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Chapter 1844: Determined

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mo Fei simply could not imagine that there was such a cowardly person in this world.

This extremely cowardly person was none other than her father.

Making them father and daughter was the biggest joke in the world.

Qian Yikun only contacted Mo Fei after he returned to the police station.

Jailer: [Don’t quarrel with your father. It’s not wrong to be filial.]

Queen Fei: [Ha, that’s called foolish filial piety.]

Jailer: [Your mother is the only person in this world that you cannot disobey.]

Queen Fei: [That depends on what kind of mother we’re talking about. Do you think that old thing is qualified to be a mother?]

Jailer: […]

Queen Fei: [It’s because of you sanctimonious hypocrites that those old women feel fearless to do whatever they want just because they’re mothers.]

Jailer: [You’re being too extreme.]

Queen Fei: [I’m simply telling the truth.]

After she finished typing, Mo Fei threw her phone on the bed angrily.

Knock knock knock knock—

Before Mo Fei had time to open her mouth, someone pushed the door open. “Feifei, can Mommy come in?”

Mo Fei sat up. Mrs. Ding had already brought some milk in.

Mrs. Ding placed the milk on Mo Fei’s bedside table. “Are you very disappointed in our family?”

“Yes.” Mo Fei did not bother being subtle. She was really disappointed because she did not understand why they would be so accommodating to those people.

That was because the concept of accommodation did not exist in her world.

Mrs. Ding smiled helplessly and reached out to hold Mo Fei’s wrist. “I know that you’ve been suffering after coming back.”

“It’s not that I’m the one feeling aggrieved. Look at what my father has been forced to do!” Mo Fei hissed angrily.

“Your father has his reasons too. After all—”

“I don’t know what kind of difficulties will make him lose the right to protect his wife and children.” Before Mrs. Ding could finish, Mo Fei interrupted her. “Mom, I’ll tell you this today. If you and Dad can’t stand it anymore, then go on a holiday and turn off your phone so that no one can find you. As for our things that they’ve taken from us, I’ll make them return those things the same way they took them.” As Mo Fei said that, her eyes were spewing hatred.

Tonight, she had initially planned to let go of her grudge against these families, but these people obviously did not want to live a peaceful life, so she, Mo Fei, would play with them.

Mrs. Ding wanted to say something, but in the end, she only tightened her grip on Mo Fei’s wrist briefly before standing up. “Have some milk and rest early. As your mom, I’m sorry.”

Her daughter called her Mom, but she could not afford to be happy.

Just as Qian Yikun said, she was used to being unrestrained. She was used to the world being either black or white. However, she still stayed for their sake.

As her mother, she could not provide her with a happy environment.

After Mrs. Ding left, Mo Fei glanced at the milk on the table and felt even more annoyed.

All these interpersonal relationships were the most annoying.

She really did not understand. What kind of difficulties would make a man mistreat his wife and child?

Queen Fei: [Once again, I’m pretty sure that my father isn’t that old woman’s biological son.]

Jailer: [Why?]

Queen Fei: [This is the most unreasonable old woman I have ever met.]

Jailer: [Go sleep. I’ll get Mu Dong to prepare for the reception. I’ll tell you the procedure then.

Queen Fei: [No need, I’ll do it myself.]

Jailer: […]

Jailer: [I think this is as bad as your decision to take over the company.]

Queen Fei: [Get lost, kneel and be dismissed.]

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