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Chapter 1 – G.o.ddess A has appeared! G.o.ddess B has appeared! G.o.ddes C has…

When I open my eyes, a girl is standing in front of me.

Uo, who’s this bishoujo?

Idol? No, I have never seen an idol this cute before?
It’s like a light is coming out of her body.

tte, light? What is going on? Normally, a human body shouldn’t emit a light, right?

Also, what an amazing hair color.
A long silver glittering hair. I have never seen this color even on foreigners.

While staring at her in amazement, the girl shows a sweet smile.
What a dazzling smile……!

「Nice to meet you, Toujou Karuna-san. I am a G.o.ddess――G.o.ddess Ashia desu」

「Go, G.o.ddess……?」

「Yes. Seems like you are still confused, I see. It is no wonder. Since your death came so absurdly」

「Eh……? I…… did I possibly die……?」

「Yes. Unfortunately, you did die, Karuna-san. You may not remember because of the shock of death, but in a traffic accident――」


I immediately strike a victory pose and the girl――No, G.o.ddess-sama――made a dumbfounded expression.

「That…… you have died, you know?」

「Right!? With this, I can go to a different world, right!?」

「E, eeh……」

She pulled herself back a little from me who was leaning towards her.

「Ah, sorry. In fact, reincarnating in a different world is my dream」

Elf, dwarf, demi-human, halfling.
Slime, goblin, kobold, orc.

Various races and many monsters.
Then, there is the legendary weapon.

What I’m imagining is the so-called「Sword and Magic fantasy world」…… I have liked such world since the old days.
Then I thought, that once I die, I would like to reincarnate there.
To think that dream could be realized.

「H, how unusual……」

「You could certainly say that. Then, what world would I be going to? Is there one with a game-like setting? If possible, I would like the world with elves, dwarves and such if possible, though. Ah, of course, magic is indispensable! Although I don’t mind the world with or without Maou, but it would be better if humans weren’t at war! I would like to avoid death!」

「First of all, please calm down」

According to the G.o.ddess, the world I will be reincarnated into will certainly be the world of sword and magic I have imagined.

To reincarnate, or to go to the heaven?
It seems I can choose from either one, but of course, I’m going to reincarnate.

In addition, because the soul quality in the world I will live from now on is higher, would result in imbalance and therefore――I’m allowed to obtain one skill.

In other words, the privilege of the reincarnated.

「Which should I choose……」

A screen rose into the air and simply displayed skills in a row.

Naturally, I’m troubled.
It’s hard to throw away each and every one of them, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is the choice which will decide my new life.

「This, only one after all?」

「Only one desu」

「Can you do something about it?」

「Only one desu」

「G.o.ddess Ashia-sama, a transcending beauty! Nice body!」

「Only one even if you praise me desu」


I was badly lost, but I finally managed to choose one skill.
Well, can’t be helped.
Although it’s only one skill, this skill is tremendously powerful. More than this would be considered luxury.

「I wish you happiness in your new life, Karuna-san」

With a G.o.ddess seeing me off, I finally embarked on my long-cherished trip to a different world――

「You are Karuna, huh? I’m a G.o.ddess. G.o.ddess Icelina yo. I was chosen to guide your soul」

――Is what should happen, but there is another bishoujo standing in front of me.

In addition, she calls herself G.o.ddess again.

What’s going on?

Seeing my confused expression, the G.o.ddess seemed to misunderstand my perplexion,

「Ma, it’s only natural to be confused. Especially since that traffic accident was so abrupt」

「Wa, haa……」

By the way, unlike the previous G.o.ddess-sama Ashia, this G.o.ddess seems to be quite strong prideful.

Then, Icelina gave me an identical explanation to the one Ashia gave me.

「Which means, as your reincarnation privilege, you are able to obtain one skill」

A familiar screen with skill names appeared in front of me.

But, the name of the skill I have chosen before is not there.

Is that skill nonexistent?
Or do I already possess it?

I glance at the G.o.ddess Icelina.
…… Let’s keep quiet.

I start selecting the second skill.

Because I already saw the list before, it went quite smoothly――I’m saying that, but I was at a loss again.

There are too many skills I want to get.
In the first place, just how many skills are there?

…… 97…… 98…… 99!
With the one from before, a hundred!

Maa, there may be some with duplicate effect.

The G.o.ddess is making pressure on me, saying「Make it quick」.

I retorted with「I’m almost decided! I have already decided in my mind!」and choose my skill slowly and carefully like ordering food in a restaurant.

「…… Looks like you finally decided. Then, do your best. I have expectations for your activities in the new world」

And I, this time, finally, to the new world――

「I am G.o.ddess Vermis desu wa」

――The h.e.l.l is going on!?

「Are, that’s weird. You have only one skill to choose from」

「Seems like it」

「Uun, seems like you don’t have the talent. Too bad」

「I see~ Then, that skill please」

「…… You are quite composed, huh?」

「I mean, I have no talent, right? It can’t be helped」

「Fu~n. Oh, well. Then, do your bestcho」

「Yes. Thank you, G.o.ddess-sama」

I say my thanks and my body gets wrapped in a light.

Bai ba~i, I intentionally chuckle and wave back at the G.o.ddess-sama who is waving her hand at me.

In the end, I have met a total of hundred G.o.ddesses.
Thus, each G.o.ddess gave me one skill――In other words, 100 skills――I have received them all!

That took long.
It took ridiculously long.
No matter what, I have listened to the same explanation hundred times.

But in the end, I had come at last.

「A differeeeeent woooorld!!」

――To my long-cherished different world.

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