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Coldness flashed in Chu Han's eyes. Hu Menghan had killed Professor Cao in his previous life, but Wei An had killed his brother a day earlier. If Hu Menghan knew about that, he would become dead set on taking revenge. Chu Han was destined to get in Hu Menghan's path in this life.

The two researchers came back to the lab and looked around with strange expressions.


"Let's go in and check."

To be a.s.sured, the two researchers approached a black common-looking door in the far end, which seemed to be a little damaged. When they opened it, a small room with cleaning products appeared, but they pressed a b.u.t.ton, and the wall moved, revealing another door with a pa.s.sword lock.

Chu Han became dejected as soon as he saw another pa.s.sword lock. It looked like the most important place in the entire lab. As Chu Han had no time to think, he hurried to look through the cabinet's gap. He held his breathing while looking at the two people's actions.

After several beeps, the door was opened, and a different scene from the outside appeared. The lab where the three of them were was simple and dirty. There was even dust on some of the tables as if they had not been used for a long time, but the room behind the hidden door was clean and bright white.

After they entered, the door automatically closed. Chu Han was dispirited as the two researchers had been standing right in front of the lock. He could only infer parts of the pa.s.sword based on their hands' movements. The situation was really troublesome as the second pa.s.sword was not as simple as the first one was.

What secrets lied behind the second door?

Chu Han tried hard to imprint and remember every action of those two. Time pa.s.sed by quickly and after five minutes the door was opened again, and they walked out of it.

"There was n.o.body. It's so strange."

"Everything is normal. We should go and eat now."

They walked out leisurely and thought they had been over-thinking.

Chu Han waited for 10 minutes to make sure that they were gone before getting out of the cabinet. He frowned and then headed to the hidden door. He pressed the b.u.t.ton and looked at the pa.s.sword panel.

There should be some kind of secret behind the Inst.i.tution and some clues connecting it with the Headquarters. What was of great importance to Chu Han was to ensure that the important doc.u.ments, such as the personnel's information, were there, so the possibility of finding his parents would be increased.

However, there was no way he could guess the code. While Chu Han was racking his brain, he felt something pulling his pants. He glanced fiercely at the ground, and if looks could kill, then w.a.n.gcai would have died hundreds of times already.

However, w.a.n.gcai was not intimidated by Chu Han's fierce gaze and kept pulling his pants with bright eyes. Its white fur was covered in dust, and it looked as if somebody had used it as a mop to sweep the floor.

Chu Han was momentarily stunned, and as if an idea had struck him, he picked the rabbit up and moved it to the lock.

Without further delay, w.a.n.gcai pressed the b.u.t.tons on the lock. It had long realized that it was useless to try to bargain with Chu Han, so it just focused on helping him in exchange for some meat.

Chu Han's eyes shined every time w.a.n.gcai pressed a b.u.t.ton. He had wondered why w.a.n.gcai had been so quiet all this time while he was in the cabinet. The crafty fellow had found a good vantage point and noted down the lock's pa.s.sword!

'Good boy, w.a.n.gcai!'

Finally, the door opened, but Chu Han suppressed his excitement. For the first time, Chu Han treated w.a.n.gcai in a civilized manner and patted it to remove the dust from its fur before placing it back into his pocket.

The two researchers were still talking with each other on their way to get food. Every time they met hybrids, the latter showed them respect by bowing. The researchers' position was high, so they could discuss freely.

"How many people died yesterday?"

"At least 10 people. If we had known it earlier, we would have sent them to the butcher."

"So many people died in one day? Is our approach wrong?"

"They were too weak. Is Yuan Xiye still alive?"

"Yes, she is a special one. She was supposed to be picked by the military, but they did something to make her stay. However, her willpower is so tenacious, that we may succeed."

While their voices were getting further away, Ding Siyao, who was hiding in the upper ventilation, was about to have a heart attack. He lab's direction with narrowed pupils.

'Yuan Xiye? Isn't she the one I am looking for?'

He jumped down and rushed to the lab as fast as he could. At the same time, he had become very worried as he got a lot of clues from their earlier conversation. Everything showed that Yuan Xiye was in grave danger!

Chu Han's boots left footprints on the white floor after entering through the second door. Behind the door was a corridor, with beautiful cubicles made of gla.s.s in both sides. Both the corridor and the walls behind the gla.s.s cubicles were so white, which could turn one crazy.

Other than a chair, there was no furniture inside each cubicle. And on each chair, one person of varying ages and genders was sitting. However, half of them were dead. Chu Han got in a room with a dead boy and noticed dark red bloodstains on the floor. However, it was a weird dark red, which didn't resemble the blood flowing in humans or zombies' veins. 

Chu Han had a bad feeling and looked outside the room. The boy's name had yet to be erased. The other rooms also had names outside, while others were empty as if someone had cleaned them for the next person.

This study was an experiment in which humans were the test subjects!

When Chu Han reached the corridor's end, he stopped moving. His eyes were narrowed, and it was if a boulder was weighing on his heart. He had reached the last room, which was different from the others.

There was only one name, with three lines next to it. Chu Han did not know what those lines stood for, but he was familiar with the name on the door, Yuan Xiye. His mother was there!

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