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Randy waited for 3 minutes on the battle arena before finally the referee determined Randy as the winner for the match. Once more, Randy won the match without fighting.

This made the spectators speechless, two matches straight won without fighting. The spectators thought Randy's opponent afraid until they didn't show up in the match.

As for the next match, there was no upset, Chandra Mahanti and Efraim won their match and progressed to the next round, top16. On the left bracket, Zhang Hao against his own sister Zhang Rou while Kye Tae-Young against Subas Banstola while on the right bracket, Randy against Udin's friend, Gusti while Chandra Mahanti against Efraim.

The partic.i.p.ants given time to rest for 2 hours before the fight for the top 8 started.

After the 2 hours rest, the first match started Zhang Hao versus Zhang Rou. But they didn't fight instead Zhang Rou gave up the match and let her brother pa.s.sed to the next round, the top 4.

The next match was Kye Tae-Young versus Subas Banstola. The match lasted for 30 minutes before the winner came up. Kye Tae-Young won the match though it was not an easy match for him.

The next match was Gusti versus Randy, despite used the same weapon as Udin, an ax, but Gusti ax was bigger and he only had one huge ax, while Udin used two axes.

Gusti's height also much higher than him and Udin, Randy estimated Gusti's height was almost 2 meters tall. Gusti looked valiant with his height and the huge ax in his hand.

"So, you are the person who Udin respected until he joined your guild, the weakest guild?" Gusti said loudly as he looked carefully at Randy.

"Ugh!?" Randy didn't know how to respond Gusti. He even didn't know Udin respected him. Based on his wife said, Udin decided to join his guild after Udin saw he bullied other partic.i.p.ants in phase 2 of the tournament.

He, himself didn't know why Udin joined his guild. He thought Udin join his guild because he was strong, but based on Gusti, Udin's friend. Udin joined his guild because he respected him.

This was the first time someone respected him and Udin was the first person respected him. Randy blushed, he felt embarra.s.sed.

"Hoi hoi, why are you blushing?" Gusti exclaimed after he looked at Randy who blushing instead responded to him.

"Oh sorry, this is the first time I know that someone respected me, so I am embarra.s.sed though I don't why he respected me," Randy answered as he waved his hand to Gusti.

Usually, people always regarded him as a coward or a weakling but suddenly the man in the front of him said Udin respected him until he joined his guild, so it embarra.s.sed him.

"Udin said you are strong that's why he respected you and joined your guild, but based on your look, you are like a weakling to me," Gusti said as he looked angry.

Randy didn't know why Gusti looked angry. Was that because Udin joined his guild? Or maybe they were a gay couple and Udin left him because joined his guild?

While he was in a deep thought why this Gusti looked angry just because Udin joined his guild, he heard Gusti's voice in his ears.

"I will show to Udin that you are just a weakling and not worthy of his respect by defeating you in this match," Gusti declared as he positioned himself to fight.

"Before we fight, may I know why you look angry when Udin joined my guild?" Randy became curious about what was the relation between these two men.

"Of course I am angry. We already planned to create our own guild but suddenly he said he already join your guild, how could I not be angry. He said you are strong enough and worthy to become his leader though I don't know how a weakling, like you, become strong on his eyes," Gusti told him as he grew angrier while pointing his finger to him.

"What if you lost against me?" Randy smiled as he asked. He didn't mind if Gusti angry or mocked at him.

"Impossible, I will beat you and make Udin aware that you are just a weakling," Gusti declared confidently.

"How about we make a bet? If you lost against me you will join my guild and if I lost against you, I will kick Udin from my guild so you can establish your own guild with him?" Randy proposed Gusti a bet.

This was Randy's objective after knew that Gusti was Udin's friend also his performance which defeated Aqeel al-Tamer was great. But, Gusti looked like angry at him because of Udin joined his guild so he could not ask him directly to join his guild.

"That is a good idea from a weakling like you," Finally Gusti smiled for the first time after he met Randy.

Randy just smiled as he heard what Gusti said. He confidence he could defeat Gusti easily even without a weapon like his previous opponent. But for his respect to Gusti, he would use his sword to fight against Gusti as he would become a new member of Happy Guild.

