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While the G.o.d of the Dimensional Realms is enjoying the scene below him, the members of Kahayag's party is in great disarray, except for the G.o.d of the Elemental realm.

For some reason, this being who is supposed to be the strongest creature of the entire Elemental Realm has never made a single move so far.

As if a stature, he have never made any significant effort at all. His eyes, on the other hand, revealed a certain kind of anxiety and fear as if he was just a normal human standing in front of a hungry wolf, ready to shred him into pieces.

On the other side, Sulog and Kahayag happen to have received great damage from the last friendly fire among them.

Perhaps they were dependent too much in the Great Seer Mhata's prediction that never in mind have ever crossed that she would make an unexpected mistake, especially that they are just a realm ahead to reaching their goals in creating a tunnel that will connect the Elemental Realm to the Realm of Darkness.

"So you finally decide to bite the hand that once saved you." 



A majestic Phoenix has suddenly surged out of the deep black water, it was Kahayag's true form.

The two fiery ruby eyes glowed with furious anger while its elegant flaming feathers beautifully decorated every angle of its body.

In an instant, two gigantic creatures, a Dragon and a Phoenix faced each other just above the pitch-black ocean that reflected their individual glorious body.

The Phoenix's body was extremely elegant and wide stretching as far as two hundred meters, while its fiery wings flapped slowly and elegantly bringing forth a mysterious kind of healing heat.

As a result, the rest of her Elemental company started to heal from their unintended injuries at an incredible rate while her enemies could feel the opposite. Slowly, the red fire that was burning the two feeble Eastern Dragons came back, making the two roar in their renewed agony.

Elric on the other hand cast his eyes to survey the surroundings. Suddenly, his eyes stopped at his grandma's unconscious body lying behind a certain dwarf with thick and long beard.

Smiling, Elric's aura suddenly burst out again together with an ear-shattering battle cry.


The moment that everyone heard his powerful howl, everyone felt like their strength has been suppressed and an uneasy feeling surged forcefully from their hearts. 


The Phoenix on the other side reacted with its own version of the powerful call, reinstating the calm mind and peak strength of the other elemental lords. 

Suddenly, Elric dived down towards the stone pedestal, where the two Eastern Dragons and his grandma's body were lying helplessly.

But just barely a second after Elric's move, the Phoenix followed in pursuit, leaving behind a trail of brilliant fire at the tips of its beautiful fiery tails.

"Now!" The Phoenix's voice echoed as she confirmed the signal everyone according to their agreed plan.

Suddenly appearing atop the floating stone pedestal, Huyop, the Lord of the Wind elemental realm suddenly appeared. His blonde hair swayed flawlessly as he swiftly summoned his own wind Elemental authority.

Elric, despite seeing his enemy, continued so soar down at a blurring speed. 

"It is finally my time to shine." Huyop excitedly said as he positioned his hands as if he was pulling an extremely heavy net from his back and swiping it towards Elric's direction.


A hundred meters away from the stone pedestal, Huyop suddenly unleashed an extremely powerful and wide-ranged wind attack towards Elric. It has the power of a compressed level five cyclone and channeling it towards a certain direction. 


The moment the wind blast made contact with Elric, he felt the full brunt of the wind Elemental Lord's attack.

Its power was the same as if a solid invisible hammer was smashed to his ma.s.sive Dragon body, instantly stopping him on his trail and even successfully pushing him back!

"How does it feel? Hahahaha!~" The loud laugh of the wind elemental Lord echoed as he watched how the shiny Dragon scales in Elric's body were painfully uprooted due to the overwhelming wind speed from the front. 

It was just too powerful that even his wings and skin have been torn apart from the unbelievable pressure!



Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Great Seer Mhata, on her Phoenix form, followed up with her own fire blast. From its wide-open beak, came a tornado-like red fire that countered Elric's momentum.


Elric struggled hard as he tried to hold on against the two elemental powers sandwiching him from opposite directions. Before him is a relentless blow of wind power that is strong enough to crush his body while an extremely destructive fire continued to melt him from behind.

