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Today was the last day for the Ascension Tournament, four partic.i.p.ants left from 90,000 partic.i.p.ants who registered for the tournament.

They were Zhang Hao, Kye Tae-Young, Randy Christian, and Efraim. Efrain defeated Chandra Mahanti after the fierce fight which lasted almost for an hour.

The semi-final match would start at 10 am, so the Happy Guild departed from the restaurant at 9.30 am. There were two new people who departed together with them today. The two were Gusti and Gusti's mother.

After lost against Randy yesterday, Gusti kept his promise to join Happy Guild. The same as Udin, Gusti also brought his mother to live together with them and his mother recruited to cook in the restaurant by Almira. Almira even bought two new buildings for a dormitory because the current buildings they had didn't have enough room for every guild's member. This was the best treatment offered by the Happy Guild compared to other guilds because the Happy Guild didn't charge to live there.

As they arrived at the Happy Guild's seat, the Dragon Dynasty who always arrived earlier had not come yet. Only after two minutes, they sat the Dragon Dynasty arrived.

The same as yesterday, Randy didn't see Long Zhemin's nose in the Dragon Dynasty group.

"Is he really afraid of him?" Randy thought as he looked at the Dragon Dynasty group.

The first semi-final started right at 10 am, Zhang Hao versus Kye Tae-Young. The match dominated by Zhang Hao from the start of the match.

Kye Tae-Young kept in disadvantage even after 5 minutes the match started. After 10 minutes fight, Zhang Hao won the match after he dominated the match since the fight started.

The next match was between Randy and Efraim. The spectators were not as enthusiastic as the previous match because the spectators predicted Randy would win the match in an instant again like his previous match.

Really, not even one minute pa.s.sed, the match was already over with Randy's win. The spectators predicted the outcome so there was no surprise, but they could not wait for the next match, the final.

This time the spectators didn't believe Randy could win the match in an instant like his previous match. In the final Randy's opponent was Zhang Hao, rank 11 in the Level Ranking, the different level was 7 levels between them.

They believed this match would become a fierce match between Randy and Zhang Hao, even the half of the spectators thought Zhang Hao would become the champion of the Ascension Tournament.

Meanwhile, in one room, there was a hologram-like screen displayed the situation in the arena of Colosseum where the tournament held. There were 10 people in this room, Fero the manager of East Restaurant, Old Man Bai the chief blacksmith of the East Blacksmith, Isa the appraisal of the East Auction House, an old man wore a white coat, one man wore a golden armor, one woman who sat lazily. If Randy was here, he will know who this woman was. Randy met this woman when he got his Guild Establish Permit from the Ascension Guild while the four wore a black cloak and there was mask covered their face.

"Hahahahaha, he even reached the final without used the weapon created by me, ahahahahah," Old Man Bai laughing loudly.

"This is the final match old man, the tournament not yet over. He needs to defeat Zhang Hao before you can win the bet," One of man wore a black cloak snorted.

"Yeah, you bet on him while we bet Zhang Hao, so you still not win the bet yet," Another of one man wore a black cloak chimed in.

"Hehe," Old Man Bai chuckled lightly after hearing what the two men wore a black cloak. He believed that Randy would become the champion though he didn't understand how Randy could become this strong and managed to reach the final without even used the sword he made for him. But he didn't care as long as Randy became the champion he didn't care about the other thing. Because he placed a bet on Randy with the two fellows who wore a black cloak. If Randy became the champion, he would get a material to create a Mythical grade weapon.

"Does Randy have a saint bloodline so he could become this strong?" The old man wore a white coat blurted out.

"Your jokes aren't funny at all old man, he needs to kill a saint beast to get the saint bloodline. Do you think he can kill the saint beast?" The woman answered lazily to the old man wore a white coat.

The rest also nodded their head, it was impossible for the people from Earth could kill the saint beast while they cannot even kill the Territory King.

