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As the sound of the Driftsnow Master’s voice faded, all of a sudden a strong wind arose as the skies changed color. An overwhelming sense of destructive pressure enveloped this entire s.p.a.ce.

From the air, an incomparably terrifying long lance appeared, penetrating through the void. This long lance shimmered with divine light and was 30,000 meters tall, containing boundless might. It directly pierced towards the Driftsnow Master like a bolt of tribulation lightning.

"Who?" The crowd felt their hearts shaking, there was actually an expert that made a move to deal with the Driftsnow Master?

The Driftsnow Master inclined his head as his palm blasted up in the air. His palm shimmered with boundless runic light and slammed into the lance directly, the impact causing parts of the lance to crack as it eventually shattered into pieces.

"In this age, your city no longer belongs to you. I will definitely kill Qin Wentian." A voice boomed throughout the skies, warring against the echoes of the Driftsnow Master’s earlier words. As the sound of the voice faded, a few silhouettes appeared outside the boundaries of the Driftsnow City. The man in the lead shone with an incomparable resplendent light, it was so dazzling that one wasn’t able to look at him directly. Also, the might that exuded from him caused people to feel a sense of wanting to grovel before him.

"An immortal king?" The Driftsnow Master mumbled. This expert was actually a character at the Immortal King Realm, and possessed shocking strength.

"It’s the Jiang Clan’s immortal king, Jiang Zhuqing!" Someone in the crowd recognized this man. The immortal king from the Jiang Clan had actually arrived, but this was only to be expected. Jiang Yi, the person who was killed earlier was actually Jiang Zhuqing’s son. He must have informed Jiang Zhuqing when he encountered danger earlier, hence Jiang Zhuqing moved out personally. Given his cultivation base at the immortal-king realm, the time it took for him to travel from the Jiang Clan to the Driftsnow City, was less than the amount of time it took to end the battle.

"BOOM!" The Driftsnow Master stepped out, as scintillating light exuded from him, towering into the skies. Rumbling sounds thundered out continuously, and his 300,000 meter body expanded once more. He stretched out his hand, covering the skies and shooting forwards, as a monumental pressure descended on all those outside the city. To their horror, the experts outside found that they couldn’t resist at all. It was as though with but a single thought, the Driftsnow Master would be able to slay all of them.

This attack naturally was aimed at Jiang Zhuqing. Jiang Zhuqing’s expression changed drastically, what a powerful law energy. Even if it was him, he didn’t feel he could stand up to it. This Driftsnow Master was most a.s.suredly a superb expert before he died all those years ago.

"BOOM!" Boundless light erupted from him, incomparably sharp. Jiang Zhuqing’s figure moved, countless long lances pierced through the air as he himself retreated upwards with blinding speed. When the palm strike of the Driftsnow Master reached the area he was last in, he had already escaped the area of impact and was up in the air.

"Driftsnow Master, although you are powerful, you are nothing but a spirit body now. You can’t even leave this city without dying. And eventually, when you hand that body back to that young brat, that shall be the moment of both your deaths." Jiang Zhuqing coldly spoke, the killing intent in his eyes grew even more p.r.o.nounced. Before this, things were decided by Jiang Yi, he had no idea what was going on. Only when Jiang Yi ran into danger did he report everything to his father. To think that his mighty Jiang Clan would suffer such grievous losses going up against an ant-like existence like Qin Wentian.

"You sound really confident." The Driftsnow Master stared up in the air, speaking with cold arrogance.

"You can choose to hide within this city forever. But I don’t mind spending time waiting here." Jiang Zhuqing icily replied.

"If you dare say that again, I shall make you unable to forget this encounter all your life." The eyes of the Driftsnow Master flashed threateningly.

"So what if I say it again? I shall definitely take Qin Wentian’s life. And if I’m unable to acquire this city, I shall destroy it." Jiang Zhuqing stood in the air, proclaiming with absolute confidence.

The Driftsnow Master didn’t reply. He glanced once more at Jiang Zhuqing as the skies and earth started rumbling. He then turned to Pei Yu and asked her softly, "Do you know where the clan of this man is located at?"

"I’ve seen a map encompa.s.sing the locations of major powers of the Cloud Prefecture." Pei Yu nodded.

"Don’t block out my will, transmit your knowledge to me." The Driftsnow Master replied as a powerful strand of his immortal sense entered her sea of consciousness. Pei Yu closed her eyes and pa.s.sed on everything she knew to the Driftsnow Master.

An instant later, after the Driftsnow Master obtained the info, he glanced deeply at Pei Yu and spoke in a low voice, "After Qin Wentian awakens, tell him that this city is mobile."

As the sound of his voice faded away, the entire Driftsnow City started vibrating as terrifying sounds echoed from it. There was a kind of sensation as though the heavens and earth were breaking apart. The entire city with the circ.u.mference of 1,000 miles actually started moving, rising into the air.

The ancient Driftsnow City was mobile!

"Ba-thump!" The hearts of the crowd from afar pounded violently. They stared with fear and shock in their eyes at the Driftsnow City, watching as the city rose up into the air.

Only to see that currently, there was a pair of heaven-blotting wings below the city, resembling that of some incomparably gigantic avian species.

These wings were naturally formed by runic inscriptions. The crowd watched in amazement at the city rising through the air, the shock in their hearts was impossible to be described. The ancient city created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade wasn’t an immobile one!

