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Chapter 244 Little Deeny Wants to Study Artificial Intelligence

The car had a streamlined body, looked a bit like a race car, and had a way of making men unable to resist the desire to get in it. Of course, women have that desire too…

It's just that both may not desire it in the same way.

The car door opened, and a well proportioned, successfully dressed young man in a suit got out. It was Young Master Ying. Although he had seen it in his memory, Su Yang still had to admit that Young Master Ying was more charming in real life. It was as if he had been born into a n.o.ble family. Regardless if it was his car or himself, it was as if it all came with a spotlight that attracted everyone's attention.

The people near the school building were spellbound as they slowed down their steps, and quietly cast their eyes over, wanting to see what this person was planning to do.

'Was he here to find a girlfriend or pursue some girl?'

The attention gathered by the crowd did not cause Young Master Ying any discomfort. After all, he had enjoyed this kind of attention since he was a child. He tidied up his clothes calmly before slowly walking up, ignoring Qu Xiaomeng, Chu Xia and Xu Lu. Then, he slightly bowed his body, extending his hand with a smile. “h.e.l.lo, Su Yang, my name is Ying Tian. I want to make friends with you.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Time near the teaching building seemed to stand still. n.o.body expected this rich young master in front of them to be looking for Su Yang! Why Su Yang?

It was like everyone saw Su Yang for the first time in a different light as their gazes went over him. He was indeed the school's man of the moment this semester from becoming famous for a song to creating some kind of work-study app. However, many people knew his background of being a poor student from a remote village in Jiujiang because of this.

'How did he meet this rich young master in front of him who looked like an upper-cla.s.s person?

'No, no, no… How did he get this person's attention?'

The onlookers were surprised, and so were Chu Xia, Qu Xiaomeng and Xu Lu. The three of them looked at Su Yang with stunned disbelief in their eyes. While everyone was shocked, Su Yang only had one thought in his mind.

'Befriend me your a.s.s! Can't you see we're in the middle of a battle against each other?! You're the one who's playing dirty, taking shots at me behind my back and now, you want to make friends with me? Are you still playing the same game that you asked Tang Dafa to play with me? You think I'm stupid?'

So Su Yang replied without hesitation, “Sorry, I'm not interested.”

Saying that, he pushed through the three girls and continued to walk forward. “Where were we?”

The doorway of the teaching building was deadly silent. No one expected Su Yang to give him no face at all…

Shouldn't he be shaking with an excited face to show how honored he was? Even if he wasn't thrilled, normal courtesy should still be expected, right? However, Su Yang didn't give him even that. It was as if he didn't care about the person in front of him at all. This simply shocked everyone. Even the three girls who were being guided away by Su Yang were a bit surprised and could only nod their heads stoically, their minds a bit blank.

Young Master Ying was stunned in place, still keeping his hand extended. He somewhat embarra.s.sedly closed his hand, then his hand tightened. The surrounding people could see a little blush appearing on his cheeks.

This made him wonder. He was sure that he and Su Yang were meeting for the first time, but Su Yang looked as if he knew him. This wasn't normal! Unlike Chen Ye, he doesn't go out much, nor does he fool around. He only occasionally socialized with others so he was hardly famous except for those in the upper echelons. However, when Su Yang's gaze landed on him, it was like he knew him and didn't care at all. Su Yang really wasn't that simple after all.

'Could it be… Is he really the illegitimate son of some big shot?'

People who played with intrigue and power would always think this much. Young Master Ying took a deep breath, sat back in the car and went for the ignition, trying to catch up with Su Yang to give it another shot.

At this time, Su Yang and the three girls were walking outside, and Qu Xiaomeng's habit of getting confused easily when something happens was back. She looked at Su Yang daftly and asked, “You… You just ignored that guy, aren't you afraid of offending him?”

Su Yang grinned and replied, “No, don't worry.”

Anyway, they had already decided that the other party was the enemy, so what's the point of getting offended? He wasn't afraid in the least.

Chu Xia, on the other hand, looked at Su Yang with slight surprise. “I didn't expect that you'd be keeping so many secrets?”

Su Yang retorted, “Don't you keep secrets as


Chu Xia asked in confusion, “Me? No, I don't.”

Su Yang asked with a seeming smile, “Then what's going on between you and Jiang Yan?” Chu Xia was even more confused, “Sister Jiang? Sister Jiang is a regular customer in my mother's shop, and I occasionally help out in the shop so we've become familiar with each other.”

