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Chapter 1882: Your Elder Brother Will Avenge You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ding Jiaqi glared at him. “Are you scolding me too?”

Zhao Fangyu looked at Ding Jiaqi with a sneer. “I’m not scolding you. I’m just reminding you of one thing—Mo Fei is Mrs. Gu’s good friend. If you still want to obtain some benefits from Second Uncle, you’d better not offend Mo Fei. Otherwise, you won’t get anything.”

“The Ding family will belong to us sooner or later,” Ding Jiaqi hissed while gritting her teeth.

“What did you say?” Zhao Fangyu looked at Ding Jiaqi in confusion.

“It’s none of your business,” Ding Jiaqi replied and turned to leave.

Zhao Fangyu looked at Ding Jiaqi’s departing figure with his narrow eyes and did not speak for a long time.

After the interview, Ding Junqi still had to rush back to the publicity team, but before he could board the plane, the photo of him holding onto Xin Ya’s wrist was posted.

This time, it was about Xin Ya’s past that got dug out. Unfortunately, the news was deleted within a minute.

News about Xin Ya disappeared faster than it appeared.

However, unflattering news about Ding Junqi continued to exist.

When Ding Junqi returned to the publicity team, even the director was watching him carefully.

Ding Junqi returned to his room in frustration. He did not even go to see Le Tian and Ding Yuejia.

He knew there was someone behind all these, but he had not caught that person yet.

Meanwhile, at the Ding family house.

When Mo Fei drove home, the atmosphere in the living room started to get weird.

Mo Fei twirled the car key in her hand and suddenly exerted a little more force. The car key flew out of her hand and whizzed past Ding Jiaqi’s ear before landing on the table.

“Argh!” Ding Jiaqi was frightened. She immediately jumped up and covered her slightly burning ear. She rushed to Madame Ding’s side. “Grandma—”

“What are you doing?” Madame Ding glared at Mo Fei angrily, a little out of breath.

Mo Fei exclaimed sarcastically, “Oh, someone’s here, I see. I didn’t see you just now. Besides, it didn’t hit you, right? Why are you being so dramatic?”

“Feifei,” Ding Haonan said in a low voice. He was not blaming her; it sounded like he was simply calling out her name.

Ding Junhui sat on the sofa and continued to read his magazine. “Jiaqi, I’m not trying to lecture you, but you’re not a child anymore. Don’t get so easily fl.u.s.tered. Take a look for yourself. Are you hurt?”

Ding Jiaqi touched her ears. Except for the slight heat just now, she was really not hurt.

However, she was truly in shock.

Mo Fei sneered and sat down beside Ding Junhui.

Grandma Ding knocked her walking stick on the ground. “Is this something that you should be throwing around? It didn’t hit anyone this time but what if it hit someone?”

Then, let it hit that person—

Mo Fei sneered internally. She would be even happier if the keys. .h.i.t Ding Jiaqi.

“Grandma, Cousin Fei must be careless, that’s all. I’m the one who’s stirring up trouble over nothing,” Ding Jiaqi said with a grievance.

“Look, this is their differences. My second son, look at your daughter. Then, look at Jiaqi. A woman who hasn’t been educated by her parents for a long time is wild.” Madame Ding looked at Mo Fei in a despicable manner.

Mo Fei was angered. Ding Junhui grabbed her wrist immediately and put down the newspaper in his hand. “Grandma, Jiaqi has a good upbringing indeed. She ran over to Gu Enterprise’s press conference to question Gu Juexi. I wonder who brought her up this way?”

Ding Junhui’s words were sharp. He held Mo Fei’s wrist tightly and whispered into her ear, “Your elder brother will avenge you.”

It was because of this sentence that Mo Fei stopped dead in her attempt to break free from Ding Junhui’s grip.

Even redness started to blossom involuntarily around the rims of her eyes.

[Your elder brother will avenge you.]

[Mo Fei, sometimes, you have to learn to rely on others.]

[See, sometimes there’s no need to resort to violence to resolve things.]

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