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When cla.s.ses ended and we were discussing going somewhere to hang out, he who was knighted face-change man (by me), Saitou came over (despite Kawai's unpleasant face) and proposed this.
"Let's go look at accessories."
Dim on the subject, I took a peek at how the other two were going to move, but they both seemed just as troubled to answer. It seemed that all three of us were lacking in experience points. Saitou conceitedly supplemented his statement.
"If you don't know 'bout them, I'll teach 'ya. I'm an expert."
While I didn't like how he put it, getting irritated over such a thing wasn't constructive. This was the all-important first term of high school. I was better off riding these waves.
"Well why not. Teach away."
When I answered so, Saitou nodded in satisfaction.
"But just guys sounds stuffy, right? Why don't we invite some girls?"
"I don't know any yet," Kawai said in a sullen tone. As if that was the switch, Saitou turned to the cla.s.sroom as a whole.
"I'm going to go look at accessories, but are there girls who want to tag along?"
The girls preparing to go home simultaneously looked at Saitou.
This guy's got b.a.l.l.s, was my honest impression. Even if I did something similar, it would seem like an awkward outburst. Even so, I might have to build up some sort of resistance. He may turn out to be an important figure.
Now then, as for the girls' reactions.
"… H-huh? No one?"
Not a single sociable la.s.s who would readily raise their name.
It had been on my mind since school began, but the cla.s.s was full of weirdos. There were loners who didn't make friends or talk to anyone in any cla.s.s, but men and women together, there were around fifteen in ours. No matter how I considered it, this was a peculiar deployment. When those sorts of students should be dispersed among each cla.s.s, it was as if the management didn't get it at all.
"Last chance! With this special offer, I'll even treat you to drinks at a dinner!"
Saitou made double sure. It wasn't very effective. The man didn't even seem to notice the girls' reaction was something different from a simple cold shoulder.
"… How cold." The isolation was painful. At this rate, I would be enlisted in the cla.s.s clowns. I wanted to run away. The looks from the loner girls resembled that of the female vengeful spirits from horror movies.
By the window, Queen Bee Ooshima Yumina was laughing over something. She was with Kobato and one more. It was clear as day we were being laughed at. How embarra.s.sing.
"… None. Now what to do."
"Then let me have a go. Since we've got nothing to lose, might as well aim high."
Within the frigid cold fronts of Antarctica, for some reason, Kawai was uplifted. By my diagnosis, he was afflicted by Saitou's show of heroism. He started his way towards the window. Don't tell me he…?
A chill pierced through my spine. Kawai was already standing in front of 'that girl'.
"Ooshima Yuminsan, come and play with us! Aight! Nice to meet you!"
His high tensions and fruitless endeavors attained a nightmarish collaboration. In regards to a girl his age, he gave a bow with his hand outstretched for a handshake. Just what era did he come from? Kawai Shuutaro, sixteen, Spontaneously Combusts. If this scene was a piece of art, that would undoubtedly be the t.i.tle.
Ooshima grandly burst into laughter.
"How about no?" just as expected. Living normally is difficult. Exceedingly difficult. Get a little in over your head, and this is what you get.
"Play with your bunch? You must be joking. Do you even see yourself in the mirror every day?"
Listening to her rejection akin to an icicle through the crown, I reached the dazed-out phase far sooner than any among us four.
To that point, I lived a life full of shame. Who's to say it ever ended?

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