was being selfish but she could not think of any other person at this moment.

“It's okay, no need to come over.”

“Are you fine?”

“I'll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“A hundred percent positive.”

Listening to this, Erica stopped talking. She had known this enigmatic girl for years, she talked trash and cursed people, she was rarely sad, she loved her brothers, but above all, she was a capable, strong woman. So, if she said she would be fine, Erica would believe it.

“Erica, what do you think of kids?” Sophie asked suddenly.

Erica who had been packing her bag, paused, unsure of how to answer. She looked around the room that had once been both hers and her husbands until he changed it and had all his things shifted to a room across the house. She was lying is she said she wasn't hurt. Not to mention kids, the man had not touched her for three months.

“If I have them, I'd keep them… I'd love to have kids someday.” Sophie whispered into the phone looking at a bedside photo. The open window was behind it, so a shadow was cast over it but the four smiling faces were very clearly visible.

On the other side, Sophie felt sick and a rising urge to puke overcame her and she started heaving, hands trembling. She felt even more selfish now, but even so, it was liberating.

“I, I need to go. Have fun at the location shoot, Erica.”

Ending the call, Sophie who had turned pale, lost consciousness and fell to the ground, tears still flowing from her eyes.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

“…then the Lin family would be fishing treasures.” Basically they would be able to h.o.a.rd treasures because the others would be tired or injured to compete for them.

“Outside she was the Young Miss of Ji family but inside things were complicated.” I think that this refers to the previous chapter where it was said that there were many candidates for the position of the next family head. Seems that JY doesn't have it easy.

“Yan Ling Xuan, do you really want to be enemies with my Tian Gang Zong.” HXL actually used ‘my'. I was like, b*tch, how the h.e.l.l is it yours?!

“It seemed that Han Xi Ling's means were to use other men.” BHZ indirectly called HXL a *cough* sl~t *cough*. Basically, HXL's only ‘means' was to be a white lotus and use their affections, she has no power or a.s.sociations of herself…

DBC used the words ‘Do you want to be my enemy?' while HXL used the name of Tian Gang Zong, their sect, which is unilaterally involving the entire sect into this small scuffle. The two are quite different, but what authority does she even have to do this…

And like, YLX was threatened by HXL and he still has time to be ‘amazed' by her ‘dreamy face'. (*Barfs*)

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