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Translator: DOdz    Editor: Arocks141    Proofreader: BirbPenguin    TLC: N/A

Chapter 12 : A visitor and the talk about slave.

「You bought that girl for 20,000 Arusha right? If that's the case, then I'll pay you 200,000 Arusha, 10 times the original price. Of course, it's an outright purchase. Since you're an adventurer, I can lend you an expert healer to be your party member one year from today onwards. It is free of charge option.The rest…」(Argis)

「Wait a minute. Don't just proceed with the talk arbitrarily. Who are you ?」(Nagi)

「Didn't I tell you beforehand? I am Argis, Deputy Bishop of『Iturna Cult』. I am the direct superior of Rita Merpheus over there.」(Argis)

He bowed to me respectfully.  Without paying attention to Rita and Cecyl who are in the room. It seems that he only talks to me who is the master.

「Wasn't Rita was fired from the cult?」(Nagi)

「Yes. But, the upper echelon had agreed with my opinion that people who were kicked by the bishop or caused a commotion should be sold as a slave.」(Argis)

Without hesitation, he said it like it was a natural thing for him. He said it with compa.s.sionate, gentle face while smiling at me.

「This is totally a black company……」(Nagi)

「I don't quite understand what you're saying.」(Argis)

「I'm just talking about their bad taste.」(Nagi)

「Even so, it's too late for you since I have established a slave-master『Contract』with Rita. It's impossible for us to do the trade if the slave has an owner. A『Contract』is something that has been decided by G.o.d. That's why I can't just disregard my religion.」(Nagi)

That man who called himself Argis clicked his tongue lightly.

「She never talked about the 『Contract』of being your slave up until she was discharged from the cult. If she had told me, then I could have given her 20,000 Arusha.That way, the talk would be quick.」(Argis)

「Is that the reason why did you come to my place?……What are you going to do after buying Rita?」(Nagi)

「Of course, she will become my slave.」(Argis)

At last, the deputy bishop looked at Rita.

「She is a lovely young girl. Her hair is like golden threads and her eyes are like jewels.Can't you imagine the feel of that white skin just by looking at it? Is there anyone who doesn't want to touch those two fruits that are ripened? No, no! Like h.e.l.l I will hand over her to the hands of an adventurer who doesn't even understand it!」(Argis)

His eyes are sparkling.

Ooopsー, this guy is a pervert.

「And so, I want you to give her to me. For the sake of protecting the order of the cult.」(Argis)


Rita who's trembling completely rejects it.

「No! Absolutely no if it's you! What the heck!? It's unrelated since I was already fired from the cult right?!」(Rita)

「This is just a procedure. From my point of view, she is still my subordinate.」(Argis)

「I can't even tell what you mean! No way! I am fine with Nagi! I belong to Nagi!」(Rita)

Rita clings to my back.

I am like Rita. I don't understand he is saying.  What is this deputy bishop talking about And his gaze that is looking at Rita from the top to the bottom is really disgusting.

What the heck is with this guy.

At home………push down………don't understand………said that…………

I would have quit my job too if it's like this. If he's going to drag a hierarchical order at my workplace forever.

Aren't you misunderstanding something? Just because you are the boss and human superior at that, you think you can give orders to those who are unrelated to the cult? How disgusting……

This is strange. This feeling, I wonder what is it. I feel giddy, nausea. My head feels like boiling.

「……2 billion Arusha.」(Nagi)

I spontaneously blurted it out.

「I see, as expected of someone who becomes an adventurer for money, though this one had offered to pay 10 times the original price.Then, let's have a deal. If you said that the amount is 2 billion Arusha then I'll……nn? Billion? Not 2 million Arusha!? Billion!?」(Argis)

「Ah, it's 2 billion Arusha.」(Nagi)

「Haaaaaaaaaa!!!? 2 billion Arusha!?」(Argis)

The deputy bishop shouts.

I continue as I ignore him.

「I deem Rita to be worth that much.」(Nagi)

「Don't mess with me! As if there is any slave worth 2 billion Arusha!?」(Argis)

「You're the only one who doesn't know about it. She is a 『cheat character』」(Nagi)

「『Cheat character』!? What is that? What the heck are you saying!?」(Argis)

「Rita has changed. She's an existence that you can't even imagine. And don't think you'll be able to touch her the next time you meet her.」(Nagi)

「But her『Sacred Power』has been sealed though!? That being said, I'm the only one who can unseal her sacred power!」(Argis)

「……Well, I wonder about that?」(Nagi)

I laugh daringly with all my might.

