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The next day Yuerui woke up like usual. Her friend is now going back to her place. So Yuerui made special breakfast for her friend. After stuffing their belly with good food they both went to get ready.

Yuerui picked up her same old jeans and shirt. But Ning tan grabbed them from her and forced her to dress up nicely, not like a street wanderer.

Yuerui wore a black palazzo and white shirt with a black jacket. After being satisfied with Yuerui's look Ning tan finally let her go.

They bid each other good bye and went out for their respective office.


"Someone is looking pretty." Su teased her friend.

"Really! I am looking pretty?" Yuerui didn't pretend to knowno nothing. Instead she decided to play along with her.

Yuerui even went to Kai and asked him, "Su told me that I am looking pretty? Am I?"

Kai blinked his eyes twice. 

"Well... Yeah you are. What say? Wanna go on a date with me?" Kai winked his eye.

Yuerui grabbed a file from Kai and replied while mincing, "Sorry, I got plans."

Saying so she returned to her desk.

"Who's they lucky person?" Both asked in unison.

Yuerui came close to them and whispered, "The CEO."

"What?" Both screamed in unison again.

Yuerui laughed and replied, "I am just kidding. I just have something to report to him."

"No... Something is wrong." Su said with suspicious eyes.


"Everytime you have your brows squeezed the whole time when you had to go to the CEO. You make such a face which says 'I am annoyed, don't you dare disturb me'. But today... You are not annoyed. Instead you are in a good mood." Su said.

"I don't know. May be the weather is good." Yuerui ignored Su's suspicious theory.

After giggling and gossiping for a while they finally went back to their work. Yuerui was so busy in her work that she didn't even realize when her friends went for lunch.

After finishing the work Yuerui leaned on her chair and stretched her arms. When her eyes fell on the clock, she finally realized that lunch time is almost over.

She hurriedly saved her file, turned off the computer and prepared to leave.

She and Xianw.a.n.g decided to talk in detail at lunch.

When Yuerui saw that she didn't get any call from Xianw.a.n.g she thought that may be he also didn't get time to leave as well. So she decided to get him from his office and leave together.

The moment she was about to push the door open, a  strong smell of perfume irritated her nose.

'd.a.m.n... My poor nose.' Yuerui thought.

Zhang Eliza entered with a cold face.

"h.e.l.lo, Ms. Zhang." Although Yuerui was on the verge of vomiting because of the smell, she endured it and greeted her politely.

Eliza didn't reply. She entered with arrogance and stood in front of Yuerui.

"What brings you here, Ms. Zhang?" Yuerui asked.

"You." Zhang Eliza finally replied in her bone chilling cold voice.

Yuerui frowned slightly. She is not in the mood to deal with such people. She is in good mood today. She doesn't wanna spoil it. Or else her spoiled mood might affect her deal with Xianw.a.n.g and she can't afford that.

"If there is nothing important, then please excuse me. I have some work to do."

"But it's lunch time. How can you have work in lunch time?" Yuerui was about to leave but stopped because of Eliza's razz.

"Eating is also a work to me." Yuerui replied with a polite smile in her face. 

Only G.o.d and her knows how much she is enduring to control her annoyance.

Before Yuerui could prepare to leave again Eliza raised her hands before Yuerui which was holding a credit card.

"Take my card and buy some good food. Not only that..." Saying so Eliza came close to Yuerui and handed her the card in her hand force fully. Then she continued, "Actually keep it and enjoy.The card has no limit."

Yuerui looked at the card and gave out a smirk. She has at least 50 platinum cards lying around in her mansion (her parents house) under her name. This card has no value to her. But she just decided to play along.

"Ms. Zhang, that's so generous of you."

Eliza rolled her eyes in arrogance. She was expecting this type of reply from Yuerui.

Yuerui continued, "You didn't have to give me this. I don't know what to do with this."

"I am sure you will sure figure out what to do." Eliza replied. The conceit in the voice still didn't leave her.

"No, I am serious. I really don't know what to do." Suddenly Yuerui eyes became sharp and she replied in cold voice.

Yuerui took one of Eliza's hands and place her card back to her. Then continued," Which makes me come to the conclusion that I don't need it." This time the gentle smile of hers came back on her face. Which darkened Eliza's beautiful face.

"What to you mean?" Eliza sharpened her gaze and replied coldly.

"Meaning, I can afford my food and other expenses whatever you were referring."

Saying so Yuerui prepared leave again but Eliza held her by her arm tightly.

"I am sure you will be needing it after you see this." Saying so Eliza picked up her phone from her purse and played a video.

The video was of Yuerui and Xianw.a.n.g in the Royal disco when Xianw.a.n.g was drugged. It was the time when Yuerui fell on top of him. By seeing the video it didn't take long for Yuerui to understand that it was Eliza who leaked the scandal about Xianw.a.n.g. Or else how can she get this tap?

Seeing the change in expression in Yuerui's eyes Eliza thought she had finally caught the little cat that had been eyeing on her fish.

Eliza leaned towards Yuerui and came close to her ears then whispered to her," Stay away from my brother w.a.n.g or else this will be enough to turnish your reputation, if you have some. You will be thrown away from here for seducing amd drugging the CEO." 

Eliza gave out a devilish sneer.

'How foolish this girl is!' Yuerui laughed in her mind.

But she didn't let it surface on her face.

Yuerui thought for a while on what she should reply. It's really doesn't matter now if she publishes it since they are gonna get married soon even if it's a contract. But  she  also can't let her show it to Xianw.a.n.g. Or else he will find out she is the blue eyed lady.

After a minute of silence she finally replied, "Ms. Zhang, how did you know that he was drugged? Even if I was with him I thought that he was drunk. It didn't even cross my mind that he might be drugged." Yuerui said with a innocent face.

Eliza became unprepared. How can she let out such a word from her mouth?

"It.... it was told on the news." She stammered.

"No... The news was about him being gay.?" Yuerui slightly curved one side of her lips. She was having fun.

Eliza managed her posture and replied with att.i.tude," whatever it is, in the end it will be you who will be blamed. So don't even dare to look at my brother w.a.n.g or else prepare to get humiliated."

'Play time is over.' Yuerui thought.

She came close to Eliza and patted her shoulder.

"Published it." She simply said two words which made Eliza confused. She asked with her confused eyes.

"I am telling you to publish it. Actually it will be helpful to us to explain the news that you will get in the near future. So go ahead, publish it." 

Saying so Yuerui lightly patted Eliza's cheek.

Because of that the heavy make up that she was wearing came off in Yuerui's hands.

Yuerui dusted her hands and reached out for the doork.n.o.b. Before leaving she added," And yes, use less make up. Too much make up is not good for skin."

And she left.

By the time she crossed about 1 mitre of her room she heard an ear piercing scream from her room.

Thank G.o.d every one was out for lunch. Or else this would create a huge scene.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

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