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Book 6: Chapter 32: The Far East Of The World

On the night of their wedding, Bai Qiuran and Jiang Lan slept in the same bedroom.

Of course, Bai Qiuran would definitely not do anything to Jiang Lan. In fact, during this long night, Bai Qiuran had been trying to teach Jiang Lan what he knew.

With Li’s talents, things like swordsmanship or kill moves, he only needs to practice it once, and then silently wait for the silly boy to comprehend it himself. But the runes of magic were equivalent to another language, he was sure that it couldn’t be taught to others simply.

If he casually engraved runes on the stone to show Li, if the latter was not clear about the meaning, it would be just a mere ghost symbol to him.

But indirect teaching through Jiang Lan is much more convenient. After the last meeting, Bai Qiuran asked Jiang Lan to teach on his behalf, and Li would certainly not say much.

By the way, on this night, Bai Qiuran also tried to show Jiang Lan the version of the world structure model that he had recorded from the ruins of Heavenly Palace tens of thousands of years later. Maybe she could help her a.n.a.lyze it. But the facts proved that once he took out that thing, he would be banished by Heaven again.

After trying several times, Bai Qiuran decomposed the runes that made up those structures and showed them to Jiang Lan one by one, and finally, he was not banished.

“This is divine writing.”

After taking a look, Jiang Lan asked:

“Where did you get this kind of text?”

“I can’t tell where it got it.”

Bai Qiuran replied:

“What exactly does this text look like?”

“This is the text used by the G.o.ds to interpret the rules of this world. Not to mention the ordinary people, even the G.o.ds themselves don’t fully understand.”

After thinking about it, Jiang Lan explained:

“Each G.o.d can only understand the divine texts related to their G.o.dhood. I heard that under the auspices of the Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Heavenly Court used to try to make a dictionary of divine texts, but there was no result. I don’t know what happened in the end.”

“Then can you help me a.n.a.lyze these divine texts?”

Bai Qiuran asked.

“Yes, you can, after all, you also taught me a lot of things.”

Jiang Lan frowned and said:

“But I can only understand the divine writings of poison, medicine, farming, and the ocean.”

“Those are enough.”

Bai Qiuran nodded and said:

“You just need to give me a clue, and I will do the rest by myself.”

As a result, the couple taught and pondered each other in this palace. Jiang Lan taught Bai Qiuran his divine texts, and Bai Qiuran had the clue to deduct the divine structure left. Bai Qiuran taught Jiang Lan some of the basic runes of spells and seal tactics, and hoped that she could teach them to humans on his behalf.

Except for the necessary meals, the two stayed in the palace. This fell into the eyes of the watchers sent by the emperor, and it became a symbol of love.

After all, Bai Qiuran was powerful and they didn’t dare to listen to Bai Qiuran and Jiang Lan, so they could only monitor them in this way.

After the news spread, it is said that the emperor immediately held another banquet. n.o.body knew how many other races were affected.


Time flew. A few years pa.s.sed quickly.

After marrying Jiang Lan, Bai Qiuran succeeded in gaining the trust of the emperor and entering the circle of power in Heavenly Court. He used his power and the treasures rewarded by the emperor to manage relationships with the G.o.ds in the heavens and searched for intelligence about the first Heaven Jealousy.

He also used the reason of accompanying Jiang Lan to work during this period of time to visit the human settlements on the eastern land.

However, the obtained results made him feel very disappointed. The talents of these humans were good, but none of them was like him, having an infinite Sea Qi.

It is said that there are still some human races on the northwestern mainland and the sea islands in the extreme south, but Bai Qiuran also visited these places when he visited several other G.o.ds who guarded the land like him.

There was no sign of the first Heaven Jealousy in these settlements, and even some settlements’ inhabitants were not humans at all, but races that look very similar to humans.

This made Bai Qiuran disappointed, but he still did not give up searching for the news of the first Heaven Jealousy. He hadn’t searched every corner of this world. He had a hunch that the first Heaven Jealousy must be somewhere in this world.

However, on the other hand, he did not relax his teaching of Li. Through his guidance and Jiang Lan’s indirect teaching, the settlement of Li had mastered the basic moves and spells in the cultivation world of his time.