Su Yang was speechless. “What shop?”

Chu Xia replied apologetically, “It's just a women's coffee shop with a slightly extravagant style. The décor is all pastel colors so you can drink coffee and read books inside. It's very petty.

“My mom just didn't want to stay home and be idle, so she opened one. Although… It's not that profitable.”

It dawned on Su Yang that he had a.s.sumed Chu Xia had some sort of background to him so that was how she knew Jiang Yan. As it turned out, he had thought too much.

However, this kind of shop was really quite in line with Jiang Yan's preference. After all, she was a woman who was cold on the outside but was a cute girl inside.

While Su Yang and Chu Xia were chatting, Xu Lu's gaze kept flickering. She looked at the Ferrari behind her, then at Su Yang. After contemplating for a while, her eyes flared up.

This caused her body to move much closer towards Su Yang. He felt Xu Lu's body closing in and could even feel her temperature. However, he thought she accidentally touched him while walking, so he didn't care.

At this moment, the Ferrari stopped next to Su Yang once again in full view of everyone. Once again, Young Master Ying got off the car, this time significantly more peaceful as he said to Su Yang, “Young Master Su, can I have a word with you.” Su Yang frowned. 'Why is this person still stalking me?' Su Yang replied rudely, “Can't you see that I'm talking to my friend?”

Young Master Ying was surprised. It was as if he had just seen Qu Xiaomeng and the others.

He nodded silently, got back in the car, and slowly “escorted” Su Yang and the others out.

Su Yang's (Heaven's Eyes) was always on, so he could see that Young Master Ying wasn't putting on a show. He really didn't notice anyone around Su Yang, or rather… Didn't think that these three girls would be his friends.

Well, he was just another guy who didn't treat ordinary people as human beings. With Young Master Ying 'escorting' them, the four people are like in the spotlight, wherever they go, they attract a bunch of attention, just like a parade, more and more uncomfortable. Not only could the three girls can't go on chatting, but Su Yang couldn't as well so he found an excuse to let the three girls leave before he opened the car door and took a seat. When he entered the car, Su Yang had a gloomy face. “Drive out of here. Let's talk somewhere else.”

Young Master Ying agreed and drove away from the campus in his car. When the Ferrari left the school, the students who had watched the whole process one by one were excited and began to discuss.

Although there were more luxury cars in Shanghai, it was still rare to see them on campus. As a result, no one expected to see a luxury car and a rich young master today. To think that the rich young master was being berated by Su Yang like a sidekick before 'escorting' him. It was like their cla.s.smate suddenly turned out to be Jack Ma's father!

This was more so since this person was Su Yang. Did this person from the countryside actually have a hidden background? After all, when Young Master Ying came out at the beginning, they thought that he had done something miraculous and Young Master Ying was here to befriend him. However, they found out later that Su Yang didn't care about Young Master Ying at all. Instead, Young Master Ying had to smile and listen to the rebuke he gave him.

To that extent, it even seemed that Young Master Ying even called Su Yang as “Young Master Su”.

Does Su Yang have any special background? This made Su Yang's ident.i.ty a momentary mystery. So, on the day of the end of his freshman year, Su Yang once again made a name for himself in the school…

Meanwhile, Young Master Ying said to Su Yang while driving, “I'm really sorry, Young Master Su, I didn't know they were your friends, I thought they were just a few ordinary women.”

Su Yang was speechless. 'Well… He isn't lying, and neither is he stalling. He really thought that way.

'Sigh… this was how people of this kind of status and background viewed commoners.'

Young Master Ying continued, “I also recently learned about you so I wanted to come and get to know each other. After all, I have to do my best to be a good Shanghainese showing you the area.”

It didn't take (Heaven's Eyes] to know it was a lie.

Young Master Ying continued, “That's why I didn't let the driver drive, and I just drove a cheap car myself to meet you, so it isn't as conspicuous.”

Su Yang was speechless.

'That wasn't a lie. However, how infuriating can this guy be?!'

Young Master Ying then said, “I didn't mean anything by it, I just wanted to be friends with you.”

'Hmm. Still not a lie. He was serious.'

Although he knew Young Master Ying didn't lie, Su Yang didn't want to accept it.

Tang Dafa was also genuinely interested in becoming friends with him at that time, but he ended up rebelling right away because the person in front of him instructed him to do so.