Somehow, I understand. I'm angry. It shows that I really hate people like this deputy bishop.

「The way back to your home is that way, right? Guest.」(Cecyl)

Imitating me, Cecyl comes next to me and sneers.

「Since Nagi-sama has accepted Rita-san, it's my duty to protect her.If you keep talking about meaningless things, then how about I give you my deadly 12 billion Arusha 『cheat character』magic?」(Cecyl)

「It's the wicked dark elf!」(Argis)

「That's right isn't it? I'm the wicked one that destroys Nagi-sama's enemies without hesitation.」(Cecyl)

The deputy bishop falters due to Cecyl's glare.

Or rather again, don't just arbitrarily increase the amount of money, Cecyl.

With a wry smile, I turned my back to the deputy bishop and clasp Rita's hand.

And I push her slender shoulder so that she kneels like before.

And like that, I touch her collar and make an announcement that can be heard by the deputy bishop.

I'm already used to making such lines.

Don't make light of a doujin game creator who had his blog shut down.

「Rita, I ask of thee. I deem thy worth to be 20 billion Arusha. Thy appearance, thy spirit, everything inside thy soul. If thou shalt accept it, then Rita's life may be tied with mine. The liberation willst take long. However, 2 separate souls eventually get closer to each other in time. Dost thou desire for that, or not?」(Nagi)

Rita looks surprised towards my speech.

And I wink at her.

Rita nods as she becomes red.  

Looks like she understood it.

「……I do. Master. Please let me be the one who can get closer to your soul.」(Rita)

「There hath be no need to listen to that man. Just tell me so I may hear it.」(Nagi)


Rita brings her face close to me.

Faintly, she murmurs it with a very low voice.

「『Contract Agreement』」(Rita)

「Stop! If you do such contract, you won't be able to leave him until you die!」(Argis)

Deputy Bishop Argis shrieks.

It was at the right time.

I only move my mouth as I use his voice as a cover.


I don't say anything.

I slip through my medallion beside Rita's and they make a noise like metal fittings on Rita's collar.

Actually, I didn't establish a 『Contract』that makes Rita a 20 billion slave.  But, I'm sure that the deputy bishop didn't see whether the medallions were glowing or not since I'm blocking his view.

Thus, it's just his misunderstanding.

The probability of he's mistaken about Rita being taken is high. It's good if that guy is aware that 『He absolutely can't have Rita by himself』.Besides, I can't tell Rita to work for 20 billion Arusha.That's more outrageous than being overworked.

After all, a normal slave contract is already burdening me.

「I accept thy thought. Rita, under the supervision of G.o.d, thy life, heart, all of thy soul will be mine. I wish that this bond will remain even in the hereafter.」(Nagi)

Just in case, I put back the medallion underneath my clothes as I continue speaking. Somehow, I could say it without stuttering.

「Thank you for accepting me. My masterー」(Rita)

「No! I don't accept it! 」(Argis)

「It doesn't matter if you accept it or not. The『Contract』already has been established. There is no room here for you to b.u.t.t in. Deputy bishop.」(Nagi)

「I have been aiming for her for such a long time! That golden hair! Those pupils that are like gemsー」(Argis)

「Your description is way too bland!」(Nagi)

And I point at the deputy bishop.

They are all ridiculous.

Hair like golden string or pupils like jewels…… The things that he says one after another, they're all too cheap. Moreover, it's the same thing, over and over again.

Nowadays, the introduction of a game character must be a little bit twisted.

「If you're going to describe a slave, then at least you should be able to say this! 」(Nagi)

I recall it back when I was making the game.

Imagine the description of a character.

I pull out the words from my head to describe Ritaー

「ーHair that reflects the sunshine, eyes are like petals that fall during spring. A body filled with the vitality of a wild beast that could knock down monsters with just a single blow, yet so delicate that it could break the moment you touch them. Possessing a tolerance that accepts even the small Cecyl, and with a resolute mind as calm as the sea. However, fervent as it surges like waves. She never quits during battle for the sake of her comrades and is even willing to throw away her life for them. A strong heart despite a sharp tongue. Giving the sense of security of a childhood friend. A new standard for a melee fighter priest girl.

If it was a school, then she's a school president or the main character's childhood friend. If it was a fantasy, then she's an important support role. Before long the cheat is awoken, and she has stepped over this world's abyss! A beautiful beast that dances on the foundation of this world!

