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Chapter 16 – I Love Papa. But, I Love Mama More

Three days after the sacred rite.
I preparing to leave the elf village.

「Somehow, I will be lonely」

「Right. We should increase the number of children」

Tira’s mama and papa say such delightful thing while seeing us off.

「Thanks to you, every patriarch agreed to conclude a diplomatic relationship with the Alsara Kingdom. I can’t express my grat.i.tude」

「I have to report to the guild about the dungeon and I have a business in the castle so I will convey your words. I have some influence after all」

「That will be helpful. However, you helped my wife and everyone else is also indebted to you……」

「Don’t worry about it. I did it all on my own」

Besides, I’m also indebted to my skills, hahaha!

「Then, let’s go, Filia」

「Nee, Mama? Mama is not going?」

I call to Filia and she looks up at me.

Tira is planning to stay in the village.
She didn’t even come to see us off.

Why did she not come……?
I, is it that?
She’s surely embarra.s.sed to be seen in tears.
Un, that must be it!
I may have made her more distant from me by licking her ears, but that’s definitely just my imagination!

「It’s okay. We will meet soon」

「…… Mama, farewell……?」

Filia is on the brink of tears.

Of course, I’m also sad.
But, this is Tira’s home. Her birthplace.
She has a home to live in.

I was also thinking about settling in the village.
It’s really a comfortable place to live in.

However, I want to look around this different world with my eyes.
This desire doesn’t allow me to continue staying here.

Do I pick the wife, or do I pick the work?
It was the ultimate choice.

No, actually, I don’t have a wife nor work, though?

「Uu…… mama……」

「Don’t cry, Filia」

「Papa is also crying!」

「I, I’m not! This is sweat!」

Maa, I have a transfer magic so I can visit her every day if it comes to that.
Still, being separated by physical distance feels quite lonely.

「Seriously, if you are like that, you are not fit to be Filia-chan’s otousan」

Then, I heard a familiar voice.


It’s Tira.
Filia runs and jumps into her chest.

「Mamaa~ Filia loves papa, but she also loves mama…… I hate it if we are not together……」

「Yes, yes, everything is all right. Mama will be properly with Filia-chan after all」

「…… Really?」


Tira smiles at Filia and then she turns to her parents.

「…… Are you going, Tira……」

「I will be lonely……」

「It’s alright. I will come back soon」

Then, Tira turns at me who is stupidly staring at her.

「…… I, I also want to see more of the world. I, it’s not like I’m tagging along because of Karuna-san, okay?」

Tsu, tsu, tsu, tsundereeeeee!?

「Ye~s, mama, I love you!」

After hearing that Tira will be going with us, Filia’s tears completely disappeared.

「Thank you. By the way, papa or mama, who do you like more?」

「Right now, I like mama more!」

Filia immediately answers.

「Filia has been takeeeeen!?」

Papa has received a great shock.

T, that can’t be……
No, if I think about it, Filia has been with Tira for the last several days.
Their bond has deepened in the meantime……

Ku, I really should have slept with them too!

「Why are you crying again? Let’s go」

「Uu…… These tears which are mixed with joy and sadness……」

I wipe my eyes and take the hands of the two girls.

Then, I noticed for the first time.
That the elves are waving their hands at us from the trees.

After that evening, I returned to my original human appearances, but they still were friendly to me.
From the looks of it, the talks with the Alsara Kingdom will surely go well.

Furthermore, countless green lights float among the elves.
They are Tree Spirits.
They also came to see us off.

「Well then, we are off」

Tira bows her head down to her parents and I chant the transfer magic.
I lengthen the chant as long as possible.
It felt like it would fit the mood.
By the way, Tira’s papa「After all, I don’t like it~ Tira should always stay by my side~」said something unreasonable again.

The transfer to the guild in the capital city of the Alsara Kingdom.
I have to report that we have cleared the dungeon and collect the reward.

I have decided to jump right into the ossan guild master’s office.
It’s an S cla.s.s quest after all, it would probably become troublesome if I report it at the reception.
I have entered the ossan’s office for a little after the examination.

Eventually, the magic circle completes and we get engulfed in a light.

Like this, I bid my farewell to the elf village.
I think that being seen off by so many elves and spirits is quite emotional scene.

And yet, it was destroyed instantly.
Because at the place of transfer――

「Ou, ou, ou」

――Ossan is making sounds similar to a fur seal while masturbating in a bridge pose.

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