What about Young Master Ying? Although he genuinely wanted to make friends with him now, what would he do the next time someone more powerful than him instructed him to do so? This kind of person had no value in becoming a friend.

Su Yang just replied indifferently, “It's not necessary.”

Ying Tian didn't think that he'd go so low as to beg Su Yang, but Su Yang still didn't accept it. He couldn't help but ask, “Why?”

Su Yang didn't bother to beat around the bush and said, “I know exactly what happened between you and Tang Dafa, as well as Chen Ye.”

Ying Tian Tian was shocked and suddenly stopped the car. Then, he turned around to try to defend himself by saying he just got to know them, that they weren't in cohorts and didn't target Su Yang on purpose. As a result, Su Yang replied monotonously, “Including the fact that you instructed Tang Dafa to target me.” It was like a basin of cold water was poured on Ying Tian, sending a chill up his spine. Su Yang opened the car door and said indifferently, “So, there's no need to act in front of me. I'll reveal all the tricks you have, and I'd like to see what other ones you have,” saying that, Su Yang got up, left the car, and walked away.

Ying Tian's head buzzed as he watched Su Yang walk increasingly further through the Ferrari's windshield.

Before this, he didn't believe that there was anyone who was so resourceful. It was as if he had demonic powers. Everything that he thought he had done so seamlessly was already revealed by the person in front of him. This other person came with him with a clear understanding of what his intentions were.

'How could there be such a person in the world.'

As for Su Yang's declaration of war, Ying Tian wasn't surprised in the slightest. If he knew that someone was messing with him behind his back, he'd also be dismissive of the other party's plea for peace with his pride, especially if he was stronger than the other party.

However, the thought of declaring war with Su Yang made Ying Tian feel guilty. He didn't even dare to tell his father about the fact that he had offended Su Yang and caused Chen Dinghua's accident, not to mention declaring war now. If his father knew that just because he had tested Su Yang, he had caused the loss of one of their generals, his father would probably kill him… Sh*t, he was being far too confident for his own good. As a result, he, a puny snake, wasn't able to hold down the strong dragon from the capital!

However, it was too late to think about that now.

The priority was now to remove Su Yang's grudge and repair the relationship with him.

But how would he do that?

Ying Tian had a bit of a headache…

Getting out of the car, Su Yang could perceive that Ying Tian had been looking at him, and the expression on his face kept changing.

However, he didn't care.

Little Deeny's words yesterday made him relax and let go of a lot of things. He was a 'desperate person' with a system, and if Ying Tian really dared to mess with him, he'd definitely be able to show him why a 'desperate person' was called a desperate person before he managed to pull off any tricks of his!

Happy to return home, Su Yang again felt a gaze on him before entering the house. However, it was but a flicker and before he even sensed what the other party looked like, it ended.

Su Yang's heart was a little wary. The ability he had, (Perception), had a requirement where the other party had to (Consciously] observe him. However, the other party observed him for a split second before immediately averting their gaze, which was definitely something that only someone with intent, or even a professional, would do.

'Who exactly was it?'

Su Yang didn't want to rattle the snake and opened the door as if nothing had happened. Then, he entered the room and sat in the room for a while, trying to see if the other party would observe him through the window .

However, after sitting for half an hour, there was nothing unusual…

Su Yang pulled the curtains together and entered the virtual s.p.a.ce.

After entering the virtual s.p.a.ce, Little Deeny was seen watching the TV in the living room with a sad face while Eggy laid on the floor beside her.

Labradors were known as a companion dog in foreign countries, and dogs of this breed loved to accompany their owners. However, this was just an ordinary Labrador but Su Yang felt that Eggy was just plain lazy. Once it laid down on the ground, it would never get up. Seeing Su Yang, Little Deeny took the initiative to greet him, albeit feebly, “Master…”

Su Yang couldn't help but ask, “What's wrong with you?”

Little Deeny said with an unhappy face, “Master, I don't want to make short videos anymore.”

Su Yang was a bit surprised. “Why?”

Deeny pursed her lips. “I feel bored.”

“Bored?” Su Yang sat next to her. “Don't you like to make short videos?”

Little Deeny shook her head. “I don't like it. I was just short of money before, so I wanted to make some.” Su Yang asked, “What about now?”

Little Deeny replied, “Now that I've got some money, I don't want to shoot videos anymore.”