"Keep it up! He shouldn't last long!" beckoned by the Great Seer Mhata. As much as she wanted to finish Elric for good, she was afraid that it would affect the overall direction of their plan.

What she needs to do is weaken Elric until he becomes unable to fight back, and even if he becomes the corrupted Ancestral Dragon, the G.o.d of the Elemental Realms is more than happy to devour him in one go - completing their agreement and getting the favorable position they were aiming at the first place!

A few more seconds pa.s.sed by and the Great Seer Mhata could feel Elric's energy finally weakening. 

"Its time!" a glint of excitement flashed in the Phoenix's ruby eyes as she communicated towards the black clouds above and the dark water from below.

"Ping and Sulog, prepare to do your follow up attacks. The time is ripe!"

"Yes." replied the voice coming from the black water below.

Krrugggh!~ a sound of ping's cloud that means he is ready.

"Do it in the next five seconds." the Phoenix instructed and the two immediately started counting, charging their powers and ready to execute.

However, suddenly Elric made an unexpected move that did not appear from the Great Seer Mhata's vision.

Elric's mouth opened and forcefully shot a small fireball towards the unmoving G.o.d of the Elemental Realm.


The fireball was very small but extremely fast. Before the G.o.d of the elemental realm could even react, the fire has already reached his face and made a minuscule explosion, making his head stagger for a while.

"You..." a cold and murderous voice came from the spectating G.o.d of the Elemental Realm.

There was no visible damage to his pure white skin but a wave of unseen boiling anger can be felt from his murderous gaze.

Seeing the reaction, Elric smirked haughtily and said,


As if lightning hit the phoenix's brain, a series of flashing vision instantly narrated in her own perspective. Quickly, her ruby eyes glowed in panic and turned her head towards the direction where the G.o.d of the Elemental Realm was standing.

"Wait! Dont!" 

Unfortunately for Mhata, the G.o.d of the Elemental Realm has already made his move.

"DIE!" shouted the G.o.d of the Elemental realm. Behind his raging eyes was a mountain of pent up anger that he has been depressing for a while now.

That word 'coward' was just the perfect word to describe his failure of taking control of the Elemental Realm.

Not long ago, right after he threw Elric to the Toray after almost succ.u.mbing to a humiliating defeat.

For hundreds of thousands of years, he was the proud and most powerful being of the Elemental Realm for being able to wield the power of the five elements. Under his power, every being of the elemental realm would bow down on his every request, including the Lords of the different Elemental planes.

Not until a couple of mysterious figures started to invade his realm. One of them is a being that was so powerful that is actually capable of subduing him.

Unfortunately, these beings choosed to remain in his realm and no matter how hard he tried to fight them and expel them out of the Elemental Realm, they were just always one step ahead of him.

Fortunately for him, they did not make any more hostile movements; and for him, as long as they don't interfere with the balance of the elemental realm, he would let them stay as long as they want. After all, he doesn't have the strength to back his authority anyway.

Nevertheless, those mysterious beings remained a thorn in his eyes and a threat to his authority, making him uneasy all the time.

Time pa.s.sed by and Elric suddenly appeared on the Elemental Realm, creating wars, making miracles,and ultimately tilting the balance which he greatly feared.

And just when the Dragon was about to go to the Earth Elemental Realm he chose to corner him and show him who's the real boss of this realm only to humiliate himself and resort to his cowardly methods.

And to make matters worst, the sudden revelation of the turncoat Elemental Lords that was led by the Great Seer Mhata under the backing of the mysterious figures with their aim so simple -they are trying to take over the Elemental Realm!

Now with the cap of his patience finally removed, a long white flashy sword beaming with incredible light formed on his hand and without hesitation made a wide range hack that resembled a crescent moon flashed towards Elric at an astonishing rate.

"Noooo!" the Phoenix screamed in fear.

Reflected in its eyes is the vision of the future - a future that was about to tilt the world upside down.

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