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Chapter 855: Chaos and Connect

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

In a temporary house in America.

Zhao Yao was thinking while he lay on the sofa with his eyes closed.

Arthas was laying by his side as he watched Zhao Yao. "What kind of terrible idea is this devil thinking of again? Why is the organization so slow. They need to come and save me. Haven't they realized that there is something wrong?"

Coco w.a.n.g was eying Zhao Yao suspiciously too. "Arthas had leaked a lot of important intel just now. Zhao Yao must be thinking of a way to deal with Star Cats. What will be his next step? It is so hard to imagine."

Zhao Yao thought to himself, "Should I call pizza or Mexican food for delivery?"

"I should get Mexican food. I heard it is really popular in America now."

Zhao Yao thought about it and reached his hand out to grab the phone.

Arthas and Coco w.a.n.g were watching him. "It's here! Is he going to make a move?"

An hour later, Arthas and Coco w.a.n.g were speechless. "In the end, all he did was order food."

Zhao Yao sighed while eating. "What should I do next?"

According to the intel that Arthas had given him, the meteorite fragments in Star Cats were with the nine creators. Which meant, if he wanted to get the meteorite fragments, he had to attack the other eight creators.

"If Arthas' capture got out then the rest of the cats will be in high alert." Zhao Yao thought about it, "Even Arthas does not know where the other cats are. What should I do?"

Zhao Yao looked at Arthas and had an idea. "Or should I just use Arthas and sneak in? Sneak inside Star Cats and attack them unexpectedly."

"With Sheriff's mind reading powers and Elizabeth controlling Arthas, he shouldn't have the opportunity to play tricks."

"This is the easiest solution."

Two hours later, Arthas returned to his mansion with the Dragon Slaying Saber hanging on his chest. Behind him was Coco w.a.n.g and the apostle in black. The apostle had been wiped of his memories for the last 24 hours.

Upon seeing Arthas, someone ran up immediately and asked, "Boss, where have you been? The other creators are very concerned about you."

Although Zhao Yao and Arthas had fought in the dream, Zhao Yao had managed to capture the cat and the two people who escaped.

Beside Zhao Yao and a few others, the rest of them no longer remembered what happened in the dream.

The fight where Zhao Yao was chasing after Arthas was too small scaled and fast. Hence, no one had noticed it.

Of course if Arthas remained missing then it would raise the suspicions of the other creators in Star Cats and eventually they would be lead to Zhao Yao.

However, since Arthas was back now then there was nothing wrong anymore.

The few Star Cats workers talked to Arthas for a while and went back to report.

Arthas looked at the Dragon Slaying Saber hanging on his neck and sighed. He brought Zhao Yao to the sofa in his living room.

Ares and the rest were still following Zhao Yao and within Zhao Yao's Deflective Field. With an illusion, they were hidden from the eye.

Lightning saw Ares pondering and whispered, "Trust me, it will be more comfortable if you shave."

"I am not thinking of that!" Ares chided Lightning. Then, he asked curiously. "Is it really that useful?"

"Of course!" Lightning said. "Trust me, after you shave you can deal with real physical damage."

"Really?" Ares was hesitating.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was staring at supercat Mary. "She ate so much but she really hasn't been to the toilet for more than 24 hours. What a great power!"

Zhao Yao looked at Arthas and said, "So, get as many creators over as you can."

"This fellow, he is thinking of taking down the other cats? No, I have to find a way to contact the other supercats. I must inform them of the situation here."

Just when Arthas was thinking of that, Sheriff whispered in Zhao Yao's ear.

Zhao Yao raised his eyebrows and he snapped his fingers. The Dragon Slaying Saber on Arthas's neck floated up with the Deflective Field and rubbed against Arthas's chest.

"Arthas, stop thinking of other things. Ask the other supercats to come over. I am not going to kill them."

Chills ran down Arthas's spine when he looked at the Dragon Slaying Saber. He tried to remain calm as he thought, "Does he have a supercats with the powers to read minds? Why does it seem like he knows what I am thinking about."

Sheriff said, "He is guessing that we have mind reading powers."

"It's okay." Zhao Yao looked at Arthas and said, "Okay. Call your friends over. Stop playing tricks with me."

Arthas said helplessly, "I may not be able to…"


"No, actually… It is that… We are not on good terms," Arthas said awkwardly. "Haha, they are not on good terms with me."

"What." Zhao Yao looked at Arthas with disgust.

Arthas was angry. "Do you think it is easy to work in Star Cats? You don't understand the pressures of a big enterprise!"

"Whatever." Zhao Yao tugged the corners of his mouth and said, "Pa.s.s me your phone. How do you guys normally communicate? I will contact them."

Arthas handed him his phone and pointed at the few cats in his contacts.

Zhao Yao rubbed his chin. "The cat that is named Volcano lives the nearest to you right? A male cat?"

Arthas said, "He is a stupid barbarian that lives in prehistoric times. I am in terrible terms with him. He will never reply."

"Is it so?" Zhao Yao looked at Elizabeth and said, "Elizabeth, smile." Then, he took a picture of Elizabeth.

He shook his head when he saw Elizabeth looking bewildered. "Elizabeth, you need to look s.e.xier and full of temptation."

"Lift your leg higher."

"Yes, yes. Stick out your tongue."

"Lift your tail higher."

"Be a bit more wild."

"Yes. This is it."

Zhao Yao looked at the photo satisfyingly and sent it Volcano.

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