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Published at 12th of July 2019 03:23:53 PM Chapter 97

Chapter 97:  Conditions

It’d been three days since Lin Si Yao disappeared with whoever that Feng Court Master was .  Three whole days .  Si Luo had followed Xiao Xue to the mountain and searched, but there was no news .

Meanwhile, Si Tuo had woken up from his unconsciousness . Although he was still weak, he was no longer in danger .

“Sao’zi*, don’t worry . Si… A Yao will definitely come home safe and sound . ” 

*(嫂子/Sao’zi – sister-in-law)

Watching Su Shuilian timely wake up everyday to watch out from the main house building, Si Chong could not help but sigh as he walked forward to comfort her .  

“I know . He’ll be alright . ” Su Shuilian muttered her reply, but didn’t turn her head around . Both of her hands were caressing her belly . She got his two unborn kids here, how could he bear to not come home safe?

“Shifu . . . ”

Situ Yun worriedly approached Si Chong’s side . “It’s not okay if beautiful sister keeps up like that . Chun Lan said that when the doctor came and checked her, he said that when a pregnant woman is constantly in an anxious state, it would likely lead to premature labor . ”

Hearing him, Si Chong frowned but did not reply right away . After a while, he said slowly said, “Your Uncle Si Tuo is in a stable condition now . You stay and watch the house . I’m going to search the mountain . ” 

Situ Yun nodded . Except for this, there was no other ideas he could think of .

Right at this moment, Liang-momo screamed and ran from the outside to the house . “My Lady, Guye’s back! Guye’s back!” 

Su Shuilian had still been standing by the gates when she heard this . She hurried and picked up her dress while she supported her eight-month pregnant belly as she ran towards the front door . Her reaction was so fast, that it had left Si Chong and Situ Yun stunned and speechless .  

“Oh my, Young Lady, don’t rush, watch your body! Lady ~~! Chun Lan, right on time . Hurry, hurry, support her!” Liang-momo was frightened by Su Shuilian’s fast walking pace . However, since she had just ran into the house from the yard, she couldn’t run back fast enough to support her . Seeing that Chun Lan had just come out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup, Liang-momo called to her .  

“My Lady, slow down . ” Chun Lan immediately put the bowl of soup onto a long bench by the hallway and hurried forward to help Su Shuilian .  

“I’m okay . A Yao’s back!” Su Shuilian smiled, gesturing Chun Lan to support her so she could quickly make her way outside .  

“Be careful . ” A low, husky voice arose before she could walk out of the corridor . Then, she fell into a stable and warm embrace .  

Lin Si Yao hugged the pet.i.te woman in his embrace . He heard Liang-momo yell when he had just entered the yard . He was frightened that something could happen to her . He didn’t bother with Si Luo beside him, who seemed lacking in energy, so Lin Si Yao left him behind as he used his Qi to make several jumps to reach Su Shuilian .  

 “I’m home,” he stooped his head, softly muttering into her ear .  

“Don’t do it ever again! Leaving without a word! Do you know how much I was worried for you!” Su Shuilian tried to suppress her tears . She pouted and continuously hit Lin Si Yao’s chest . When she heard his quiet groan, Su Shuilian stopped her punches and opened his shirt to check .  

Indeed, there was a large, swollen area, right below his chest .

“What happened? You got hurt? I… and I just…” She choked on her words . She had pounded him several times with considerable force .  

“It’s okay . Just an external wound . But, darling… Are you sure you must check my body right in front of everybody?” Lin Si Yao gently smiled, wiping away the tears on her face as she was fl.u.s.tered, changing the subject completely .  

“You got such a bad wound and you still have the mood to joke!” Su Shuilian casted a glare . She turned around and pulled him into the house . She still had some drops of Jade Heart Immortal Essence . It would work with this wound . Forgive her soul that when Si Tuo was unconscious, she hadn’t wanted to use it . She was afraid something bad could happen to Lin Si Yao .  

She really wasn’t afraid of him! 

Si Luo had finally made his way into the courtyard . He stood in awe, sharing the same expression and thought as Si Chong and his disciple .  

Su Shuilian wasn’t afraid of Si Ling, who used to kill people as easy as butchering a chicken .  

That was why Si Ling was willing to stay in this remote and desolate village to become a farmer .  

But how about them? If they agreed to let go of the sword in their hands, would some women accept them as Su Shuilian had done?

 “I’m really okay . Don’t need to waste it . ” Lin Si Yao shook his head as he tried to stop Su Shuilian from smearing the last remaining drops of Jade Heart Immortal Essence on his bruise .

“Why would this be considered a waste?” Su Shuilian glared at him, as she continued to insist .

She could restrain herself from asking how he had endured during these days or why he got such a wound because she trusted him . She trusted him that he wouldn’t act rashly and disregard his safety; that would make him leave her and their two babies behind . However, seeing his body with many wounds, she couldn’t control her tears .  

“Shuilian… It’s all my fault…” He sighed, hugging the woman who was trying hard to bite her lips to stop her tears from rolling in front of him . He was really bad! He couldn’t protect the house they had built with difficulty . He even bruised himself so badly, it made her heart ache .  

“It’s not your fault . It’s me who… is too useless…” Su Shuilian slowly said in a whimper, “Sometimes, I would think if you had a wife with your matching skills, maybe you would have lived a better life . ” She knew she was making trouble . But, during these three days, other than worrying, these were the leftover thoughts that had also lingered in her mind .

“No, never . I need only you . Don’t push me away . ” Lin Si Yao hugged her tighter . His heart ached too from her incoherent words . He knew she was really worried for him .  

“So, do not leave me behind . Even if I’m your burden, do not leave me behind . ” Su Shuilian looked at Lin Si Yao through her tears, attempting to use her tear to shake him . She must stop him from abandoning her and from doing dangerous things that make her worry .

Although she didn’t know where and what they had gone and done, when Si Chong had carried the unconscious Si Tuo to her house and her husband had gone missing for three days, no matter how slow Su Shuilian was, she understood that this time, he had done something dangerous .

 “Okay, I promise you . Don’t cry . Shush, pregnant women shouldn’t cry for too long . It’s not good for your body . ” Lin Si Yao continuously comforted the pet.i.te woman in his embrace until she leaned against him and drifted into her sleep . He knew she couldn’t have slept well these days . Today, as she finally saw him home, she could finally relax her tense nerves and drift off .  

He, carefully hugging her, placed her on the bed . That havoc couldn’t break this big bed . Besides some little worn-out edges, this bed was still really st.u.r.dy .  

Putting away the wisteria bottle gourd that contained the Jade Heart Immortal Essence on the table, he closed the door and left the bedroom .  

Feng Qing Ya was dead . He needed to talk to Si Tuo and the others about the Feng Yao Court’s new master . Actually, he could just ignore it . However, Feng Yao Court was built with the sweat and blood of the old Court Master . It shouldn’t be destroyed just like this .

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