Su Yang was speechless.

This reason feels very legitimate but was just a tad bit realistic.

Su Yang touched her head. “Then we won't shoot any more videos.”

Little Deeny rubbed her head against Su Yang's hand. “But so many fans are waiting for it. So we definitely have to shoot them. That's why I'm so irritated.”

Su Yang smiled and hugged her with one arm, knowing that this little girl was actually tired and was throwing a little tantrum.

Su Yang asked, “Then have you ever thought about what you'd do if you stopped making videos?”

Deeny's eyes lit up at the mention of this. “There is! I want to study artificial intelligence!”


Little Deeny said excitedly, “I found out that artificial intelligence is really a great field. It allows machines to learn through countless iterations to make them increasingly more powerful and complex. It'd have powerful computing power to complete calculations and statistics that humans have been unable to do for decades. It's simply a miracle!”

Su Yang was speechless.

'You're a pseudo-AI yourself. You're praising yourself, right?'

Little Deeny continued, “I want to break away from the monster family and focus fully on researching artificial intelligence!” She looked at Su Yang and said with longing, “I feel that my own learning process is very similar to an AI, and by studying myself, I can cut a lot of corners.”

“And!” Little Deeny looked at Su Yang. “Master, the future will belong to the world of Als. Although it may be possible that artificial intelligence won't eventually give birth to wisdom, big data a.n.a.lysis, content distribution, all projects with huge amounts of data and calculations all need the partic.i.p.ation of artificial intelligence.

“The future of the internet will definitely become vaster, eventually becoming the true second world of mankind. The biggest trump card and nuclear weapon of each internet company will be their own self-developed artificial intelligence!

“You see, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance (the parent company of Toutiao and Tiktok) all have their own artificial intelligence labs. ByteDance has gained more and more momentum in recent years, and it's their excellent content distribution algorithm, which is hard to achieve without the help of AI big data behind it.

“So, start researching artificial intelligence now! Only then can we take our place in the Internet battlefield of the future!”

Little Deeny continued, “Think about it, imagine you're also using a software that always fits your thoughts, your preferences, pushes to you what you're really interested in, what you want to know, and alerts you immediately if there's anything important.

“If you travel to another city, it can automatically recommend hotels, attractions, itineraries that suit you based on your salary, your spending level, your hobbies, your exercise routine. You'll feel very comfortable.”

Su Yang hesitated for a few seconds. “Wouldn't that feel scary? It feels like I'm transparent in the face of this software.”

Deeny continued, “Don't mention the future. Even now, people's privacy is leaked almost all the time, including information regarding one's ident.i.ty, and preferences. Else, why is it that when you unintentionally say that you've lost your hair, you'll see ads for hair loss treatments when you open a webpage.”

Su Yang was speechless.

“I didn't say that.”

Little Deeny replied, “I'm just giving an example.”

Su Yang felt as if Little Deeny had already decided to pursue the study of artificial intelligence. He couldn't help but say, “Then if you're going to study AI, who's going to film the monster family?”.

Little Deeny rubbed Su Yang's arms. “Master, help me.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Oh well, Little Deeny has helped him a lot so Su Yang could only say, “Okay. I'll try a few shots for you first.”

Little Deeny hugged Su Yang's arm and smiled. “Hehehe, master! You're the best.”

Su Yang pulled this little monkey off of him and knocked her head. “What else can I do? You are the cutest Little Deeny in our family.”

Little Deeny giggled.

After a few more chats with Little Deeny, Su Yang went to find Little Hus, intending to let it sniff out if it had anything nearby with abilities related to making short videos and movies. As soon as Su Yang opened his mouth, it readily agreed, and was very happy.

So Su Yang then quickly asked the little monster bean behind him to put down the washing machine he was planning to use to threaten Little Hus should it have denied…

Little Hus then started to sniff things all over the villa. Just when Su Yang was ready to go out so it could continue sniffing if it found nothing in the villa, Little Hus said in surprise, “Here! Here! There's a scent here!”

Su Yang followed Little Hus's voice to the courtyard and saw Little Hus next to the rocket launcher, shouting excitedly!

Su Yang was a bit confused. 'How is a rocket launcher and photography related?

'I must be on the wrong medication…

'What's the relationship between the two?

'And… I've just exchanged this rocket launcher from the system, and now I'm about to give it a second point?'

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