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The white tiger expert injured by Qin Wentian crawled up with difficulty. He was in his true form, blood could be seen around his maw as he roared. Right now, he was in an extremely miserable state. An attack by Qin Wentian actually caused him to be so heavily injured.

"You guys are planning to attack in a group because you were defeated? Are you guys considered kings among the greater demons with such deplorable behavior?" Qin Wentian's mocking expression grew even more intense when he saw the other white tigers stepping forward.

Many of the greater demons in the surroundings were all shocked by the power of Qin Wentian's punch. The might contained within the legendary saint-grade immortal foundation was truly tyrannical. His attacking strength was actually high enough to directly suppress an expert from the white tiger race.

"The White Tiger Race was actually humiliated by a lowly human." Another voice filled with mocking rang out, it was from a member of the Sky Roc Race once more.

"Shut up." A low voice growled. An extremely demonic young man walked out, he stood at the central core position of many other white tigers, as though he was a king among kings.

His eyes turned over, staring at the sky roc as he coldly spoke, "If your Sky Roc Race wants a fight, I don't mind playing with you all."

"White-eye, you are a king from the royal faction of the White Tiger Race. If you wish to fight, there naturally would be someone from my Sky Roc Race willing to accompany you. However now, it is the humans who humiliated your race and not my Sky Roc Race who did so." The eyes of that expert from the Sky Roc Race turned sharp. Clearly, he knew the ident.i.ty of this demonic young man from the White Tiger Race was extremely extraordinary.

Both the Sky Roc Race and the White Tiger Race are two extremely powerful demonic races from the Western Regions. The White Tiger Race had the t.i.tle of kings among greater demons of the current generation. But even so, there are still members of the royal faction within the White Tiger Race, making them king among kings. This was like the concept of the Southern Phoenix Clan having many holy maidens but there would only be one Holy Successor.

Those from the royal faction of the White Tiger Race have a pure king-graded bloodline.

Demons were different from humans, they placed great emphasis on one's bloodline. The purer one's bloodline was, the greater his potential would be.

Within the demonic races, their bloodlines were graded with the same scale as immortal foundations. There were three levels of mortal-grade bloodlines, king/emperor grade and saint-grade. For those experts from the White Tiger Race, all of them had pure bloodlines yet the purity of their blood differed. For those of the Royal Faction, the purity of their blood was naturally higher.

And of course, as a king among the greater demon races, even for experts from the White Tiger Race who only had mortal-graded bloodlines, wasn't a character ordinary humans would be able to defeat. Demons with king/emperor-graded bloodlines were extremely rare, rarer compared to humans with king/emperor-graded immortal foundations. In fact, the scarcity of them could be comparable to how scarce a saint-grade immortal foundation was.

As for saint-graded bloodlines among the demon races, there still wasn't any news regarding that as of now within the immortal realms. If one demon was truly born with a saint-graded bloodline, his destiny would surely be the supreme leader of his particular race.

White-eye was a king of the White Tiger Race, and had a pure king-graded bloodline. He was at the sixth-level and the immortal foundation he established was a fifth-tier emperor-graded one that was very close to perfection.

"In that case, shut the h.e.l.l up." White-eye glanced at that expert from the Sky Roc Race, his cold voice containing an intense balefulness. When he stepped forward, the other white tigers all opened up a path for him, and stood beside him.

White-eye didn't even glance at Qin Wentian. Instead, he directed his attention at the other two battlefields where Nanfeng Yunxi and Nanfeng Shengge were fighting.

Nanfeng Yunxi's strength was as expected of the Holy Successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan, she completely dominated her opponent. The fire around her was immensely terrifying. The ancient phoenix had purified her bloodline and right now, Nanfeng Yunxi's wings resembled the wings of a true phoenix and could unleash phoenix-related techniques that contained boundless might. From the very beginning, she was the one that held the advantage, easily heavily injuring her opponent.

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