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As a result of Zhao Yao's actions, the entire prison has returned to its original state, and it was even more comfortable than before.

After exchanging a few sentences with Uncle Ho, Zhao Yao swallowed back his words.

At the same time, in Huadu District far in the south,

The G.o.d of Death lay in the office at the top of the building, his whole body seemed to have sunk into the sofa.

His whole body felt sluggish and he did not feel like moving.

"d.a.m.n, what is going on? Is it the doing of the Headless Horseman?"

 The G.o.d of Death wanted to rub his forehead but found that he was too lazy to even lift his arm.

 The bizarre change occurred just a few minutes ago from the prison of Jiangmen city Cat King of the West.

 Suddenly, the G.o.d of Death felt a little too listless to do anything at all, so listless that he could not perk himself up.

 Numerous puppets that were manipulated by him all showed abnormalities of listlessness instantaneously. In a state of despair, he could only bring all the puppets under surveillance, monitoring them on one hand and pushing them to work on the other.

 "I can't go on like this. I have to work hard and let the puppets'self-consciousness motivate them to work. If I merely watch them from the side, they will definitely find a way to rebel after some time."

 On the inside, the G.o.d of Death was yelling, "I want to get up, I want to fight, I want the Headless Horseman killed!"

 After yelling for a while, the G.o.d of Death felt that his body was still lethargic, and he muttered to himself, "Rest for five more minutes and get up. I must force myself up and fight."

 Half an hour later, a young ghostly man with black frame gla.s.ses, drilled out of the ground of the office and stood in front of the G.o.d of Death...

 Looking at the lifeless face of the G.o.d of Death, the young man pushed back his black frame gla.s.ses and said, "What are you doing?"

 "You are here, Midnight." The G.o.d of Death shifted his eyes reluctantly and said, "I am thinking how Ivory will develop from now on."

 This man standing in front of him who looks like an ordinary otaku, and named 'Midnight' by the G.o.d of Death, was one of the top existing few among the tens of thousands of apostles in Ivory.

 The virtual spirit-body he borrows allows the body to penetrate everything known in nature, including ground, cement, steel, plant life, humans, animals, flesh and blood, and even electromagnetic waves and radiation.

 This ability gave him near-invincible defense. It was one of the trump cards of the G.o.d of Death. In fact, his power alone is almost enough to suppress a country.

 Until now, Midnight could not even think of a way to kill himself.

 Every fight comes with every victory.

 An idea unconsciously surfaced in his mind.

"I suppose the ability of the virtual spirit-body is invincible."

 It was only when he joined Ivory that he found a few apostles and supercats that could barely match him.

 And Midnight is also the first person to arrive after the G.o.d of Death's call for Ivory's strongest combat power this time.

 The young man, named Midnight, pushed his black frame gla.s.ses and said again, "What is it that you are so eager to find me? My problem in the north has not been resolved yet."

 "Hang on, there are other people coming, I'll say it together then." The G.o.d of Death just lay on the sofa and talked in a listless tone, too lazy to even lift up his fingers.

 Midnight slightly dazed, frowned and said. "Who else is there? Am I not enough?"

 The G.o.d of Death said to him straightforwardly, "For this mission, you alone will not be enough."

 The corner of Midnight's mouth curved up slightly, "Oh, interesting, this is really interesting." This is also the first time since he joined Ivory that he is joining a team to complete the task, which perked his curiosity even more.

 "Who else did you call to come?"

 The G.o.d of Death said, "Old K, Lang Gou, A Ji, and twelve elite apostles whose energies have been lent from the Doll."

 "Hey." Midnight's tone turned serious, "We are not fighting against the country, are we?"

 Among the names which the G.o.d of Death mentioned, the first two apostles are the ones who are also very troublesome when dealt with. The ability of the super cat called the Doll is even more so a taboo, and now it has been lent to twelve apostles.

 This made Midnight question whether Ivory was going to fight the country.

 The G.o.d of Death denied, "How is it possible, I have not thought about it."

 Midnight wondered, "Could it be the Talons in the north? Heard their leader is quite interesting, I'd like to meet him. Or have the Americans brought their Talons over? I heard that supercats in Maine are the most powerful supercats. I have long wanted to have a look at."

 "Neither." The G.o.d of Death said, "All just to deal with one person."

 "One person?" Midnight raised his brows and said, "Are you kidding?"

 "I am not kidding." The G.o.d of Death said till here, and the listless tone was finally overtaken by a strong feeling of resentment, "I just want that person to be dead, because he sinned for death, and even death will not be able to atone for his sins."

 Zhao Yao returned to the extradimensional belly. First, he pointed to Matcha and exclaimed, "You! Hurry up and bathe! Your body is terribly smelly, it's terribly gross."

 Matcha looked at the filth on its body, and groaned, "Why am I so dirty? I was definitely clean when I was awake."

 Zhao Yao said with a look of disgust, "Who knows. Hurry up and bath on your own now."

 At this moment, the numerous supercats belonging to the Cat Royal Guards and initially staying put in the extradimensional belly, saw the return of Matcha and immediately huddled together and shrieked, "Sir George is back!"

 "George, you are finally back, I missed you immensely!"

 The cats shouted, "Sir George! Sir George! Sir George! Sir George!"

 However, as soon as they saw the filth on Matcha, they stopped in cohesion and their faces showed hesitation.

 Only Airplane rushed up, hugged Matcha with no apprehension and said, "George, are you fine? How did this happen? Let me help you lick."

 Matcha touched by him, said, "Airplane, I really didn't misjudge you." At that moment, he was extremely glad that he had nurtured Airplane.

 Just then, Zhao Yao, who stood at the side, said, "Matcha, your performance in prison this time is too disappointing." Zhao Yao sighed and said, "I think you can have a break as the leader of Cat Royal Guards, stop for a period of time."

 Matcha's mouth hung open and looked at Zhao Yao with a face of disappointment. Roly Poly, on the other hand, was sn.i.g.g.e.ring at a corner.

 Cat Royal Guards, who had just cheered for Matcha, immediately shunned and hid in a place more than ten meters away.

 Airplane who originally wanted to help Matcha lick his fur, spit a mouthful of saliva on Matcha and returned to the group of cats.

 "From today onwards, the Cat Royal Guards will have another cat as the leader." Zhao Yao looked at the group of cats and asked, "You will recommend a cat that you think is highly respected to be the leader."

 The Cat Royal Guards faced one another, and at that moment, a glimmer of light flashed across Airplane's eyes.

Airplane then hid at the far end, covering his mouth and yelling, "I propose Airplane to take to lead the Cat Royal Guards."


 "Can Airplane do it?"

 Airplane had already made his way to the other side, changed his tone and shouted, "I think Airplane can."

 Then he walked to the side, raised his claws sneakily and shouted, "Airplane! Airplane! Airplane! Airplane!"

 The supercats stayed silent for a while and the next moment, all of them raised their claws and shouted, "Airplane! Airplane!"

 Zhao Yao nodded. "Then starting from today, the Cat Royal Guards will be led by Airplane."

 Matcha witnessed all of it with his mouth hung wide open. Blankly, he said, "What about me?"

 Zhao Yao said, "Isn't the house undergoing renovation right now? I'm not at ease using other people's workers."

 He looked at Matcha tenderly and said, "You are the cat which I am most unworried about, from tomorrow onwards you can help to shift bricks at home."

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