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Randy let out a hot breath from his mouth. The sudden searing pain caught him off, but luckily it was only for a few seconds. After that, he felt the same after finishing integrated the Fire Seed. He felt comfortable all over his body, but he felt a bit sticky.

"Shana, what is it just now? Why the heat is attacking me again?" Randy immediately asked Shana. The pain he received just now was twice as the pain when he integrated the Fire Seed.

"Your Fire Seed is evolving to the next, you can look at your window stat, or you can check it inside your body," Shana's hologram didn't show up, but her voice rang into his ears.

Randy checked his window stat, the Fire Seed change to Fire Essence.

Elemental Power: Level 1 (0/100%) Fire Essences

After checking the stat window, he checked the Elemental Energy inside his body. Now, the Elemental Energy which just now was only as big as a thread became bigger. It's wider about 5 CM than the Sword Energy.

Also, the Fire Seed was nowhere to be seen. He guessed like the name, the Fire Seed changed into an essence which was now flowing inside his body. After checking the change of the Fire Seed, Randy stood up.

"It's time to test the might of my Elemental Power after evolving,"

Randy channeled the Elemental Energy inside his body to all over his body. After that, the crimson fire lit up over his body as the crimson fire ablaze, but because he was wearing armor, only some part of fire could be seen.

Despite the crimson fire ablaze, he didn't feel hot at all. With this result, Randy satisfied as he nodded his head.

Afterward, he wanted to test to imbue the fire to his armor. Shana told him the fire could be imbuing to the sword, then it could be used on his armor too.

Randy stopped channeling the Elemental Energy, and the fire died down. Just as he wanted to use the fire on his armor, he felt something weird on his body. He felt his little brother was hanging free and touching something cold. He presumed it was his armor.

"Don't tell me…"

Randy took off his Infernal Cuira.s.s, showing his bare upper body. He guessed right, his clothes was burned because of his action early. Randy didn't know whether to laugh or cry, he thought the fire would not burn his clothes.

Fortunately, he brought spare clothes on this journey if not, he would naked when he was journeying back. He took out the clothes and wore it immediately as it felt weird when he wore an armor without his clothes inside.

After wearing his new, he channeled the Elemental Energy to his set armor. Soon, the Infernal set of armor was blazing with a crimson fire. It was the same when he used Combustion.

"It's increasing the defense of your armor based on the Fire Affinity the armor you have. Example, your Infernal set has Fire Affinity 30%, then it would increase your defense armor by 30%. The same thing applies to your sword," Suddenly Shana's voice rang into his ears.

Randy surprised by Shana. She told him even before he asked her. It was like his thought was read by her.

Randy took out his Darkness, channeling his Elemental Energy on it. Soon, his sword enveloped by a crimson fire. He looked at right and left, looking for a target for him to test his sword.

He didn't find any good target and decided to hit the cave wall. Randy slashed his Darkness onto the cave wall, from upward to downward.


To Randy surprise, there was an explosion after his sword clashed onto the cave wall. The debris after the explosion shot in all directions.


He shocked by the explosive but also delighted. Afterward, he consumed the Epic Energy Core left on him. There were 400 Epic Energy Cores, he gulped it down within minutes. After swallowing 400 Epic Energy Cores, his Fire Essences leveled up to level 2 with 16% on it.

He needed enormous of Energy Core if to level up his Elemental Power.

'All right, I will hunt the Fire Wisp on my way back. For now, I will eradicate the Skeleton Army first as it can be a threat for me and my guild if I let them evolve,'

After that, he came out from the cave, heading toward the Skeleton Army's camp. Also, he needed leveling up for four levels to raise Shana's level to level 25 so she could tell him how to increase his Luck.

The Skeleton Army's camp was in the north and not too far from where he was. Last time when he was raiding the Skeleton Army's camp, he didn't meet the Skeleton Commander or any higher grade skeleton but Skeleton General which was weird.

He was wreaking havoc in the camp, but there was no higher-grade skeleton prevented him.

'Is it because I didn't reach the main camp?'

After fifteen minutes, he arrived at the where Skeleton Army's camp, but what welcomed him there was an empty field. The camp was gone along with the Skeleton Army.


Randy stood still as he confused there. He never thought the Skeleton Army would retreat, he thought the Skeleton Army would look for him crazily after he slaughtered his way on the camp, but now the Skeleton Army retreated.

'Is the camp attacked by the Beast Army?'

Randy immediately threw that thought aside. Shana told him the Skeleton Commander was King Grade Undead, it was impossible for the Skeleton Army collapsed just mere of a day.

Also, the Skeleton Army amount was over a hundred thousand which meant at least there were ten Skeleton Commanders in the Skeleton Army's camp, so it was impossible for the Skeleton Army rooted in a day.

'The only possibility is the Skeleton Army retreated, but why?'

He could not find out the reason why the Skeleton Army retreated, and he never thought that he was the one who caused the Skeleton Army retreated.

Randy let out a sigh of regret. Now he was in the hurry for leveling up and the Skeleton Army was the right choice for him leveling up as it had a high amount Skeleton, but now it was nowhere to be seen.

Randy pondered which beast he should hunt as he was heading back to Jakarta Territory direction. He remembered that he met the sea of a worm in Cirebon Territory. Devourer, Epic Grade Beast and level 110, but the problem was how to kill the horde of Devourer.

With its huge size, a huge mouth, over a thousand jigsaw-like teeth, most likely he would get devoured by it after killing a few devourers.

'Oh, I have Elemental Power now,'

There was an idea popped out in his mind. He channeled the Elemental Energy into his two hands and fire light up, on his both hands. Afterward, he aimed his both hands at the Black Wood tree which was 10 meters away from him.

After aiming at the Black Wood tree, Randy shot two fireb.a.l.l.s from both his hands. The two fireb.a.l.l.s were three times bigger than the soccer ball.

Boom! Boom!

The two fireb.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t the Black Wood tree before exploding. The explosion was almost like a grenade explosion in the movie. Instead delighted, Randy let out a sigh of disappointment as it was not enough for bombing the 10 meters Devourer which the amount was over a thousand.

After that, he took a bottle of water and chugged it down in a gulp before letting another sigh. He looked at the bottle in his hand and suddenly he remembered a lake full of alligators.

Randy's eyes shone, the amount of the alligator was enormous, also it was an Epic Grade Beast.

Afterward, he ran straight to Surabaya Territory, where the silver lake located. In an hour, he arrived at the silver lake. The silver color was caused by Silver Steel Alligator as it filled at the bottom of the lake and made the water seemed like a silver in color.

Randy estimated the silver lake was about ten miles wide. He immediately came over to the edge of the silver lake before taking out Primeval Nether Claymore. He stood straight, waiting for the Silver Steel Alligator.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, three Silver Steel Alligators pounced toward him from the lake.

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