Randy took out his sword from his System Storage, but he didn't use his Darkness instead he used the Silver Sword, the sword given by his father.

"Finally, he takes out his weapon for the first time,"

"I thought he would not use any weapon till the end of the tournament,"

"Yeah, his opponent is the one who defeated Aqeel al-Tamer, rank 17 in the top 20. He should be serious if he doesn't want to have the same fate as Aqeel,"

"Isn't his sword somehow looks familiar?"

"I know, it's Silver Sword, an Uncommon grade sword. My sword two months ago also the same as him,"

"Is he really takes this match seriously? Look at his opponent ax. Even though the weapon is not an Ancient grade ax, at least it is an Epic grade weapon,"

"Is he could not afford to buy a high-grade weapon? But, based on his mother's restaurant he could afford to buy a high-grade weapon even he could buy a Legendary grade weapon if it's available in the weapon shop,"

The spectators buzzed in commotion as they identified the weapon in Randy's hand. His mother had a restaurant and he could establish a guild but he could not afford to buy a good weapon.

Of course Randy didn't want to use his Darkness if he used his darkness he afraid the Shatter Slash effect in his Darkness triggered and destroyed the ax in Gusti's hand. That's why he didn't use the darkness instead he used the Silver Sword.

As the referee saw both of the partic.i.p.ants ready to fight, he shouted "Begin!" indicated the match started.

After heard the shout, Gusti took initiate to attack first. He dragged the huge ax with his two hands while rushing toward Randy.

Arrived in the front of Randy, Gusti raised his ax up before he hammered the ax to Randy's head. Randy, didn't evade the attack instead he raised his sword to block the ax.


The sound of the clash between the ax and the sword rang to the whole Colosseum. The clash's sound was loud and based the sound only, the spectators knew the strike's power that launched by Gusti was very strong.

Despite the strong strike launched by Gusti, Randy firmly stood where he was. Gusti's strike didn't even manage to push Randy back for a little, but there were many cracks on Randy feet.

Randy looked at Gusti with a smile on his face before he said, "Strong, but not strong enough to beat me,"

Looking at the smile on Randy's face, Gusti p.i.s.sed off. He raised his ax again before launched the attack again, he launched the attack from every angle. Attack after attack Gusti launched, but Randy still stood where he was as he blocked the attack.

After 5 minutes attacked non-stop, Gusti stopped his frenzy attack and took five steps back. He looked at Randy's condition, not to mention about hurt him he could not even push him back a little.

But he still didn't admit Randy was strong, "So what if you could block all my attack? If you could not beat me, there will be no winner between us,"

Instead responded to Gusti's words he looked at the silver sword in his hand. There were many cracks on his Silver Sword after blocked many Gusti's attacks. Maybe, if Gusti kept attacking for 1 or 2 minutes more, his Silver Sword would be destroyed.

He put the Silver Sword back to the System Storage and said, "All right then, I will beat you,"

Finishing his words, Randy rushed toward Gusti. He didn't use his full speed as he arrived in the front of Gusti. Gusti already swung his ax toward him, but before the ax managed to hit Randy, Randy caught Gusti's hand and squeezed it until Gusti screamed in pain before he let go the ax.

Afterward, Randy kicked Gusti's belly as he took the ax before dropped to the ground and threw it toward Gusti who lying down 7 meters from. The ax stuck right beside Gusti's head.

In a flash, Randy toppled Gusti made the spectators shocked. They thought this would be a fierce fight, Gusti who defeated Aqeel al-Tamer, the rank 17 higher 1 rank than Randy could fight in par against Randy.

But in a flash, Randy toppled Gusti. It was another quick match by Randy though the referee not yet announced the match outcome, but based what Randy just did likely he could defeat Gusti easily.

On the battle arena, Randy approached Gusti who still lying down with his face, faced the ax that stuck beside his head.

"This is my win right?" Randy asked Gusti who lie down on the ground.

Gusti didn't answer Randy, he only nodded his head. This time he really convinced that Randy was strong, strong enough until Udin respected him and joined his guild.

"Welcome to the Happy Guild," Randy smiled as he offered his hand to help Gusti stood up.

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