"But my apprentice said he bought a special vial from my Potion Shop. He is not an alchemist, but he bought a special vial. The special created for 2 purposes, first to store a high-grade potion while the other purpose is to store the heart blood of the mutated beast," The old man wore a white coat told the reason why he guessed Randy had a bloodline.

"He indeed got a bloodline, but he auctioned it at our auction house. Maybe he bought the special vial was to put the bloodline on the auction house," Isa the appraisal cleared the doubt of the old man wore a white coat.

"Just lets we watch the match, maybe he will use his trump card in the final because he gets a worthy opponent in the final," The man wore a gold armor said as he looked Randy and Zhang Hao arrived on the battle arena

As Randy arrived on the battle arena, he immediately shouted, "I proposed the death match!"

The referee looked at Zhang Hao after Randy proposed the death match, waited for Zhang Hao response if he agreed or not the death match which proposed by Randy.

Zhang Hao shook his head, indicated he didn't agree to have a death match against Randy. Zhang Hao's answer was surprising for the spectators, they thought as long as Randy versus the Dragon Dynasty's member it would be a death match because of the feud between them.

Despite rejected what Randy's proposed, Zhang Hao was still smiling. He didn't feel embarra.s.sed at all.

Randy narrowed his eyes as he looked at Zhang Hao.

"Hey, can you stop smiling? Don't you feel ashamed because you don't dare to have a death match against me?" Randy said sarcastically.

Zhang Hao still smiling in the front of him, didn't respond to what he said to him.

Randy kept provoked Zhang Hao as he wanted to provoke Zhang Hao to have a death match against him but looked like he failed to provoke the smiling man because Zhang Hao didn't respond despite Randy humiliated and provoked him.

Randy sighed as he failed to provoke Zhang Hao and said calmly, "You are very lucky because you don't accept what I proposed, if you accepted the death match you will become the sample for me to show off my true power,"

"I will show my true power here, the true power of the strongest as the warning for every people and every guild here who want to make troubles with me, with my family, and my guild. Especially, for the Dragon Dynasty," Randy declared until every spectator in the Colosseum heard what he declared.

"And as for you the smiling man, I will punch your face until you cannot smile anymore and cannot even smile if you meet me,"

Hearing what Randy said, Zhang Hao face twitched a little. Zhang Hao didn't think Randy would declare such a thing and also he declared it loudly. Moreover, he also declared himself as the strongest.

"Did he have no shame? Maybe because I am not accepted what he proposed so his head becomes bigger until he dared to declare himself as the strongest?" Zhang Hao thought.

After Randy finished his declaration, the referee shouted "Begin!" sign to start the match.

"I will use the Burst Strength and Burst Agility skills to make a surprise to this big head," Zhang Hao made a plan in his heart. He didn't dare to accept the death match was because he didn't know Randy's full strength, also Tang Ren advised him to not accept the death match.

It made him more sure to not accept the death match that Randy proposed, but he still not convinced that he could not defeat Randy with his full strength. Also, now he was annoyed by what Randy declared earlier, so he decided to use the two skills from the start.

Zhang Hao rushed toward Randy with his enhanced speed after he used the Burst Agility. Randy just looked Zhang Hao calmly, there was no surprise on his eyes despite Zhang Hao's speed increased significantly.

Soon, Zhang Hao arrived in the front of Randy and thrust his spear toward Randy's chest. Just as the spear almost hit Randy's chest, Randy evaded to the left. Zhang Hao looked at Randy face still calm, not calm, now he was smiling. Looked at Randy's smile he had a bad premonition.


Randy used his Dragon Roar skill. Zhang Hao who right in the front of Randy, his head became blank and his head fell first to the ground because he currently thrust his spear forward.

The roar sounded to the whole inner city, even the roar sounded to the outer city of East city made the people at the outer city shocked by the roar.

The spectators were waiting for a fierce fight between Randy and Zhang Hao shocked by the sudden roar, the roar from Randy's mouth. Even every seat on the Colosseum vibrated because of the roar not only the spectator's seat the ground also vibrated by the roar.

Even the Old Man Bai's group shocked too as they instantly stood up after heard the roar.

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