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Chapter 1828: Anger With Nowhere To Vent

Mo Fei smiled happily. The anger that she felt originally had been dispelled by Qian Yikun’s presence. As a reward, she hugged Qian Yikun’s face and kissed him hard. “I’m going home.”

“I just came back,” Qian Yikun whined as he pulled her back into his arms. “Stay with me until after midnight. We’ll countdown together.”


Qian Yikun suddenly had the urge to get off the car and kill his future brother-in-law.

Mo Fei’s smile widened further. After exchanging a pa.s.sionate kiss with Qian Yikun, she simply pushed him away and got off the car.

Trails of her fragrance remained in his arms, but the beautiful woman had already left.

Qian Yikun leaned back in his chair and ma.s.saged his forehead. However, he did not leave immediately.

Mo Fei went back with Ding Junhui to find Ding Haonan currently sitting in the living room. Mrs. Ding waved at them when she saw them come in. The Spring Festival Gala was airing on the television, but no one was watching it.

“It’s late. You two should go and rest early,” Mrs. Ding said gently.

Mo Fei had always had a horrible temper. Mrs. Ding’s request for them to rest was impossible for her to fulfill now.

“I don’t understand. You’ve already been bullied to this extent, so why are you still holding back? They don’t even treat you like family,” Mo Fei growled.

She said it because she cared; because she cared, she could not sit by and do nothing.

“That’s your grandmother,” Ding Haonan said in a helpless tone.

“But she doesn’t treat you like her son.”

After hearing Mo Fei say that, Ding Haonan sank into the sofa in disappointment. He could never get angry at Mo Fei, and she was right too.

“She’s still your grandmother no matter what,” Ding Haonan said. He held his head with both hands as if he were in pain. “I’m useless. I can’t protect all three of you and your mother.”

“Haonan.” Mrs. Ding sat beside Mr. Ding and placed her hand gently on his shoulder.

Everyone knew that Ding Haonan’s business was doing well, but he had never been able to achieve what the Qian family and the Gu family had. It was all because of the locusts in his family who kept sucking blood from Ding Haonan’s family.

“Do you really think that they’ll be grateful just because you keep compromising? People with no conscience will never know what grat.i.tude is. Even if they drain all your blood, they’ll still think that you’re not doing your best. This is human nature.” Disappointed at her father’s refusal to take action, Mo Fei turned around immediately and went upstairs.

From today onward, she would not let anyone take a single cent from this house.

She was not Ding Haonan. This family did not owe her anything, so no one could play the sentimental card with her.

After heaving a deep sigh, Ding Junhui went upstairs with Mo Fei.

Mo Fei returned to her room and swept all the skincare products on the table onto the floor. She was very unhappy that she could not kill anyone right now.

Ding Junhui closed the door behind him and entered the room. He sat down at the edge of Mo Fei’s bed and looked at Mo Fei, who was currently standing with one hand on her waist angrily.

“Don’t you think it’s weird? Why do I have to be a teacher and Big Brother has to act for a living when the Ding family runs a business?” Ding Junhui asked. When Mo Fei returned his gaze, he added, “It’s because Dad doesn’t want the company to continue running, and he doesn’t want us to inherit the company because he doesn’t wish for us to keep having our blood drained.”

“So? Are you saying that we should be thankful to him?” Mo Fei sneered, not understanding Ding Haonan’s logic. “Do you honestly think that the old hag is merely biased?”

Ding Junhui shook his head. Of course not.

If this was the golden standard of biasedness, then there would be very few parents who were considered biased in this world.

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