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Chapter 1520: That Woman’s Love for Money is on a Whole New Level

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Someone answered the door almost immediately after Wen Shan knocked on it.

Ding Junhui avoided looking at Nalan Chunbo who stood behind Wen Shan, seeming intimidated by the sight of him.

It took a while for Ding Junhui to invite the two visitors in.

Wen Shan thanked Ding Junhui and entered his house with Nalan Chunbo.

Ding Junhui switched off his TV. He had actually been watching the TV before the visitors dropped by.

“Please take a seat,” Ding Junhui said as he went to the kitchen to get two gla.s.ses of water for them. “I’ve run out of tea leaves, so I can only serve you plain water.”

“I’ll save you the trouble,” Wen Shan quickly said, “Teacher Ding, we want to ask you something.”

Ding Junhui placed the gla.s.ses of water on the table in front of Wen Shan and Nalan Chunbo before sitting on the other sofa. “What is it?”

Wen Shan turned to look at Nalan Chunbo, who nodded encouragingly. Wen Shan took a deep breath before turning to look at Ding Junhui again. “Teacher Ding, may I know if you’ve met the mother of Mr. Ding’s son before?”

Ding Junhui hesitated. He seemed taken aback by Wen Shan’s random question. At last, he shook his head and said, “No, I don’t know her.”

“Are you sure you’ve never met her before?” Wen Shan’s anxiousness could spur suspicion in others.

“I’ve only heard about her. My elder brother said that Yuejia’s mother pa.s.sed away when Yuejia was one. After that, my brother took Yuejia with him,” Ding Junhui explained. “Why the sudden question?”

“Do you have photos of Yuejia when he was little?” Wen Shan asked instead.

Ding Junhui tried to recall, then told Wen Shan to wait for him as he went to take his cell phone.

He had many photos of Ding Yuejia when he was little. He looked like a doll, with big eyes and fair skin.

Wen Shan hastily grabbed Ding Junhui’s phone. Her heart clenched at the familiar sight, and she eventually lifted her head to look at Ding Junhui.

The little boy really looked so much like her when she was little.

Seeing Wen Shan on the verge of tearing up, Nalan Chunbo stroked Wen Shan’s head to comfort her.

Nalan Chunbo then turned to face Ding Junhui. “Teacher Ding, can I presume that your brother knows who Yuejia’s mother is?”

Ding Junhui’s curiosity grew but he replied honestly, “Perhaps he does, because whenever Yuejia’s mother is mentioned, he goes into a bad mood.”

“Perhaps?” Nalan Chunbo wanted to make sure.

“Yes. Frankly speaking, we aren’t too sure about it either. Sometimes I really believe that my brother is unsure himself. He always referred to that woman as a money-lover but he seemed uncertain about it.”

1“A money-lover?” As soon as she heard those words, Wen Shan felt relieved. That description did not fit her at all.

Wen Shan’s reaction made Nalan Chunbo chuckle. Wen Shan was not a money-lover at all because she did not even feel that she had lost something when she spent so much on chasing Nalan Chunbo.

Therefore, it was clear that Yuejia’s mother had nothing to do with Wen Shan.

But how did one connect the dots about Yuejia and Wen Shan’s resemblance?

“My elder brother told me that. I’ve also asked him about Yuejia’s mother but he said that he had already forgotten about it except for the fact that the woman loved money.”

“Perhaps my brother and the woman were involved in a car accident in which the woman pa.s.sed away but my brother and Yuejia survived. However, my brother doesn’t remember who she was,” Ding Junhui said confidently.

That statement confused Wen Shan and Nalan Chunbo even more.

The photos became a mystery to them.

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