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Chapter 1138: Won't Let You Have Any Losses

“Other than that, our network isn't strong enough yet. My trading companies only have connections with the trading companies in this state and some neighboring states, and I was planning on expanding slowly and steadily increase our range, but currently, things are not as we antic.i.p.ated!”

“Then what do we do?” Lin Yi asked. He didn't understand the business very well, and while he could go and mess with compet.i.tors, he couldn't handle problems with the sale range.

“The first thing to do is to increase our production as fast as possible, building factories.” Fatty Lai said. “The second is to expand the range and network by establishing chain companies in the main cities. Not only would it require a big amount of money, but there'll also be problems with the management, too! We wouldn't be able to manage all of them ourselves, after all, and it might result in a chaotic situation!”

“Oh? Even if we don't make a chain, can't we just ship the products from the main company?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes, but then the consequences would be even direr. Without chain companies to manage and supervise, there might be a situation of suddenly raised prices or dropped prices on the other state's part, as well as an a.s.sortment of many other selfish market strategies against us. It would ruin our company name!” Fatty Lai was quite worried about all these potential consequences.

“I say, Fatty Lai, you know I don't know anything about business, right? Why're you asking me? Just tell me your suggestions!” Lin Yi didn't know if he should cry or laugh–wasn't Fatty Lai just scaring him with all this?

“My suggestion is that we find a company with a perfect range and network, but this company has to be one that is reliable, one with honor. Otherwise, with all our shipments being controlled in their hands, they might take charge and basically take over our stuff–this isn't what we want?” Fatty Lai said.

“Alright, we'll do as you say.” Lin Yi nodded.

“But, boss– I haven't finished considering if I should go with this partnership solution yet- the business world is a Warfield. There are no permanent allies, after all.” Fatty Lai smiled bitterly. “I still don't know which company is suitable for this partnership, so that's why I called you first…”

“Hm, I'll take a look then.” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. The businessmen Lin Yi knew were limited- other than Chu Pengzhan. There weren't any friendly companies in Songshan anymore.

“Alright, I'll think about the funding first…” Fatty Lai was just asking. If Lin Yi didn't have any solutions, he could only use a contract to try and manage the partner company! This sort of contract-based partnership, however, wasn't built on trust. There wouldn't be a win-win situation in the long term.

Lin Yi only just hung up when his phone rang again.

He thought it was Fatty Lai or Xiaobo, and so he picked up, “h.e.l.lo?”

“Miracle Doctor Lin? I'm Liu Tianyi!” The deep voice of Liu Tianyi sounded.

“Oh? Mister Liu? h.e.l.lo…” Lin Yi didn't know why this guy was calling right now. He had an okay impression when it came to Tianyi, especially after he just lent him all that money without hesitation. He felt that he was a good man. He considered him a friend at this point.

“Miracle Doctor Kang, I hear there's a new product launch at your company. Congratulations!” Tianyi smiled. “I've already sent you a humble gift, a red packet with a cheque! It's being sent to your company right now!”

“Oh? Thank you very much!” Lin Yi wasn't expecting a gift. It took him by surprise, but he had no reason to respond to this nice with anything other than thanks. “Thank you for the thought!”

“I wanted to come by personally to congratulate you, but it didn't seem right after I considered that this is a product launch, not an opening ceremony,” Tianyi said carefully.

Tianyi had been discussing with Tianli and their old man for a long time regarding whether or not they should send someone to attend the product launch. They decided to go with Liu Jinghan's suggestion of merely giving a red packet. This was agreed upon by the old man, as well.

After all, they were planning on getting on Lin Yi's good side and building a long term relationship with him, letting him use their channels and networks. If they were to show up, it might seem a little too eager, especially concerning the occasion… It might make them look like they had ulterior motives or something! After all, Lin Yi hadn't said yes to that yet!

But it seemed now that Lin Yi was still quite pleased with the red packet- this let him sigh in relief.

“It's the thought that matters,” Lin Yi smiled. “Right, Mister Liu, there's an inquiry I'd like to make.”

“Please do, Miracle Doctor Lin. Just ask the question, and I'll give you everything I know!” Tianyi said quickly.

“You see, my company is thinking of setting up some chain companies and networks in the other parts of the country, but right now our focus is on increasing production. We don't have time and energy for all that. I was thinking of looking for a reliable partner to manage the sales part in those states!” Lin Yi said, mentioning the thing Fatty Lai told him about. The guy should know a lot more than him, judging by the number of people he interacted with.

“Oh? You want to look for a business partner?” Tianyi paused, surprised and overjoyed! This was something they wanted in the first place, and he was just thinking of how he should approach the topic when Lin Yi brought up the request! How could he not be pleased? He quickly jumped onto the topic. “Miracle Doctor Lin, our House Liu is a business based n.o.ble house. If you don't mind, we can provide our channels for you to use! Regarding management, we can completely give you charge, and we'll keep from partic.i.p.ating in the strategy meetings and stuff like that, keeping our hands only in operating the business. The profits, on the other hand, will all be yours, although I'd have to leave the salary funds for staff to you, haha…”

“Mister Li, are you serious?” Tianyi's words came as a big shock! He didn't think that Tianyi would recommend himself, and giving such an amazing offer, too! Not only did he wipe away all concerns Fatty Lai had, but he also wasn't even intending to keep any profits!

Of course, Lin Yi understood what they wanted- House Liu probably saw the potential he had, and wanted to be on good terms with him!

“Of course I am!” Tianyi smiled. “Miracle Doctor Lin, when have I ever joked about these things? I truly want to help you with this! I, Liu Tianyi, may not be much in your eyes, Miracle Doctor Lin, but I really do treat you as my savior and friend!”

“Ah… Alright! If so, then I'll accept this offer. However, I won't let you have any losses.” Lin Yi said faintly. “If you're not taking any of the profits, we'll give you some pills and medicine each year, including the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing as well as the limited edition injury medicine.”

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