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Chapter 11 – Filial Daughter

Although the tower is on the verge of collapsing, Tira is desperately gathering the scattered doc.u.ments.

「I can’t return to the elf village without this……!」

「…… I understand」

I nod while the tremors roar.

「…… Karuna-san……?」

There’s no time.
I use〈Pinnacle of Appraisal〉and learn all about this tower.

…… I see.

The tower itself is one big magic tool.
Such construction shouldn’t be theoretically possible to build, but it’s maintained by an enormous amount of magic.

But, because Owen who was the source of the supply ascended, it started collapsing.
Moreover, Owen was appropriately called the great sage as his magic power was almost infinite. He was a lolicon, though.
With him out, it won’t be possible to continue maintaining this tower.


〈Pinnacle of Magic Power〉

One of my cheats skills makes it possible for me.

I release the magic power which sleeps inside my body.

「Wh…… what a rich magic power……」

Sensing the tremendous overflowing magic power from my body, Tira stops in place.

I inject my magic power inside the tower through the walls.

The shaking gradually settles.

「Fuu. Looks like it somehow worked」

I breathe out heavily.
I continue releasing magic power as I won’t run out because of〈Pinnacle of Magic Power〉.

「It’s alright now. Let’s collect Jiisan’s research at ease」

『Tower of the Great Sage』crumbles down.
A cloud of dust rises and the ground shakes.

We watch that happen from a remote place.

「…… Somehow, it feels slightly wasteful, doesn’t it?」

「I guess. It was quite amusing dungeon」

As expected, I couldn’t keep on supplying magic power once I got out.

「In addition, it was the place of our meeting, I would like to keep it as a memory, though」

「S, stop saying something so embarra.s.sing so calmly, please」

Tira’s cheeks become slightly red.

「Papa, papa!」

「N, what is it, Filia?」

「Piggyback, piggyback!」


Although that tower was the place Filia first gained consciousness, she was there only for a short time.
She probably doesn’t have any deep emotions towards it.

I feel slightly sorry for Owen Jiisan.

「Nevertheless, why didn’t you say anything? …… That you can use magic. Not just purification magic」

「Because I was thinking about capturing the rest of the dungeon with just a sword」

「…… Is that so. Maa, that really doesn’t surprise me now…… But, to use Advanced magic…… Moreover, multiple attributes……」

Tira mutters to herself. It looks like she’s somewhat losing confidence.

It might be better to keep silent.
It would definitely be better to keep silent that I can also use Ultra Grade and G.o.d Grade magic.

「…… In other words, you could do it even without me…… Rather, I was holding you back……」

「That’s not true. Tira’s existence was of a great imporance」

「…… Is that the truth?」

「As a tsukkomi service」

「Is such role necessary in order to capture a dungeon!?」

「Apart from that, you are returning to your village, right?」

「Ah, yes」

In fact, her mother is suffering from an incurable disease. Even excellent healing users gave up on her.

A cure may be found in the research the great sage has left behind (Jiisan was apparently well-versed in the art of healing).
She challenged the dungeon alone with these thoughts.

What a brave, good girl.
I want to hug her from being so deeply moved.

「Wai, what are you doing all of sudden?」

I really tried to hug her, but was avoided.

「But, is this really alright, for me to take it first…… Even though you would become a very rich person once you return to the guild. In the first place, it’s thanks to Karuna-san that we were able to capture the dungeon」

「Don’t worry about it」

「There’s quite a lot, I don’t know when I will be done with it?」

「It’s alright, it’s alright」

「…… Thank you very much」

Tira smiles joyfully.
I thought that the price was quite cheap for such smile.

「Then, shall we go?」


「Nevertheless, Elf village, huh? I’m looking forward to it. Full of nature, are the houses build on trees after all?」

「That’s right. The surface in the forest gets flooded in the rainy seasons, so the houses are built as high as poss――――tte, eh?」

「N, what’s wrong?」

「Why are you coming with me as if was natural?」

「Eh? Shouldn’t I?」

「I, it’s not like you…… shouldn’t, but………… I’m indebted to you and……」

「We are married couple, after all」

「Don’t talk like it was an established fact please!」

「Filia also wants to go to mama’s house, right?」

「Want to goo~!」

「Uu…… I told you it’s unfair to use a child like that……」

Filia-chan is invincible.

Maa, I would like to see the elf village, but more importantly, it’s in order to cure Tira’s mother.

Although I feel bad for Tira who worked hard to obtain the great sage’s research, it probably won’t be of use.
I have such a feeling.
I have a skill called〈Pinnacle of Prediction〉, that feeling is probably because of that.

In the first place, I will be able to determine Tira’s mother’s disease immediately and there’s a high possibility that I will be able to cure it with〈Pinnacle of Healing〉.

This and that happened and it has been decided that I will go with Tira to her house.

「I must greet your parents properly」

「…… I feel like I shouldn’t be taking you with me」

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