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They wouldn't have gotten the dog at all if it weren't for the research on dog p.o.o.p. In addition, the pill wouldn't have been eaten if they didn't have the dog!

There was a saying that the hate between two enemies intensifies when they meet; upon seeing Lin Yi in front of him, Zhaoming felt the urge to tear his body into pieces!

What was this guy doing? He was always hanging around Guan Xuemin all day in the first place and around Lai Changyi too? Why was he even there?

"Haha, just looking around. Why are you here?" Lin Yi could tell that Zhaoming was trying to get close to Guan Xin, although Lin Yi couldn't understanding why. Why was he targeting Guan Xin? Could it be that the guy simply had nothing better to do other than chase girls?

"Well, I'm here to buy some books…" Guan Xin's face reddened when she remembered the reason she was buying these books in the first place. Her heart started beating faster as she looked at the reason standing right in front of him. She was a shy girl after all. This much was natural when she was with the person she liked.

"Oh. Do you need help?" Lin Yi nodded not thinking much about it. Guan Xin was Xuemin's granddaughter who also worked in a hospital, after all. There was nothing weird about someone like her looking at medical books.

"It's alright… I've got them already." Guan Xin said softly.

On the other hand, Zhaoming was very p.i.s.sed off, not understanding why Lin Yi was always around to mess things up. A perfect chance for him to hit on Guan Xin was ruined because of him! Was the guy born specifically to mess things up?!

He'd messed up his grandpa's birthday feast, ruined their plans in the auction, and was now even b.u.t.ting in when he was. .h.i.tting on a girl!

This crossed the line! He pointed a finger at Lin Yi as he talked to Guan Xin. "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is not a good person. You should stay away from him! He's a huge liar and a scammer! Also, they've copied our Kang family's top recipe! He just ripped off our Golden Creation Medicine and made a Miracle Doctor Guan Injury Medicine. When we made a limited edition version, he did the exact same thing. He's a plagiarizing copycat, a shameless man! You have to stay away from him. He literally does everything our family does! Even the name Miracle Doctor Guan is a rip off of our Miracle Doctor Kang. He's the king of pirating!"

The emotions that Zhaoming had suppressed exploded out in an instant but realized that Guan Xin was eyeing him coldly when he finished. It was a cold stare and Zhaoming didn't understand what was going on.

"Wh?" It hit him then. Wasn't Guan Xin's grandfather Miracle Doctor Guan?! He'd been calling her grandfather a copycat! He'd been insulting her grandfather! Of course, she would be p.i.s.sed!

Zhaoming was overcome with regret as he got p.i.s.sed at his useless mouth. What kind of idiot spilled everything they were thinking out into the open like that? He was just making Guan Xin hate him! In a panic, Zhaoming tried to frantically remedy his wrongdoing. "N-No… No, what I meant was, it's not that there's anything wrong with Miracle Doctor Guan. I'm just saying that the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company is a copy…"

Guan Xin's eyes were still coldly glaring at Zhaoming, full of hostility.

Zhaoming felt his heart jump. Those weren't very appropriate words either! The Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company was Miracle Doctor Guan's own company! He really was just making the hole deeper!

"No no no, I'm not saying that the company is bad. I'm just saying that Miracle Doctor Guan and that Lai Changyi is getting scammed by this kid! He's making them plagiarize!" Zhaoming quickly said as he tried to explain. "I wasn't trying to insult your grandfather at all!"

"How do you know who my grandfather is?" Guan Xin said, still glaring at Zhaoming. She didn't say anything about herself at all during their earlier interaction.

"I… Uh… I guessed it…" Zhaoming was sweating at this point. He was trying to make this encounter seem like it was coincidental. He wasn't supposed to know who Guan Xin was! He was messing this whole thing up!

"You knew from the start, didn't you? That's why you approached me. What do you want?" Guan Xin stepped two steps back subconsciously, fully alert as he looked at Zhaoming.

"Ugh… It's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!" Zhaoming was starting to panic even harder. Today really wasn't his day. He was severely underperforming. This wasn't like him at all! What happened to the master of hitting on girls? How'd he make such a low-level mistake?!

Lin Yi! It had to be Lin Yi! He only started tripping and messing things up after the guy appeared. This didn't happen before he came! He was all gentlemanly and smooth with Guan Xin, praising her and even demonstrating his prowess and a.s.sets. Guan Xin wasn't responding because she was shy; she wasn't angry the way she was now!

Little did he know, Guan Xin didn't care for him in the slightest since the beginning. She treated him as she would a stranger and there was no reason for her to get angry at a stranger!

But this man had just insulted her grandfather and the company that Lin YI had built with him. It was only natural that she would be mad now.

But Guan Xin wasn't the impulsive type. She may be p.i.s.sed off, but she limited her actions to simply glaring at Zhaoming.

"Guan Xin, I actually… I've known you for a long time. I've admired you for a long time! When I was with you, I didn't know what came over me, I said some things I shouldn't have. I'm sorry!" Zhaoming still had his experience backing him up. He was a master in this field. After all, he managed to push all his faults away with these few words after calming down a bit.

Now, he established that he lost control over his speech because of how stunning Guan Xin was. If it was a girl who cared about the more superficial things, then she'd probably be really happy right now and would forgive him for his earlier mistakes!

But Guan Xin only had Lin Yi in her eyes. Zhaoming wasn't worth anything to her. As a result, his insults only added more irritation and she frowned subconsciously. Not wanting to look at Zhaoming any longer, she lowered her head.

Seeing her lower her head only convinced Zhaoming that his words had made her shy! After all, a girl who hadn't had a boyfriend yet got shy easily. Thus, Zhaoming thought that this had to be the case with Guan Xin!

Also, he'd made enough heavy moves today. Any more and Guan Xin might not be able to handle it! "Well, Guan Xin, I have something I have to do. I'm meeting my friend, so I'll leave first! Sorry for today. I lost composure a little, but still, I'll come to apologize for it personally one day!"

Zhaoming couldn't help but be impressed by himself. Not only did he apologize, he even backed out at the right time and established the next meeting at the same time! He could visit her officially now!

Gua Xin didn't respond at all, not even bothering to look at Zhaoming. Only after he left did she turn to Lin Yi, a little embarra.s.sed. "I don't know him…"

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