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End of the day homeroom. As per usual, Dorisen waltzed in with a full smile on his face.
Lately, I'd gotten to noticing his smile was either faked, or something close to that. The strong aura he emitted on rare occasion told me of a deeper truth.
The amount of a person's aura is roughly proportional to their human power.
Human power is a word to indicate a human's humanish humanity to other humans.
For example, for someone with high human power, even with a mountain of evidence against them for the murder they committed, "No, I don't know anything. Really, cut me some slack. Yeaah, I'm just not seeing it." It was possible for them to continue insisting as such. Even in a harsh situation, a strong will to conceal one's true nature, and (in a sense) a n.o.ble spirit unbound by the fetters of logic. Therefore, a bearer of strong human power could by no means divulge their true thoughts to others. As was the case with Dorisen.
While the pro soccer manager Yamamoto said something similar, the nuances were different.
With all his authority, as expected, Dorisen boasted high human power. In political maneuvers, it would prove to be an indispensable force.
"And that's the end of it. I'll see you all tomorrow."
Once the standing and the bowing was over, I would escape the cla.s.sroom with all due haste. Otherwise, the dream soldiers would grow concerned over whatever so crisis the world was in today. Gathering around me as if it were set in law.
By leaving the cla.s.sroom during breaks, fleeing to the cafeteria or library during lunch, and swiftly returning after school, I'd succeeded in living a peaceful day to day as of late. The only measures I lacked was for the morning.
Since I didn't have friends, killing time over lunch was a difficult task, but I'd started managing these days.
I'll make it home today, just you watch. As I got full of myself, Dorisen kindly informed me.
"Ah, double-Satou, please stay behind. Then, today's day duty, please do your thing."
"… What is this?"
After the cla.s.s had broken up, I remained in attendance with Ryouko.
Because I remained, approximately half of the cla.s.s remained at attention in their seats. Those waiting for us. My popularity didn't make me happy in the slightest. Once I finished talking with Dorisen, if I didn't make a straight dash for the front door, I could feel it in the air I'd be quickly apprehended.
"You've been pretty flaky lately, haven't you?"
"Flaky? With who?"
"Ladies' Satou and your other friends."
"Other what?" after activating my repeat function, I finally got it.
"Other friends? Did I have anyone like that? You and Ryouko are the only people recorded in my cellphone."
"Oh, so you actually do have her in your phone. That's great news, great news. But just two entries sounds too lonely. How about it, Mens. Do you want to try increasing that count by fourteen?"
I think that was supposed to be an uncanny laugh. Fourteen. To me, it was a value far more sinister than the beast's sign of 666.
"I firmly refuse. If anything, I'd like it to drop to 0."
"They're all comrades of the same Satou Group. What's not to like?"
"This group's just what's been made of the cla.s.s's rubbish bin."
"Hahaha, now that's a terrible thing to say."
"It's because they had no intent to properly a.s.sociate with their cla.s.smates. I can only say they reaped what they sowed."
All they wanted was to smash whatever proud setting they came up with onto some understanding sap. They were convinced that was cool. They thought acting like some warrior from another world was akin to wearing fashionable clothing. Nothing more than a distorted, infantile l.u.s.t for the limelight.
"So you don't intend to get along with them?"
"I don't," I declared plain and loud so those behind me could hear.
"Mens' Satou, do you know this proverb? One rotten apple spoils the bunch."
"I've at least heard it."
"Truth be told, there are some suspicions of obscene acts in the infirmary surrounding a student in my cla.s.s."
He took me by surprise.
"It was a love scene right out of a spicy fanfic, I heard."

"If we really had such a student, there's no way they'd be able to escape suspension. Just one push, and even expulsion isn't a stretch of the imagination. Oh no, what's wrong, Satou? Your complexion's going stale."
"… Err, am I being threatened?" My tone shot all over the place.
"Nah. It's just abuse of power."
"Oh, so that's it… hahah… you're quite a joker, sensei, man… hahahah."
I could perceive Dorisen's aura expanding. Being bullied to high heavens had tempered my ability to read the atmosphere, if nothing else. Ability name: Air Reader. If I had to, I could even express it numerically. Currently, Dorisen's aura was roughly 120Hu (Human units). A normal adult male has a human power of around 30-40Hu, so Dorisen's was already several times over normal.
"Instead of running away, can you deal with Ladies' Satou and the others upfront?"
"…… Got it."
All of a sudden, countless hands reached out and grabbed me from behind, pulling m e into the midst of the legion. With sights such a vivid reminder of a zombie movie, Dorisen alone with his special box seat up close, appreciated the film with a smile.
And my after-school time—was violated by delusions.

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