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Chapter 577 - What Should We Do In The Future?

"You were right, it was a trap, I shouldn't have stood up first, but…. I shouldn't act without thinking thoroughly, the greed had blinded my mind. Now that my mind is clear, I can see that they were just using us to set an example! They used us to warn all our neighbours and we went along his plan voluntarily!" Mrs. Tang continued.

TangYin felt wronged- half of it was because of being bullied and the other half was because of Lin Yi. An ugly duckling would never transform into a swan, perhaps it was just destined! She thought that she had gotten herself a good boyfriend but he was just playing with her!

After listening to Zhao QiBing, Tangyin realised that underprivileged girls like her were just toys to all the young masters- they would never swear loyalty to a plain Jane like them. She found herself laughable to believe that Lin Yi would love her the rest of his life….

Just when the Tangs were sobbing, a man in a white coat came in, the doctor said, "You're Tangyin, Tang Jucheng and family right? The ten thousand you paid for the deposit isn't enough to cover the surgery and hospital expenses.

"Ah? Not enough?" Mrs. Tang panicked- the ten thousand she had deposited was already borrowed money from their neighbours in the slums and Lin Yi's card was nowhere to be found after their house was demolished.

"Yes, another twenty thousand is needed, please make it quick," the doctor left the bill on the table and left.

The amount of money listed on the bill paralyzed Mrs. Tang.

"Mom, do we have enough? Where's the money in our house?" Tangyin put down her pride after seeing her mother's expression.

"I couldn't take the bank book and cards out from the house then, we probably can't even retrieve it now, with our house's current state. Besides, I had also gotten the deposit from Liu Xinwen and it's not even enough…." Mrs. Tang sighed, "We have lost our house, you and your dad are injured, how are we supposed to survive right now?"

Although, they were poor before, it wasn't like they were driven to a corner- they still managed to survive. Now that they had lost everything and their card was missing, they were at a dead end. What should they do in the future?

Liu Xinwen pushed open the door and asked worriedly, "Tangyin, how are you? What has happened to you? You were all freaking me out!"

The ambulance didn't have enough seats for Liu Xinwen so she arrived late.

"I'm fine…." Tangyin smiled wryly and covered her eye bags- she didn't want to let Xinwen know that she had been crying.

However, Xinwen wasn't blind- she saw the red eyes and tears, who would fail to notice that?

"Tangyin, did you cry?" Xinwen asked,"Why? Is there anything wrong? Didn't the doctor say that you were fine?"

"Xinwen, I'm disfigured…." TangYin become emotional, she had been holding back the emotions and reached her breaking limit, exploding into tears- she wanted to cry her heart out, she was reluctant to accept her fate, she was no longer a beauty! Compared to her father's legs, Tangyin's consequences were far more serious.

Tang Jucheng's legs were just broken- they would eventually recover and return to normal! Meanwhile, TangYin's face was disfigured, her face was ruined for life, how could she just accept this? She didn't deserve this at all, did she?

"Ah? Disfigured?" Xinwen was flabbergasted- Tangyin was the prettiest among her squad, how was she disfigured?

"Her forehead, it was closed with eight st.i.tches…" Mrs. Tang smiled bitterly, "We've lost our house, her father's legs are broken, and we still owe you and the hospital so much money. What are we supposed to do, our life is doomed!"

"Did you tell Lin Yi?" XinWen asked.

"I...what for?" Tangyin felt wronged and almost cried out again. How could she allow Lin Yi to see this hideous sight of hers? It was impossible. If Xiaoxiao came with Lin Yi, what would happen to her face and reputation? There was no way she could escape from being laughed at from Xiaoxiao!

"After all these misfortunes, how could you not find him? Give him a call, dummy!" Xinwen was rushing Tangyin.

"He doesn't want me anymore, there's no point in calling him!" Tangyin burst into tears once again, helpless and wronged.

"I say, Yin, I think he still loves you, why not give it a try? We're forced into a corner now, he's our only hope- how else do you expect us to survive without any help?" Mrs. Tang hesitated, "Let's not even talk about love, he still has to give us at least another card, doesn't he?"

"Loves me? In what way oh my G.o.d? I'm disfigured now, he wouldn't even want me as his mistress anymore. Calling him? Are you guys trying to humiliate me?" TangYin felt deeply wronged- she couldn't believe her mom was still thinking about the break-up fee! She was frustrated- she felt that her mother's suggestion was unacceptable.

"He used to love you, why don't you just give it a try," Mrs. Tang wasn't giving up at all, grabbing onto the last sliver of hope- she was a grown up after all, she had seen more things than her daughter, she knew what was needed for them to get out from this misfortune. Furthermore, all the responsibilities rested on her shoulders now that Mr. Tang was on the hospital bed. The five hundred thousand was essential, they couldn't afford to lose it, no matter what happened.

"TRY? Don't you know that I owe him a lot of money already? How can I just call him for money again? There's no way I can return the money even if i tried for the rest of my life, mom." Tangyin was exasperated.

"Why don't you go and beg his girlfriend, tell her you don't mind being Lin Yi's mistress. She'll agree, wouldn't she?" Mrs. Tang paused for a moment and suggested.

"I don't want! MOM, what are you thinking? I'll commit suicide if I hear anymore silly suggestions from you! How can you just throw my face and reputation like that? Now that I'm disfigured, he would never allow me to be his mistress." There was no way Tangyin would agree to throwing away her pride.

"Why are you so stubborn? Being either Zhao Qibing's or Lin Yi's plaything would be all the same, what's wrong with being a mistress? We've lost our house, if you are not calling him right now, three of us will just wait for death to come!" Mrs. Tang wasn't being unreasonable- they were really driven into a corner.

At first, Mrs. Tang planned to persuade her daughter to seduce Zhao Qibing into getting two retail stores and a house, it wasn't a bad deal at all! But then this problem surfaced, her daughter's face was ruined- Zhao Qibing might not even accept her for free now, so Mrs. Tang changed her target to Lin Yi.

She believed that since they were at least a couple before, even with Tangyin's disfigured face, Lin Yi wouldn't just ignore and throw her aside heartlessly, would he?

Mrs. Tang could not to be blamed for her thoughts- she was tired of being poor, tired of being bullied! She felt immense power and satisfaction when Lin Yi was around, n.o.body had the b.a.l.l.s to cross them when they were under Lin Yi's protection, as if like she was sitting on top of the world!

On the contrary, when Lin Yi left, they were bullied instantly- their house was demolished, her man's legs were broken, her daughter's face was disfigured,and she didn't even have the courage to blame the bosses. Everything became indomitable without LinYi! She couldn't help it- she had been longing for a filthy rich life for her entire life!

She knew that her daughter was stubborn so she didn't mention Zhao Qibing, she only mentioned her daughter's lover, Lin Yi. Being the mistress of her lover should be acceptable, shouldn't it? Mrs. Tang did not mind that Lin Yi had a girlfriend because she only wanted her daughter to be loved, to be pampered, that was all!

Chapter Notes:

Will Tangyin stay like this forever?

Will her fate change? 

Will Lin Yi still love her the way he did?


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