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Chapter 218 - Blinking In Surprise

The dean curled his lips at the statement- who was this guy calling for? Why would he even come for him in the first place, if he had a connection like that? All he had to do was bring an insider along, and he’d have gotten the room.

Yet the last room had been given out… Even if this guy did have an insider connection, it’d be difficult to just take the room back- it’d p.i.s.s them off.

“h.e.l.lo? Professor Guan? I’m Lin Yi.” Lin Yi’s connection, naturally, was Guan Xuemin! He was the head of Songshan’s First School of Medicine, directly above Songshan’s First People’s Hospital! It didn’t matter who it was in the hospital, they’d have to listen to the school leader’s arrangements.

It was something he’d learned from Xuemin during a conversation. While Xuemin wasn’t in charge of the hospital rooms, one word from him would solve the entire situation.

“Oh, Mister Lin- missing this old man already?” Xuemin greeted, evidently very happy that Lin Yi had called again right after doing so yesterday. He’d wanted to get closer to Lin Yi in the first place, after all.

“Well, Professor Guan, I’m at Songshan’s First People’s Hospital, and I have a friend hospitalized here… I wanna spend some money to get her a private room, but the last private’s room been given to an insider by the dean, even though we came here first.” Lin Yi said, conveying the facts to Xuemin.

“Haha, I understand- I’ll call Old Qin right now, he’s the head of the hospital. I’ll contact you later!” Xuemin said joyfully.

Any other person bringing something trivial like this to Guan Xuemin, and he wouldn’t even bother- after all, Lin Yi had made it clear: the room had been given to another insider, and it’d be a little inappropriate to just take that away from them. Xuemin wouldn’t want to cause trouble for anyone for something like this.

Needless to say, it would look selfish for the head of Songshan’s School of Medicine. Naturally, that wasn’t the key thing- what was important was that the hospital and the school were a.s.sociated and built together, even if it were under the school. His own son was even one of the shareholders for the hospital!

As a result, Xuemin couldn’t just meddle with the affairs of the hospital… One phone call from him could cause a big ripple.

Yet it was Lin Yi who had come to him, and his relationship with him was a very unique one- it was both mentorship and friendship, one that transcended the age gap. It was only natural that he’d take Lin Yi’s matters into his own hands.

He hung the phone up, and dialed up Old Qin.

The dean had been smiling coldly at Lin Yi, but froze immediately after hearing the words ‘Professor Guan’- he started sweating as he pondered who this person was.

Yet, who else could it be in the medical world? It was Guan Xuemin, the head of Songshan’s School of Medicine!! The dean went stiff at that point- after all, Guan Xuemin was a t.i.tan!

Even the head of the hospital paid respects to him! Guan Xuemin’s own son was a shareholder in the hospital, completely capable of destroying a small dean like him if he wanted to! He only managed hospital rooms!

The problem here was that he didn’t deserve this development! He didn’t have a room for Xiaobo because the doctor from earlier called him in advance, just a short while before Xiaobo came in person!

If they were to talk about the ‘first come first serve’ rule, the room should still go to the doctor, who had booked it first! Although, he had himself to blame for not explaining things thoroughly to Xiaobo- things might not have turned out this way if he had.

With that in mind, the dean stood up immediately, a little awkward and embarra.s.sed. “Brother, why trouble Mister Guan? I’m afraid I haven’t explained the situation… The doctor from earlier did indeed arrive first- he’d booked the last room before coming over himself. That was why I told the brother over there that there weren’t any rooms left.”

“You think you can just say that stuff now, and I’ll believe it?” Lin Yi didn’t care if the guy was telling the truth at that point, and he wasn’t interested in listening to his explanations, either.

The dean’s face reddened in embarra.s.sment- he was about to say something else when his phone rang, the ringtone piercing the silence of the room. The dean tensed as he picked the phone up, getting into a humble att.i.tude as he looked at the display- he knew who was calling already.

It really was the head of the hospital!! “Mister Qin… How may I be of a.s.sistance…”

The dean hadn’t finished speaking when a raspy voice came from the other side, coupled with the dean’s ‘yes’ and ‘I understand’ from time to time. He couldn’t even get an explanation in when the Mister Qin hung up on him.

The dean put the phone down, and turned to face Lin Yi, a bigger smile on his face. “My apologies for earlier, brother- I’ll have them give you the room this instant!”

The dean had made his decision- p.i.s.sing that doctor from earlier was worlds better than p.i.s.sing Guan Xuemin or Mister Qin off…

He regretted looking down on Xiaobo, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now. Xiaobo, on the other hand, was looking quite pleased as he stood beside Lin Yi, his anger completely released as he grinned coldly at the smiling dean.

The dean couldn’t believe it- did he find pleasure in doing this? Was it fun to pretend to be some n.o.body, begging a hospital room dean for a hospital room when his friend knew Guan Xuemin??!! Couldn’t he had just called him in advance?!

Yet he had to keep the smile on his face. “Please, follow me- I’ll a.s.sign the room to you right away!”

Tang Yin looked at Lin Yi, thoughtful… It seemed that there was nothing this man couldn’t solve! He was employing different approaches to his problems, too, using violence at times, and using his connections other times when needed… She ma.s.saged her forehead as she tried to calm herself down, unwilling to think about Lin Yi.

They walked out the office, and Lin Yi noticed Guan Xin looking around. Curious, he waved to her. “Guan Xin! Over here!”

The dean’s eyes widened. Dude!! You even know Guan Xin??!! Why’d you even bother with the phone call, just ask her to talk to me!!

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