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Qin Fen walked away, leaving Squad Leader Hao sitting stunned on the ship's railing. A few other squad leaders, who had heard the conversation, arrived to the ship's railing with the same faces of shock.

"Ol' squad leader, did you reveal your meteor level strength in front of him before?"

"Could it be that he's someone of great influence? Did he have someone investigate ahead of time?"

"In any case, it's impossible for someone of three-star strength to see through a meteor level expert when the meteor level expert is deliberately hiding their strength, right?"

A few squad leaders talked, spitting out a sentence each. Squad Leader Hao pensively looked at Qin Fen leave. The gait of a martial artist always revealed the nature and characteristics of their martial arts, albeit faintly. It was easy for an expert to be able to see through a lower level martial artist with a single glance, but Qin Fen gave him a feeling of every martial art and no martial art at the same time. 

A chaotic mess! The feeling was truly a chaotic mess!

Qin Fen returned to the sleeping quarters of Second Squad, First Platoon, Third Company, Second Battalion. Du Peng had lied down in bed early on, wearing a wireless battle network helmet. He was logged on to the Sky Martial Battle Network.

Du Peng had it good. The other six were in worser states. Squad Leader Hao had exhausted them of all their physical energy and internal energy before defeating them. Then they had to go through the first option of training.

Compared to the recruits of the other squads, the recruits of Second Squad, First Platoon, Third Company, Second Battalion that challenged their squad leader could be said to be the most tired of recruits for the day.

The six people lay in different beds, quietly recovering their strength. There were training subjects at night, but the night-time training program didn't need to be done on deck. They could be done lying in bed.

Qin Fen had a lower bed of a bunk. It should have been empty, but the hundred and ninety centimeter Deng Biao was lying in it. The muscles underneath his vest gave off a feeling of explosive strength.

Qin Fen checked the military card number of the bed once more and whispered to Deng Biao, who was reading the newspaper, "Excuse me, this is my bed."

"What did you say?"

Deng Biao's voice, filled with provocation and menace, came resonating from behind the newspaper.

The other recruits laying in bed resting opened their eyes one by one. They looked at Qin Fen, who stood by the bedside, with eyes full of interest. They wanted to know how this coward, who didn't even dare to challenge their commanding officer, would deal with the recruit with the most muscular body in the squad. Deng Biao appeared to be the strongest among them.

"Your bed's the top one." Qin Fen revealed a smile in good faith, "This bed is a.s.signed to me."

Then footsteps clattered like rain!

Deng Biao tossed the newspaper in his hands aside and glared while still lying in the bed. The anger from being fixed up by Squad Leader Hao in the day came shooting out of his eyes in an ominous glow, "Boss Deng is tired. I'm sleeping on this bed tonight. f.u.c.k off into the upper bunk if you want to rest!"

Boss Deng? f.u.c.k off? Qin Fen furrowed his brow. Lin Liqiang words from when they were drinking played back in his mind.

"I say, Old Qin. I heard that their a soldiers in the army that specifically bully the softies. When you're there, stand firm when you need to stand firm. Otherwise, you'll be bullied to death."

"What? You got a problem?" Deng Biao sat up, the muscles of his chest pulsating slightly.

Qin Fen smiled. He didn't expect Lin Liqiang's words to be such an omen of things to come. What he said really came true.

Deng Biao felt the scorn within Qin Fen's smile, so he jumped out of the bed. With a shake of his shoulders, his arms were lifted up in an attempt to grab Qin Fen. He would teach this coward a lesson and let him know who was the boss of the sleeping quarters.

The moment Deng Biao's muscles had pulsated, Qin Fen martial senses, which excelled normal levels, immediately detected his opponent's intentions and movements. And the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art rapidly circulated throughout his entire body.

Qin Fen didn't retreat. He approached instead. He pivoted with his ankle, driving him to bend at the waist. His body swayed countless times in an instant, as he dodged Deng Biao's arms with the Dragon Guard and entered the range of Deng Biao's chest. His palms turned over as he struck using the Shaolin Arhat Fist's Double Palm Push with coursing power!


Deng Biao flew sideways into the wall of the cabin.

Qin Fen didn't spare Deng Biao a single glance. He removed a single bed sheet from the bed, grabbed the bed sheet from the top bunk, and carefully spread it on the bed once more.

The few recruits who watched from the sidelines were all stupefied. The s.p.a.ce in the sleeping quarters of the naval vessel was quite narrow. It wasn't easy to evade in this situation, yet Qin Fen was able to do it with the Dragon Guard from the fitness exercise of fist forms. And he was able to dodge past Deng Biao's outstretched hands?

Qin Fen just hoped that he wouldn't encounter too much trouble in his future military life. He hoped to peacefully complete his military service. He should absolutely refrain from using methods that involved punishing an individual as an example to others, like killing the chicken to warn the monkey.

Deng Biao's back had crashed into the wall of the cabin the instant he felt his chest in pain. When the pain in his chest lessened, he straightened as he sought to get up and fight, but then he felt the searing pain in hist chest left behind by Qin Fen's two fists. The pain was akin to being pierced by thousands of steel needles. He couldn't spur any strength at all, leaving him to sit unmoving, drained of energy.

Defeated! Deng Biao looked at Qin Fen in a completely different light. Aside from shock, there was a hint of fear. The instantaneous fight made him think of the last attack from Squad Leader Hao that defeated him. He got the same feeling from it, a feeling that his opponent didn't use full strength.

Although Deng Biao hadn't used his full strength either, as he underestimated his opponent, he understood something very well. Even if his body had been at peak performance, he wouldn't be able to beat the recruit who was making the bed right now.

The pain in his chest calmed quite a bit, and Deng Biao stood and picked up the bed sheet that was tossed on the ground. He stood quite helplessly in front of Qin Fen by the bedside and gave a thumbs up, "You're awesome! Let's have a proper chat again once I finish practicing my martial art."

After spitting these words to save his dignity, Deng Biao reluctantly crawled atop the top bunk. The others, who were lively from watching, shut their mouths. They finally found out that Qin Fen wasn't a coward. Instead, he had seen through their squad leader's strength, and that's why he didn't challenge the squad leader.

Deng Biao wasn't a weakling. The excited recruits of Second Squad, First Platoon, Third Company, Second Battalion had concluded to themselves that they weren't his match. They weren't qualified to give Qin Fen the jump and challenge him.

After warming up his fists and legs, Qin Fen's inner desire to fight began to rise once more. He picked up the Sky Martial Battle Network helmet from the bedside, but then the loudspeaker of the sleeping quarters blared with the seasoned soldiers' voices.

"Pay attention everyone! Pay attention! Log out from the Sky Martial Battle Network or stop what you're doing with your hands in this instant! Do you see a different helmet by your bedside? It's red! Everyone put it on! Those who haven't logged into the program within sixty seconds will be stripped naked by me! I'll hang them on flagpole for the night!"

Qin Fen saw that Du Peng was still in the battle network. Qin Fen was just about to let him know the announcement when he saw that Du Peng had logged out from the Sky Martial Battle Network. Their gazes just so happen to lock.

Du Peng was confused for a moment, but he quickly understood Qin Fen's intentions. He was silent for a moment before he said, "Thanks."

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