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Chapter 584 - Lin Yi, Injured

"Release Master Bing right now!" Uncle Zhu had recovered by this point, and had launched his body in front of Lin Yi. "Early phase mystic cla.s.s- I know your strength. You may be a little stronger than me, but I'm ready to sacrifice myself to protect Master Bing."

Lin Yi only smiled coldly as he looked at Master Bing, who lay on the ground unconscious. "I'm done here. Leave Songshan- I don't know when I'll suddenly remember the things this man has done!"

A threat- a naked threat! Uncle Zhu's face darkened. How long had it been since he'd last received a threat after he'd entered the mystic cla.s.s? This cla.s.s was extremely rare in the world, but it was a fact that this young man, who was no more than twenty, possessed the same sort of strength!

"There's a limit to how c.o.c.ky you can be. You're not strong enough to have an att.i.tude like…" Uncle Zhu hadn't finished when Lin Yi had already turned around to leave!

Ignored- this man had blatantly ignored him! Uncle Zhu's face only turned uglier, but there was nothing he could do. Fighting it out with Lin Yi wouldn't be wise- there was no guarantee who would be the one to die.

Him holding his ground right now was already enough straining as it was- he felt like he would collapse any moment.

Lin Yi got into the van to see Fattty Lai giving him a thumbs-up. "Nice, boss, breaking Zhao Qibing's legs in a situation like that!"

"Start the car!" Lin Yi spat out a violent splurt of blood, splattering it all across the windows before starting to cough endlessly.

"Boss, what's wrong?!" Fatty Lai shouted, taken aback. He'd only seen Lin Yi being a bada.s.s the whole time, he had no idea that he was actually injured!

"Start the car and go- find somewhere quiet," Lin Yi ordered as he tried to stabilise his breathing.

Fatty Lai nodded, not dragging on any longer. He started the car and left the area in a whisp of smoke.

He'd wanted to get Lin Yi to hospital, but remembered that Lin Yi himself was a miracle doctor- what was the point of going to a hospital in the first place? He must have had his own reasons for wanting a quiet place.

And so, he decided to head to his own villa.

Lin Yi had only put on a front the whole time, filled with thoughts of paying Qibing back for Tang Yin's sake. He had hidden the damage he had taken when he received Uncle Zhu's palm, and while he did want to continue his revenge on Qibing, he couldn't hold out any longer!

Never would he have thought that even a b.a.s.t.a.r.d son had a mystic cla.s.s master guarding him! Were mystics just everywhere, or was it because of the sheer strength of the hidden n.o.ble houses?

He had heavily underestimated his opponent. He had wanted to make Qibing die within the year, but couldn't make it happen.

Originally, Lin Yi was good at making people die a slow death- saying that Qibing wouldn't die today didn't mean he wouldn't die tomorrow, or anytime after that!

Lin Yi had an indescribable discomfort within him- his insides were all repositioned! The spiritual trainer at the mystic level possessed the same clashing strength as Lin Yi did, but Lin Yi had managed to hide the damage he'd taken only because of the Dragon Mastery training he had gone through. He barely managed to disfigure and disable Qibing before giving way to Uncle Zhu.

Fatty Lai didn't bother locking the door after reaching his vill not that anyone would steal a car parked in front of his villa in the first place.

He helped Lin Yi into the house, giving a glare towards his frightened wife who was just about to ask what had happened. He got Lin Yi to the guest room, and Lin Yi smiled bitterly, "Guard the door- don't let anyone disturb me."

"Alright, boss!" Fatty Lai quickly nodded and did as he was asked.

Lin Yi fell onto the bed and entered the jade s.p.a.ce- he could only absorb a huge amount of pure energy in order to quickly revert his injuries. Fortunately for him, he had a treasure like this up his sleeve- any other normal human would only be able to wait for their death if they didn't have a pill with them.

In truth, Uncle Zhu himself felt that he wasn't that far off from dying!

Li Cihua, on the other hand, finally came running over after Li Yi had left. After all, he was fully aware of just how strong Lin Yi was- being able to kill off two goledn cla.s.s masters, himself. He didn't know what level this Uncle Zhu was at, but he had been protected Master Bing after all- he had to be stronger than the two golden masters Cihua had. Could he actually be a mystic..? Cihua just couldn't fathom it.

Lin Yi had sent this man into coughing out blood and this man, himself, was mystic level strength… Just what kind of monster was Lin Yi?

"Master Bing, how are you?" Cihua ran over to first check on Qibing's injury. Uncle Zhu dying was just exactly as it was, but Qibing's death would cause something catastrophic.

"Master Bing's fine, his legs are just broken! I can't hold out much longer, hurry and help me contact my master, have him get Yaow.a.n.g to save me!" Uncle Zhu knew his current situation- without the help of special pills or medicine, he wouldn't survive a couple days using just his natural recovery rate.

Cihua jumped in a fright before quickly making the call…

Jianwen, Taizao, and the people watching at the back, on the other hand, were shocked at how daring Lin Yi was. He did something like that right in public! Naturally all the people present, including Cihua, weren't aware of how strong Uncle Zhu was!

They'd surely fall into a panic if they learnt that Uncle Zhu was a mystic, of which Lin Yi managed to beat with one attack. They didn't even see Lin Yi get hurt, and just a.s.sumed that Uncle Zhu was an incompetent bodyguard!

Despite the many people, no one stepped closer, as they were all aware of the mysterious strength behind Master Bing- it'd only humiliate him and the strength behind him if they went over, and no one wanted to cause that. The Qibing Tower opening ceremony had become a joke already at this point. The entire tower had completely gone down!

Cihua didn't think that Lin Yi would be this extreme. Not only did he flatten Qibing's new skysc.r.a.per, he even broke his legs! Just how tyrannical could the man be?

Cihua considered himself quite a tyrant in Songshan already, but he really wasn't on Lin Yi's level at all!

He rememebered the threats he had made to Lin Yi, and regret and fear hit him. If Lin Yi really wanted to pay attention to Cihua, he would lose his Floating Cloud Bar too, just like that! Cihua sighed- it seemed he had severely underestimated his opponent. Having been hired by Chu Pengzhan, the man was now, evidently, no common man.

The call finally connected, and Cihua looked at Uncle Zhu as he tried to keep himself together, "Boss, It's Li Cihua…"

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