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Chu Han and Ding Siyao landed from the ventilation system on the floor. They were no longer underground, and the corridor outside of the room they were in was empty.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with me?" Ding Siyao a.s.sembled his sniper rifle and held it tightly. He asked him one last time since he thought it was weird. It would be hard for the two of them to hide when taking action, but their safety would be increased a lot.

"No," Chu Han kept his voice down and tried to pinpoint where they were according to the drawing Jiang Tianqing had given him. "We have different targets."

"Okay, good luck." Ding Siyao did not try to persuade him. He thought that Chu Han's chances to find his parents were slim, and he didn't even know how the woman he had to save looked like. Chen Xing was so large that he didn't know where to start from.

"You too," Chu Han said and headed to where he needed.

Ding Siyao frowned when seeing which direction Chu Han had chosen. He was confused as to why he went that way because the lab was in that direction. Ding Siyao did not know why there was a lab in a biology zoo, but the drawing should be correct.

Chu Han controlled his breathing and rushed to the huge and dangerous building quietly. Chu Han's choice to go first to the lab was reasonable as someone from his previous life, who was familiar with Anluo City, had come into his mind.

Although Chu Han was from Anluo, he had never expected for a secret lab to be within Chen Xing.

Other than the 50 people who had arrived today, whoever was coming to Chen Xing would be marked. His parents should be no exception. The place with everyone's information and genetic markers should be the lab.

As for Ding Siyao, Chu Han did not want to be involved with him, even though he may be looking for an important person. Hence, they had to separate. Chu Han wanted to get his parents out of the building, if they were still alive, instead of being involved in a battle.

Humans were selfish, and so Chu Han was.

At the same time, Chu Han had done the worst planning. His parents were common people, and they may have received the same treatment as the 50 people. What he did not know was whether his parents had eaten the food or not.

Chu Han's eyes betrayed his hesitation as he did not know what he should do if they had eaten the food…

Chu Han evaded a group of black-robed people, who seemed to be on patrol. They were all phase-1 hybrids, but they should have only recently been changed. They were covered tightly even though they were inside the building. Could his parents be amongst that patrol team?

Chu Han forced a smile and stopped thinking that much. After the last lot of black-robed patrolmen left, Chu Han reached the end of the corridor. There were no doors but a row of wooden cabinet leaning on the wall. The wooden cabinet looked like a wardrobe, so it was reasonable to be there. Chu Han opened the cabinet, but there were no clothes as one would have expected.

There was a long snow white corridor in front of him. The cabinet was merely covering that path. Chu Han had looked at the drawing of Chen Xing, so he knew that the lab was behind it. He got in and closed the door carefully, so everything was nothing but normal.

Turning around, he found a mechanical door at the end of the snow white path. It was a high-ended design, and there was a six-digit-code lock.

Looking at the lock, Chu Han frowned since he did not know the pa.s.sword.

Time was pa.s.sing, and Chu Han had become so anxious that he had started to sweat. According to the design of the drawing, it should be the only one entrance to the lab. The ventilation of the lab was not connected with other rooms, and they were separate. Besides, it was marked in the drawing that the ventilation was not big enough for an adult to fit in.

While Chu Han was anxious, footsteps sounded from behind the locked door. Chu Han narrowed his eyes. There was no place to hide, and a vast number of hybrids would come to beat him if he were to be found. He didn't want to fight before finding his parents.

Chu Han could hear two people talking to each other, and they were getting closer.

"Do you know why Hu Menghan was so willing to become Cao Chunhui's a.s.sistant? He is a capable man, and he is in charge in most of the research studies."

"Cao Chunyuan is the preceding over everything! Rumor has it that Hu Menghan has a brother in Anluo. Why hasn't he gone out to meet up with his brother? It's been a long time since the apocalypse's outburst."

"How can he leave? Everyone who knows about the lab has been detained and can't leave the lab. They can only go out to eat and drink."

Chu Han could hear the two voices coming to a stop and the sound of pressing b.u.t.tons. He glued himself to the wall and waited for the door to open. Two people, who were wearing white lab coats, clean gloves, and protective masks, walked out of the door. The moment they walked out, Chu Han activated his speed to the max and sneaked into the lab. Meanwhile, beads of sweat fell to the ground from his nose.

The two people were startled as they hadn't heard the door closing. When they turned, they saw it semi-open.

"Did you forget to close the door?"

"No. Did anyone come here?"

"Impossible. The pa.s.sword is exclusive to researchers. Not even those bast*rds know it!"

"Hmm… Let's go and check."

Chu Han had already reached the lab, which looked very common. There were all kinds of experimental equipment on the desks and several closed doors in the far place.

Chu Han hid in a cabinet in the room when he heard the two researchers coming again. Chu Han saw the pa.s.sword this time as the researchers were using it lock the door and he sighed. Unexpectedly, he knew the pa.s.sword all too well.

Two names of critical people in the later world had been mentioned, Hu Menghan and Cao Chunhui.

In Chu Han's previous life, five years after the apocalypse, Cao Chunhui's fame had been spread far and wide as a great scientist. He had been the one who had come up with the Meltdown Theory, but he had been killed by his a.s.sistant, Hu Menghan before it was released to the public. Hu Menghan had stolen Cao Chunhui's research and published it under his name.

The six-digit pa.s.sword was really simple. It was the date of the Inst.i.tution's establishment and when the disaster struck, 150704.

Chu Han was surprised when he thought about Hu Menghan, as the scientists had mentioned earlier about him having a brother. Could his brother be Hu Menghao!?

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