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Chapter 531 - Extreme Counteroffers

"Then… make it cheaper!" Xiaoxiao saw that her trick didn't work on Zhaolong, so she spoke in a disinterested tone.

"Hehe, I've paid for half of it, isn't that cheap?" Zhaolong said with a smile. "I spent 100 million on it, you know."

"I thought you only wanted the whatever snow lotus? This box is just an accessory!" Xiaoxiao huffed. "10 million, deal or no deal?! If not, I don't want it; so what if I'm just a little girl?"

Xiaoxiao was shameless but she made a good point. She was a young girl. They could be shameless and selfish all they wanted, and Zhaolong could do nothing about it!

Zhaolong shrugged. He realized that he had underestimated Xiaoxiao. He thought that he had the upper hand against Fatty Lai in public, but he didn't think that it was Xiaoxiao he should be aware of!

The crowd really couldn't talk if Xiaoxiao was the one being shameless and selfish. Xiaoxiao was the center of attention in this whole mess. If she didn't like the box anymore, then Fatty Lai had no reason to buy it, did he? It wasn't a matter of losing face in this situation!


Zhaolong frowned. This was quite a challenging problem even for him. Xiaoxiao wasn't an easy opponent!

"10 million? Isn't that too little?" On the other hand, Zhaolong naturally wouldn't reiterate selling it 50 million. What if he insisted and both of them left straight away!

But selling it 10 million was really unacceptable! There was no such thing as not losing face and spending less at the same time.

"OK, 20 million at most! I'll make a note of this!" Fatty Lai said lightly. "Don't think that you're very smart, be careful in the future!"

"Deal!" Zhaolong knew that he couldn't do anything about it. They were leaving! However, 20 million was still better than nothing. What more could he ask for?  

After Zhaolong took his leave, Fatty Lai bowed deeply to Xiaoxiao's wits! She was very skillful, wasn't she? Zhaolong meeting her must be his biggest nightmare. How unlucky!   


"I didn't know that you were this good!" Lin Yi was fascinated by Xiaoxiao. In a nanosecond, the price was cut by 30 million.

"Of course! Huh-hng, that's what you get for going against me!" Xiaoxiao was smiling at Lin Yi. "Let's see if you have the b.a.l.l.s to anger me!"

"Huh…" Lin Yi shrugged, not answering Xiaoxiao.

Zhaolong was holding the 20 million yuan check in his hand as he returned to his seat. Although it wasn't a 50 million yuan check, Miracle Doctor Kang and Guifeng were overjoyed! If they had handled the bidding, everything would have turned out totally different. They might not even have had the chance to win the herb, much less sell the stupid box for 20 million.

The millenium snow lotus had created havoc during the auction, attracting the crowd's attention, but it was soon over. As usual, the limited edition Golden Creation was sold out completely, surprisingly without any commotion! The second day of the auction had almost come to an end. House Kang was excited beyond belief.

Just when the auction was about to end, the auctioneer cleared his throat. "Other than the auction items in today's catalog, we've added a mysterious item for you guys as the finale of tonight's auction!

"Wow…." The whole crowd was spellbound by the surprise! Last-minute items weren't unusual, but a last-minute item being the finale was few and far between!

So most of them widened their eyes, paying full attention and waiting for the description of the mysterious item!

"The mysterious item is a new technology created from by the Miracle Doctor Kang Medicine Company, Skin Beautifying Golden Creation. This product is a presale item and only two are available! Redeem your item after two months!"

The mysterious last-minute item was from the Miracle Doctor Kang Medicine Company? Skin Beautifying Golden Creation? What was that? Was it the same as Golden Creation? Questions started to rise from the crowds. The most shocking information was that this product was a presale item and only two were available. There was no stock! What could this exclusive item could be?

The auctioneer seem to be very happy with the crowd's reaction. Everyone was abuzz about the item. The auctioneer took his time to introduce it. He waited until most of the conversations died down before saying, "So this Skin Beautifying Golden Creation…"

After the introduction and explanation, the crowd was mesmerized! Of course, there were a lot of scar removal products in the world, but the effect wasn't as magical as the auctioneer explained!

In addition to removing the scars, it rejuvenated the skin. This might sound impossible, but those who had used Golden Creation knew that it was truly possible!

The men didn't pay much attention to the description, while the women went crazy over it. They had to get it no matter the cost!

"The scar from my C-section is still visible, and it's ugly! You have to buy me one!" said a wealthy businessman's wife to her husband.

This businessman was a henpecked husband. After hearing his wife's demand, he quickly nodded. Buy it, how could he not? Furthermore, he could have a better view after it was treated.

As a result, the rich businessman raised his hand! He was rolling in wealth, so he was presenting a must-have posture.

The other rich businessmen faced the same situation. Their wives and daughters were crazy about the product. All of them were ready to fight for it!

The men weren't very interested in the product. No man would mind having a few scars. They weren't aiming to be models!

"The starting price of the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation is 1 million. Each bid must not be lower than 500,000!" The auctioneer didn't know that the same product would be sold the next day. So he was quite happy with the reaction and ready to create a colossal price.

"1,500,000!" Someone started the bidding.

"2 million!" The second guy gave the first bidder a look of contempt. This is a miraculous product. Why are you adding just 500,000?

"3 million!" The previous bid was leapfrogged over.

Before long, the price skyrocketed to 5 million.

Only three groups refused to join the bidding.

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