That is Rita Melpheus!」(Nagi)

「……What the heck!? What is that!? What are you saying? Rita……Why are you blushing!? 」(Argis)

「Silence, deputy bishop! In any case, I have established the 『Contract』with Rita.Your words are meaningless and there's no s.p.a.ce for you to b.u.t.t in here! Shut that mouth and quickly disappear!」(Nagi)

*ban* And I hit the wall.

Things like victory or defeat have been decided already.

『Contract』is the rule of this world, therefore if I don't cancel it, there's no way that Rita will be into that guy custody.

He simply thinks that I'm just a normal adventurer who he can make fun of.  A lowly adventurer who will follow whatever one says when he was paid with money.

He never thought that I might refuse him.

The deputy bishop turns his heels in panic and runs out of the room.


「You messed with me and then just ran away like thatー」(Nagi)

And I didn't forget to throw some parting threats

But then, he probably didn't hear it till the end since he's running away really fast.

「………………I have done it.」(Nagi)

I'm at my wits' end.

This the second time after the king.

Myself, what have you done ?!

Why must the opponent be someone in a high position of some organization!? !? Curse? Is this a curse!?

…… Maybe there was a better way to do it……

But what should I do

Run away? Or move to another town?

……That would be an infinite loop.

Besides, I don't know whether our money will be enough or not to travel to another town.

Should I make money by selling rare skills?


The effect of the rare skills that I possessed right now is way too dangerous for selling. Rather, if the skills I sold were used and something happened, I couldn't bear to see the consequences.

Then I wonder if I should exchange the 【Leviathan's scales】for money……

I need to confirm that later……but……

……That deputy bishop, he's different from the king.

That guy is not only a representative of the cult's consensus but he is also has a high ranking in the provincial town.  There must be something for him to come here alone. But, we didn't display any of our cheat skills to him. Even if he did something, a.s.suming that he is just a normal person, then Rita and Cecyl alone could handle him.

But if we can't defeat him, then I can deal with it by running away with everyone.

Anyway, there should be some time if something happens from now on.


Let's decide our objectives.

For the purpose of traveling to the next town, I would prefer if we can stay at Metekal for a while and earn some money.  Then, we move out as soon as there is enough money.

Let's do this.

…… Alright, the objectives have been decided.

It can't be helped even though I have to go to the trouble of doing something. More or less, I can't let Rita and Cecyl be worried since I'm their master.

「……We made it this time. But, we have to go to the guild tomorrow for the preparationー」(Nagi)

I stop as soon as I say it.

The mood in the room somehow has become strange.

For some reason, Cecyl inflated her cheeks and glared at me while putting her hands on her waist.

「Nagi…… M-master…… Just now…… About me…… Praise…… Me?」(Rita)

Turning red as if she's having a fever, Rita is pointing at me as her voice quavers.

「…… Saying something like that…… Eh? Why? Although, I didn't quite understand what you were saying…… Eh? Ehh?…… Why…… I feel so happy…… my face, it's hot…… 」(Rita)


「I'm sorry, wait, don't look over here! 」(Rita)

Rita crouches as she turns her back to me… She covers her face with both hands while trembling.

「Calm down, calm down, my heart is throbbing, calm down, stop beating.」(Rita)

「No, you'll die if your heart stops beating.」(Nagi)

「……Uuhhー, this master of mine. Why are you saying something like that with such deadpan face? That's really unfair.」(Rita)

I don't remember saying something that's really wonderful…

「Nagi-sama, Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)

「What is it, Cecyl?」(Nagi)

「……Can I have a request? 」(Cecyl)

「What is it?」(Nagi)

「I…… want them too. Nagi-sama words……」(Cecyl)

Her red eyes are sparkling as she looks up at me.

「Ah, yeah. Uhmm.」(Nagi)

Small Cecyl. She grasps tightly the hem of her clothes as she entwines her silver hair with her fingers.

I reflexively think about it as I was asked.

Thereupon, the character introduction for Cecyl is……

「A docile little elf. Dark brown skin as if she has received the blessing of the spirit of the earth, with silver hair that is similar to a river which is flowing on the ground surface. The final destination for the river is a calm sea which would come to be a named promise, with a slender body which is born with a tenderness that tells the future. It's a taboo of beauty as one will be reported if one thoughtlessly reaches out his hand to this slender and delicate body. A straightforward soul which is a gla.s.swork that trembles between an innocent and a yandere girl. Possessing both fragility and strength, the one that supports me who is ignorant of this world. Her presence beside me has become natural before I know it. And it becomes lonely when she's not around. Without her, anything is impossible. She's the first girl that I met.

