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Chapter 1954: Not A Kind Person

Mo Fei played games while Qian Yikun watched television. No one spoke to each other. The only sounds in the room were the international news channel reporting the latest news.

After Mo Fei finished one round of games, Qian Yikun had yet to finish watching the news. Mo Fei’s ankle was completely warmed up by Qian Yikun. He even held the soles of her feet in his palms.

Mo Fei had always had a cold const.i.tution. He knew this since the first day they got together.

Mo Fei peered at the television. “Are you regretting coming back?”

“I don’t regret it. My parents are old, and I can’t stay outside forever,” Qian Yikun said with his gaze still on the television.

“Tsk, you’ve been trying to hunt me down for so many years. Now that you’re not doing that anymore, your target has returned.” Mo Fei looked at him with disdain.

Qian Yikun retracted his gaze from the television and looked at Mo Fei. “I call it ‘arrested and brought to justice.'”

It was a completely different concept to hunting her down.

“It’s all the same.” In Mo Fei’s heart, she knew this was just their sanctimonious way of saying things. As she spoke, she suddenly leaned over and grabbed Qian Yikun’s collar. “Why not ‘apprehended and brought to justice?'”

Qian Yikun raised his eyebrows and looked at the gleeful woman. “At least, by tying you to my side, I’ve protected the world.”

Mo Fei rolled her eyes as she raised her feet to kick him in the chest. “Oh, dear. It sounds like you’ve been wronged. You’re sacrificing yourself for everyone’s sake here, aren’t you?”

Qian YiKun held her legs and placed them on his chest, where his heart was. “It’s good that you know.”

“Tsk.” Mo Fei retracted her feet and bent down to put on her slippers. “No, wait. You lost my shoes. How am I supposed to go back later?”

“Don’t wear such high heels in the future.” Qian Yikun felt a headache rising whenever he thought of those shoes.

“What does a male chauvinist like you know?” Mo Fei said with disgust. She dragged her slippers to the kitchen. “I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?”

Qian Yikun followed her to the kitchen. The fridge was utterly empty. It seemed like there was nothing to eat.

Mo Fei leaned against the fridge as she stared at Qian Yikun. “Are you planning to starve me to death?”

Qian Yikun placed one hand on the fridge and looked at Mo Fei with mirth twinkling in his eyes. “I wish. Even with so many starving people in Africa, you won’t starve to death.”

“I have what people call the ability to withstand oppression. How can someone like you understand?” Mo Fei pushed his hand away and returned to the living room. “Go buy me some food. I have to return to the Ding family later.”

Qian Yikun took his phone and ordered dinner. “What do you plan to do?”

“My dad’s seal is in my hands. There’s no way Ding Jiaqi can get her hands on it. If she can’t get it, Ding Junchi will definitely go to my house to steal it tomorrow. I’ve installed surveillance cameras in my dad’s study,” Mo Fei said proudly.

Qian Yikun, “…”

“How can you be so sure that he will go?”

Mo Fei thought for a moment before turning around to look at Qian Yikun. “He gambles and needs money. The only thing he can do now is to transfer money from the Ding Enterprise’s finance department. If he wants to transfer money, he must have the company seal.”

Qian Yikun listened to Mo Fei’s words. Her tone made it seem as if she was the mastermind of this matter.

This was the real Mo Fei he knew.

However, seeing her like this gave rise to a feeling of disappointment in himself.

Humans were such complicated creatures.

“What happens after we capture Ding Junchi?” Qian Yikun was confused as to what Mo Fei was trying to do.

“After that, the game starts.” Mo Fei returned to her seat on the sofa and waved the remote control in her hand. “I remember someone telling me that the higher you climb—the more gleeful you’ve become—the more painful it is to fall.”

Admittedly, Mo Fei was never a kind person.

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