"This city was forged and refined via the essence of my life. Whoever dares to damage this city, I will definitely make him regret it. Let me repeat my words once more. This city shall be inherited by Qin Wentian. Anyone who dares to covet it shall not be spared!" The booming voice of the Driftsnow Master resounded out. Countless streams of light radiated from the ancient city, converging into a ma.s.sive beam of energy that shot through s.p.a.ce with annihilative force and speed towards a certain location.

At the end of the light beam, the crowd saw a vast piece of land, saw other cities where numerous human silhouettes could be seen. They turned their heads and stared at the Driftsnow Master once more, feeling terror in their hearts.

"What is he planning to do?" The hearts of the crowd trembled.

Only to see the light energy beam as it continued shuttling through the air as though searching for its target. Finally, the end point was clear. The light beam was targeted at a majestic ancient city filled with a countless number of experts.

At this moment, everyone in the surroundings involuntarily turned their gazes back to the light beam as their bodies started to tremble intensely.

This was especially so for the Jiang Clan’s immortal king, Jiang Zhuqing. He glared harshly at the Driftsnow Master as he spoke, "What do you intend to do?"

"Didn’t I say this before? I shall make this an unforgettable experience for you." The eyes of the Driftsnow Master flickered with an incomparable sharpness. After which, he swiped out with his fingers as that light beam directly blasted a castle, instantly turning it into rubble. In the blink of an eye, the lives of the countless experts within were all snuffed out.


Jiang Zhuqing’s eyes turned red as his countenance became as pale as paper. Earlier, he was still arrogantly threatening the Driftsnow Master, wanting to destroy the city if he couldn’t acquire it. But now, he was actually trembling from fear of what just happened.

The location the light beam was targeted at, was none other than the location of his Jiang Clan!

The Driftsnow Master directly aimed for the nest of the Jiang Clan, destroying everything in a tyrannical manner.

"I was unwilling to be tainted by the sin of killing, yet you threatened me. Even though I might have already died, I won’t allow a junior to be so impudent in front of me." The voice of the Driftsnow Master was ice-cold. His swiped his hand through the air again as another beam of light blasted towards the Jiang Clan, creating an apocalypse for them. In just a short span of a few breaths of time, the entire Jiang Clan’s residence turned to dust. It was unknown how many experts had perished.

A supreme power of the Cloud Prefecture was knocked off their divine pesticidal just like this. In fact, their entire foundations have been completely ripped apart.

"This is the true Driftsnow City, the ancient city which was created and refined using the lives of the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade." The spectators stared at the weaponized city, the power of it was far stronger than what they imagined. When in the hands of Qin Wentian, he just couldn’t unleash its true power.

At this moment, the magnificence exuded by the Driftsnow Master made everyone clearly feel how imposing he was.

Jiang Zhuqing, the immortal king of the Jiang Clan threatened the Driftsnow Master? So what if I’m an ancient and have already pa.s.sed on? I would still make you regret your actions forever.

The calamitous event to his clan that happened in an instant, was already enough to make Jiang Zhuqing remember this lesson for life.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jiang Zhuqing roared with madness. Even for characters at the immortal king level, when they saw their entire clan being completely annihilated, their powerful state of hearts would still be overwhelmed by their emotions.

Staring at the look of madness on Jiang Zhuqing’s face, there was an indescribable feeling in everyone’s heart.

That was the Jiang Clan, the weaponsmithing power created by a top-tier weaponsmith Jiang Chao years ago. It was prosperous for ages and although it eventually suffered a decline, the Jiang Clan was still considered at the peak of the Cloud Prefecture.

But now, in the span of a few breaths, everything was wiped away, turning into history. The rush of impact this created was too overwhelming.

"I’M GOING TO ERADICATE YOUR SOUL, AND DESTROY YOUR CITY!" Jiang Zhuqing howled. A terrifying lance of darkness appeared before him as a whirlpool of dark energy spiralled at the head of it, containing a terrifying destructive might that could destroy everything.


Although Jiang Zhuqing clearly knew that his strength was inferior to the Driftsnow Master, he still stepped out and attacked. In just an instant, he arrived in front of the Driftsnow Master and stabbed the lance of darkness towards the Driftsnow Master’s head.

The eyes of the Driftsnow Master gleamed with coldness. His physique was incomparably large, the runic light circulating his palm flashed as it blasted out once more. Runic inscriptions triggered law energy, that hand of his that contained an almighty fearsome energy belonging to the laws of this world blasted out, causing the entire skies to be painted golden with him at the center.

The lance of darkness collided right into the palm as the terrifying whirlpool of darkness permeated everything, withering whatever it touched. It ate away at the palm imprint but when it came into contact with the palm’s center, Jiang Zhuqing could sense clearly that there was an unparalleled might within.

"BREAK!" The Driftsnow Master coldly snorted. The sounds of splintering rang out as the 30,000 meters lance broke apart. The Driftsnow Master’s palm continued blasting towards Jiang Zhuqing. Jiang Zhuqing turned ashen but could do nothing other than mount a hasty defense.

Another thunderous boom which shook the s.p.a.ce echoed out. The palm imprint of the Driftsnow Master slammed down with no mercy, jolting Jiang Zhuqing so bad that he was flung through the horizon. However in just an instant, Jiang Zhuqing returned to his original spot again, his aura fluctuating wildly. He stood in the air and stared at the Driftsnow Master with madness flickering in his eyes. "IF I DON’T DIE, I SHALL DEDICATE MY LIFE TO ERADICATING YOUR SOUL, DESTROYING YOUR CITY, KILLING YOUR SUCCESSOR!"

At this point, Jiang Zhuqing was already beyond infuriated!

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