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Chapter 512 - Joy Turns to Misfortune

However, the research of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing was a big failure. This crushed the dream of every House Kang family member. They qere forced to face the reality and stick with House Xiao at this moment. Getting close with House Yu and the other hidden powerhouses was a dream that House Kang could never reach anymore.

Now that they'd gotten full support from House Wu,  Zhalong's mind was activated. He planned to upgrade themselves as a powerhouse after the auction. Could they really reach that height with the help from House Wu?

Of course, this was just a thought. Zhaolong didn't plan to reveal any of this to Chengtian yet. He had to discuss the details with his grandpa before making a decision.

“No need to thank me, you're my brother after all. I have to fully support you!” Chengtian said proudly.

“Hehe, I'll be relying on you now Boss!” Zhaolong smiled.

“Sure!” Chengtian felt that Zhaolong was really a smart guy, way better than the Xiao brothers!

They parted after that. Zhaolong wanted to have a long discussion with Miracle Doctor Kang about the registration of the powerhouse, while Chengtian was rushing to see his grandpa's condition.

Both of them were busy and decided to continue the conversation on their cell phones.

Xiaoxiao couldn't hold back anymore and burst into laughter when the Xiao brothers took their leave.

“Hahahahaha! It's so funny, I'm gonna die from laughter. Chengtian is such a bulls.h.i.t master! Kept bragging about himself, what an idiot! Hahaha!” Xiaoxiao panted as she squatted and held her belly. “I've just earned myself a fortune! This vase must be around a few million, I'm gonna sell it and buy myself an Audi R8. Hahahaha, what a day!”

Looking at Xiaoxiao's panting face, Lin Yi couldn't  help but find himself laughing too! Chengtian's wallet must be bleeding hard right now and he didn't even know that Xiaoxiao was doing it on purpose!

“Hmph, going against me, Feng Xiaoxiao?! Consider this a warning; I'll make you really pay if there's a second time!” Xiaoxiao said proudly.

Lin Yi shook his head. Xiaoxiao really was a vengeful girl. It made sense why Xiaoxiao kept creating trouble for Lin Yi. But at this point, Lin Yi finally got to know Xiaoxiao a little better.

No one could blame Xiaoxiao for this. Xiaoxiao was born in a complicated family. She had no mother since birth and her father was always busy with his work. Such carefree and undisciplined living formed her rebellious character.

“Are you done yet? Where's your dad?” Lin Yi wanted to wait until Xiaoxiao was done laughing, but she didn't seem like she was about to stop anytime soon so he interrupted.

“Hahaha…. This is so funny; you should laugh with me, not keep a straight face!” Xiaoxiao was still laughing.

“There's nothing worth laughing about, actually. There's a lot of idiots in our world. If you had the time to laugh at all of them, you would pretty much die from laughing too much,” Lin Yi said calmly.

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao was taken back and shook her head. She wondered if Lin Yi was actually her age. He didn't sound and act like a teenager would. “You're no fun, this is hilarious, y'know.” Xiaoxiao pursed her lips.

“I think you have a good name to laugh at. Why don't you laugh at your own name until you kick the bucket?” Lin Yi shrugged.

“Eh?” Xiaoxiao was stunned and suddenly remembered that her name is Feng Xiaoxiao1…. Was that an insult or compliment?

“Heh…. OK, I just laughed, where's your father?” Lin Yi wanted to resolve the problem with Tianlong and didn't give a d.a.m.n about Chengtian. He believed that Chengtian deserved to be robbed. There was nothing to laugh at.

“What's with your att.i.tude!” Xiaoxiao harrumphed, displeased. “My dad comes back at night. Let's wait for him in my room.”

“Your room?” Lin Yi frowned.

“Yeah, why not?” Xiaoxiao had wanted to make Lin Yi stay so he could fall for her,  but Lin Yi questioning her made her realize how inappropriate it would be for a young man and a fine lady to be in the same room. Xiaoxiao was still young. She didn't have that experience.

W-What if Lin Yi suddenly became a beast? He seemed to be very strong. Xiaoxiao had no chance at beating him.

She thought, So what if he becomes a beast? I'll just let him do it, I ain't gonna survive long anyway. I can even have a taste of it.… Wait, I'll be the only one losing.…

Xiaoxiao found that the plan was actually a failure since Lin Yi didn't seem to be interested at all, judging from his uninterested face. Xiaoxiao was a little disappointed at that thought. Was she not attractive enough for Lin Yi? Were her looks that bad?

“Let's go then.” Lin Yi nodded in agreement after looking at Xiaoxiao's poker face.

In fact, if not for Tianlong looking for him, he wouldn't even enter her room.

“Hahahaha, let's go….” Xiaoxiao raised the boxes of food, then remembered Tianlong's stupid face and started giggling again.

Lin Yi was speechless. Xiaoxiao was really a weird troublemaker. She could laugh at basically everything.

Xiaoxiao still laughing as he walked through the hallway to her room. People might even have a.s.sumed that she must have found herself a fortune to be this happy.

In fact, she really did get herself a fortune. She just received a few million yuan out of nowhere! She knew how good diamonds sold. This made her even happier.

“Hahaha….” Xiaoxiao laughed again as she recalled what just happened. But there was a saying: “Joy turns to misfortune” and G.o.d had just unleashed his fury on Xiaoxiao. The staircase of the lobby had just been polished and there were still droplets of water on the floor. Hence, the unlucky and clumsy Xiaoxiao stepped on them, falling!

“Ahhhー” Xiaoxiao screeched. Falling down the staircase, knocking on the steps, her a.s.s in great pain, and her body feeling sticky with the water on her bare skin, she was uncomfortable.

“Hehe.” Lin Yi was a little overjoyed at witnessing this. He didn't know what to say.

Lin Yi could stop this tragedy from happening actually but chose not to since the staircase wasn't too high. It wouldn't cause any injuries, just a little pain in the a.s.s and make her a little filthy. He wanted to give Xiaoxiao a lesson so she wouldn't be laughing uncontrollably later.

“LIN YI! Come and help me!” Xiaoxiao almost shed a tear from the fall but she gritted her teeth and hold it back. After learning of her condition, she swore to herself that she wouldn't cry anymore. In other words, she'd been holding back from crying all these years.

1. Xiao means laugh or smile.

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