If this is fantasy, then she's the fairy that guides the main protagonist. If this is a gal-game, then she's the main protagonist's little sister. The one that has the ultimate little sister ability to knock down the barrier called blood relationship with just one finger. That's Cecyl Pharott. The little dark brown witch.」(Nagi)


Cecyl crouches as she turns her back to me. Both of the girls are quivering at the corner of the inn.

Ahー somehow, I have a hunch that I'll be arrested for abusing slaves if someone reports it right now.

Well, I only said about how to write a game character introduction, it's that kind of thing, isn't it? And it's the continuation of depiction contest with the deputy bishop, right?

Of course, I do think like that for both of them but I don't recall saying something that amazing, you know?

「……I'm sorry, N-nagi.」(Rita)

「What is it?」(Nagi)

「You're praising me so much, but still, my sacred skill has been sealed.」(Rita)

That's right.

I summon Rita's skills list.

Since the master-slave contract has been established, a window is displayed between me and Rita.  Rita has six skills.

Special skill     【Melee combat apt.i.tude LV4】

Common skill 【Divine Fighting LV4 (seal)】【Divine Protection LV4 (seal) 】

【Singing LV5】【Detection LV4】

Lock Skill         【Divine Power Seal LV9】

「Lock skill……?」

「Please, listen to me about that, Nagi-sama. It's a skill that can't be removed by oneself.」(Cecyl)

Cecyl explains.

「It's a skill that is used to make brutal slaves obedient and seal criminal's skills.」(Cecyl)

「That skill, can you apply it without one consent?」(Nagi)

「I heard that they forcibly crammed people into something like a ceremony. I don't quite know about it since it's a very special ceremony……」(Cecyl)

「I voluntarily accepted it under condition that 『I was going to pay Nagi's rewards』.」(Rita)

Rita mumbled with teary eyes.

「Ah, but I don't affect by the detection and singing skill alright? Since I'm good at fighting in the dungeon. But leave it to me if you run out of money since I can earn some through singing!」(Rita)

She's looking somewhere with full of spirit.

【Divine power】is the source for the healing and support magic.  If one were to speak of it then certainly Rita is excellent at support magic. For example, 【Divine Fighting】 gives bonus damage to the opponent while 【Divine Protection】grants resistance to poison and paralysis.

But, her capability is falling considerably since her skill has been sealed at the moment.

「Cecyl, is there a way to remove the lock skill? 」(Nagi)

「The person who did the ceremony should be able to remove it. I've never heard any method other than that.」(Cecyl)

A skill that can't be removed, transferred or taken out.


「Just a confirmation, Rita. I can't take out the lock skill from Rita, isn't it?」(Nagi)

「That's right…….」(Rita)

「That's the only thing, right?」(Nagi)

Rita nods to my words.

Suddenly, I thought of something really amazing. Well, it's no more than it can't be transferred to someone else, right?

That's why it's complicated huh.

「Rita wants to get back her divine power, right?」(Nagi)

「S-something like that is obvious isn't?」(Rita)

「If that's the case, then can you endure a little bit?」(Nagi)

「I will endure more than anything else! It's the divine power that I finally acquired after training since I was a kid!! 」(Rita)

「Understood. Then, I'm going to do it.」(Nagi)

The comprehension of the system.

The skill system of this world is rather easy. At least, the concept is almost the same with the RPG that I'd created before it went down.That's why there's a chance that I can take advantage of it.

「Rita, can you lie down over there for a while.」

「Eh!? Ah………yes. …………yeah………I understood…」

Rita laid down on the bed while holding her chest shyly as if she had prepared herself. Her golden hair spreads over bed sheet.  She's trembling.

I can tell that she's nervous.

「My main skill is 『Reconstruction ability・Skill Structure』.」(Nagi)

「【Reconstruction ability】……?」(Rita)

「It's a skill that allows me to meddle with the other skills. It's a skill that made Cecyl a cheat character. I'm going to rewrite Rita's lock skill with it.」(Nagi)

「Did you do that to Cecyl-chan too? 」(Rita)

Rita looked at Cecyl.

Cecyl smiled gracefully and nodded as if to a.s.sure Rita.

「………Alright. 」(Nagi)

Rita took a deep breath and smiled.
「 Do it to me too whatever you did to Cecyl-chan. I want you to know that I belong to Nagi, not to someone else. My masterー」(Rita)

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