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"Dragon Roar!" Old Man Bai mumbled as he stood up while looking at the screen in the front of him.

"No wonder he could get the Bone of Chaos Dragon, don't tell me his bloodline is Chaos Dragon Bloodline?" Old Man Bai's eyes were wide open as he mumbled.

With keen ears, all the people in the room shocked as they looked at the Old Man Bai.

"What did you say? He has Chaos Dragon Bloodline?" The woman blurted out after hearing Old Man Bai's words. The lazy expression on her face now gone, her expression changed to shocked now.

"Hey, old man it is not a funny joke, Chaos Dragon is a Divine Beast, the G.o.d of the dragon. How come the young man who just undergoes the Battle of Ascension less than a year could get a Divine Bloodline," One man wore a black cloak didn't believe what Old Man Bai's said.

"Nah, I'm also uncertain. I guessed like that because three months ago he brought the Bone of Chaos Dragon to my face. He asked me to create a weapon for him that's why I dare to bet with you because he has two best weapons made by the Bone of Chaos Dragon. But I don't think he has a bloodline at all, so I guessed but it's not impossible for him to get the Chaos Dragon Bloodline because he got the bone," Old Man Bai explained. He also felt uncertain if Randy had a Dragon Bloodline or just normal Dragon Bloodline.

"But the roar just now is the roar of the dragon and known as Dragon Roar skill. It's an innate skill for every people who have the Dragon Bloodline. It's a surprise for us, it's a more surprise than a Black Wildcat that appeared three months ago," Isa the appraisal chimed in.

"Hehe, who will get the most headache is our chief guard here. At least, he needs to wait for a year before he can carry out another tournament even they need to postpone the Ascension World Tournament what they have planned for three months with other three chief guards from the other three city," Fero the manager of East Restaurant laughed to the man who wore a golden armor's misfortune.

The other eight people also looked at the man who wore a golden armor in sympathy. More delay more work for him.

"Hehe, but before we laugh to our chief guard's misfortune, we will witness our two friends' misfortune first," Old Man Bai chuckled as he looked to the two men wore a black cloak who had a bet with him.

After hearing what Old Man Bai said, they looked at the screen before they looked at the two men wore a black cloak.

Another victim as Randy showed his Dragon Roar skill at the final of the tournament.

After the spectators heard the roar and sensed the whole Colosseum vibrated, all the spectators' mind became dizzy and blank a while before finally back to normal.

The first one who awakened from the dizzy state was people who had high-level. Especially people who in the top 20 of Level Ranking, it didn't take a long time before they awaken from the dizzy state moreover, the distance between them and Randy was far. So, the effect of the Dragon Roar less effective than the people who closer to Randy, like Zhang Hao.

After the dizzy state, all the spectators immediately looked at the battle arena. They curious about the source of the roar, what they knew was the roar originated from the battle arena. They heard the roar, and their mind became blank. Now, they were awake and curious who was let out the roar.

But what they saw on the battle arena was Randy beating Zhang Hao who lied down on the ground of battle arena. Randy kept punching Zhang Hao's face, and from the hologram-like screen, Zhang Hao eyes were void.

"Then, Randy released the roar?" One spectator blurted out.

What was it? It was a beast roar and Randy could release the beast roar that could make their mind blank. Even the upper echelons from every guild looked pensive as they focused their gaze at the battle arena.

Then about Randy's declaration earlier before the match was right. He was the strongest also, so far in the Ascension Tournament, no one could fight in par against him. He always won the match easily even Zhang Hao who had 7 levels higher than Randy was nothing after the roar released.

It was not exaggerated to claim Randy as the strongest. Even the Sky Sect's patriarch scared now. The cold began appeared on his forehead while on his back was already wet because of the cold sweat.

On the battle arena, Randy kept punching Zhang Hao's face. He kept his promise to punch Zhang Hao's face until he could not smile anymore.

As for Zhang Hao, his eyes were still for 5 seconds before finally, he awakened. As Zhang Hao awakened, and his eyes could see again, what he saw for the first time was a fist that kept punching his face.

Randy punched Zhang Hao for 5 minutes before finally the referee came up and separated them. Zhang Hao's face now covered with blood and his face became disfigured, but it was not a problem now as his face could back to normal as long as he drank a healing potion.

After the match ended, and the referee announced the champion of Ascension Tournament. There was no one cheered for Randy as he became the champion except the Happy Guild who cheered for Randy enthusiastically.

They still shocked by the roar and didn't heed about the champion.

"How come Randy released a beast roar?" That was what was in the minds of the spectators now.

Was Randy the champion of Ascension Tournament? The spectators were less interest to the champion compared to the roar which shocked them.

"But somehow the roar sounds familiar, I've heard the same roar but for I forget where I heard the roar,"

"Yeah, me too, I have heard the roar, but I heard the roar from afar, not this close,"

"AH, I remember. It's the same roar as the roar in the ruined city. The ruined city located in the west of Jakarta territory,"

"Don't tell me the roar also originated from Randy? Moreover Randy also hunting at the Jakarta territory,"

The spectators buzzed in the discussion as they talked about the roar. They didn't pay attention to Randy who became the champion of the tournament and who just received the prize.

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