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[Nov. 12th, 2018]

The old Librarian was being very kind to her. He couldn’t reveal too much because of the relationship between the virtual world and the outside world, but he could give her some hints.

Feng Wu nodded her head obediently and put the book away. She stood up and bade the Librarian goodbye before leaving the library to roam around the city.

By the time Feng Wu left to wander the city, more than half the allotted time for the a.s.sessments had already pa.s.sed. The odds of finding anything in the city was very low. Those who refused to give up and were diligently searching for clues left the city recently, only doing so after making sure there were no more leads. Even though there were many NPCs around, none had any more missions to give out. The student candidates figured that if they wanted to get into Xingguang Holy Academy, they would have to search somewhere else for their items.

As a result of the exodus, the only student candidates Feng Wu ran into were the ones who already found their items. They were much more carefree and relaxed as their admission was set.

None of them recognized Feng Wu as she walked around the city, but because the native inhabitants of the virtual world were so distinctive, they could tell she was a fellow student candidate from her appearance.

Feng Wu was the only student candidate in the city that still needed to find an appropriate item. Despite this she was not in a hurry, and was walking around leisurely while eating a meat bun. Since the old Librarian didn’t tell her where to look, she didn’t have a destination in mind and could only wander around.

The buns from the Li shop were really delicious. She was fishing out another bun after finishing the first when a burst of noise erupted nearby.

A horse was running rampant in the city streets. In the chaos a pregnant woman got jostled in front of the horse’s path. Those on the side could only scream in terror at the sight, unable to rush to her aid in time.

The screams made some of the student candidates look up. They lost interest after a short glance showed them the scene. This was a simulated world, so why bother with the city people? They’d already found their items. It didn’t matter if the people here lived or died.

On top of that, they had already suffered so much under the hands of the residents. It was demeaning to be forced to cook and clean and act subserviently to simulated people. They suffered so much loss just for a few measly clues. How dare the simulated people treat them that way!

In fact some of the student candidates were relishing the moment when the pregnant woman would get hit.

Feng Wu didn’t have such complicated feelings on the matter. The moment the scene registered in her mind, she moved like the wind using her qi. She pushed the woman away towards the crowd of residents. The woman was unharmed as many good people in the crowd were able to catch her and break her fall.

Everyone turned their gazes toward Feng Wu as she stood in front of the rampaging horse. As it came within reach, she grabbed onto its neck with both hands and held on tight.

Strangely enough the horse calmed down, then proceeded to lick Feng Wu’s hands.

The crowd broke out in thunderous applause at the sight.

"Wow! That little girl is really courageous!"

"What a ferocious girl. Even in my younger days I was never that amazing," spoke an old grandma with a face full of wrinkles.

A young man came to the front and effusively spoke, his face full of grat.i.tude as he said, "Young girl, thank you! Thank you so much for saving my wife! Thank you so much." His wife was still in shock as he embraced her. Had it not been for the young girl’s appearance, his wife and unborn child would have died.

Feng Wu blinked her big eyes silently as she watched the group of people congregate around her, exclaiming about how heroic she was.

The pregnant woman’s father-in-law was a blacksmith. When he found out how he had nearly lost his daughter-in-law and his unborn grandson, he was in tears. He rushed over and repeatedly gave his thanks to Feng Wu as well. To show his grat.i.tude he gave her a sword, a quest item, that had been in his family for generations.

As Feng Wu’s eyes lit up at the sight of the sword a well dressed man ran over out of breath. He thanked her as well. "Thank you so much young lady. I was eating in a restaurant when a snake scared me. I ran out and ended up scaring my horse. He went berserk and kicked me before galloping away."

The owner of the restaurant was a good man and took responsibility for the events. He apologized and compensated both the pregnant woman and the horse’s owner. To Feng Wu he said, "Young lady, please allow me to treat you to a meal at my restaurant. If it weren’t for your intervention I would have had to bear the burden of two lives on my shoulders!"

Feng Wu was really happy! She not only found an item for the a.s.sessments, she was also getting fed!

Those student candidates who witnessed the scene from beginning to end were incredibly shocked. This girl got an item right after completing a mission. Wasn’t that too simple and easy! Why couldn’t they have such luck? They were jealous of her good luck, but they didn’t dwell on it for long. They already had their own items so what did it really matter?

Feng Wu was surprised that she was now famous amongst the student candidates in the city. Those that witnessed the event told it to everyone else, really making everyone sigh at her good luck. Those who left to find their items would surely die if they found out how easily Feng Wu found her sword!

To the dismay of the restaurant owner and the blacksmith's family, Feng Wu left and returned to the library.

Her prompt return shocked the old Librarian quite a bit. He was once again amazed at her luck. She managed to find a mission, saving three people at once, by just wandering around randomly.

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