After the advent of advanced cultivation methods, more than a dozen monks in the foundation-building period have appeared in the settlement in the past few years.

And by teaching these methods, the status of Li in that settlement has also risen. Bai Qiuran heard Jiang Lan say that he had been close to the daughter of the tribe leader recently, and it was estimated that they would eventually get together.

Moreover, the talented Li was even ahead of everyone. Through the years of cultivation, he seems to have come to the end of the Foundation Establishment stage.

Therefore, Bai Qiuran took advantage of Jiang Lan’s return to the hut to collect materials to call Li out, ready to guide him to understand the Golden Core stage.

The place was still in the same place. After a while, he immediately came to the pool, but this time, he was still riding a little monkey with a dim coat on his shoulder.

“Is this your pet?”

Seeing the monkey, Bai Qiuran joked.

“I went hunting a few days ago and saw this monkey being chased by a tiger. I killed the tiger, then took the little monkey back to the settlement and healed its injury with the herbs taught by Master’s wife. Then it just won’t leave.”

Li asked embarra.s.sedly:

“Master, can it listen to the lecture with me?”

“Of course.”

Bai Qiuran said in his heart that no one except you could understand his teaching method, so he greeted him standing up and said to him:

“Looking at the puddle.”

Without a word, Li immediately entered the state of listening, and Bai Qiuran began to manipulate the flowing water in the pool, using it to condense into a small ice bead in mid-air.

Seeing this scene, Li began to be stunned again, entering a state of enlightenment that made Bai Qiuran feel envious, jealous, and hateful.

But by now, he already became numb, so in the time of Li’s comprehension, he sat on the rock next to him, guarding Li’s safety.

The little monkey Li brought felt bored, so it ran to the bushes, picked up a few sticks, and played with itself.

After a while, Jiang Lan, who had finished taking things, also came here. Seeing Li standing by the water pool, she suddenly understood, and came to Bai Qiuran’s side gently, and sat down next to him.

The two of them did not make a sound tacitly, waiting for Li’s comprehension, but this time, after the sky was completely dark, Li successfully comprehended the Golden Core Stage.

“Master, I understand.”

He bowed to Bai Qiuran.

“Just get it.”

The talent of this disciple was terrifying, even far above his true disciple Tang Ruowei. Looking at his disciple, Bai Qiuran was both happy and upset at the same time, he waved:

“Get out, get out. It’s already dark, if you don’t go back, the people in the settlement are afraid that you were eaten by me.”

“Then I won’t bother Master and Master’s wife any longer.”

After bidding farewell, he took the tired monkey and returned to the settlement. With his current strength, he dared to walk back at night alone near the settlement.

Bai Qiuran and Jiang Lan kept watching him until he walked back to the settlement, then turned and walked towards the temple.

On the way, Jiang Lan asked:

“I heard that some time ago you went to find the Marshal of Western Army, and at the same time visited those human settlements in the West, how about it? Did you find the person you were looking for?”

Over the past few years, Bai Qiuran didn’t mean to hide it. As Jiang Lan, who was closest to him, naturally knew that he was looking for a certain human race.


Speaking of this topic, Bai Qiuran shook his head somewhat annoyed, and sighed:

“Still no clue.”

“Why are you so obsessed with finding that human?”

Jiang Lan hesitated for a moment, and finally plucked up the courage to ask:

“Is that human really that important to you?”

“Of course, he is not only important to me but also important to the human race.”

Bai Qiuran replied:

“The human race has two important existences. Perhaps I have found one. If I find the other, then the rise of the human race will be in sight. Moreover, he is also my savior, and I need him to guide me. ”

“Do you mean that one of them is Li?… This is too vague. Compared to him, I think you are more like the savior of the human race.”

Jiang Lan sighed:

“After all, what he has learned is what you taught directly and indirectly.”

“I can’t.”

Bai Qiuran shook his head and said:

“What I taught him was also what others taught me.”

“Well, just be happy on your own.”

Jiang Lan sighed:

“But you should have searched all the human races on the earth? I have helped you pay attention to the human races on the South Island, and there is no one you mentioned. So, I have one last clue left here.”

“What is it?”

“In the very east of the world, where the sun inhabits, there is an island in the shadows of the sacred tree Fusang. There may be some humans on it. You can try it.”

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