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Chapter 6: Male Actor x Rich Female Lead (6)

NOTE: Kind of NC16 at the start, children beware.

Cen Si Miao's whole body felt weak as she laid on the sofa. Her cheeks were red, her eyes were slightly watery, and her brows were tightly drawn together as her hands were forced down beside her by Wu Li Chen.

His pair of full lips lightly touched hers, and her whole body suddenly felt limp and numb.

She could clearly feel Wu Li Chen's excitement, as well as his breathing gradually get heavier. Suddenly, his mouth moved away from hers, towards her ears, and the heat of his slow exhale caused Cen Si Miao to involuntarily shrink back.

He laughed a little, his voice low, and he rubbed against her neck using his nose. Feeling the tender skin, he suddenly bit down, his mouth lightly covering her skin.

Squinting towards the ceiling, Cen Si Miao forcefully shoved against him. "You, you get up!"

He ignored her.

Cen Si Miao looked down before she abruptly held onto his waist and lifted her upper body. Startled, Wu Li Chen stared as her eyes curved. She moved towards his ear, and Wu Li Chen felt her warm exhale.

He wanted to hug her tightly, but then saw her icy expression. Her chin was lifted, her brows were furrowed, and her clothes were crumpled.

His gaze became more intense.

"Get off."

Cen Si Miao glared straight at him, eyes clear, seeming like an entirely different person from before.

Looking down, Wu Li Chen's shoulders drooped, and he turned over only to sit down on the ground, his back leaning against the sofa leg. One hand rested on his knees, and the other mussed his hair up.

Cen Si Miao thought hard about what to say.

Clearing her throat, she hadn't even started to speak before she heard him speak.

"Can I m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e?"

"…" Shouldn't you know?

Wu Li Chen sighed before walking into the bathroom.

Cen Si Miao listened to the sound of water trickling as she glanced at her watch. An hour had already pa.s.sed.

She'd come here because she wanted to play for a while. There were a few tourist sightseeing spots near the filming site, so she took the chance to look around while Wu Li Chen filmed during the day.

In the end, there were quite a few selfies in her social media account.

So far, Hu Yinli had liked every single one of them, and would sometimes comment. Occasionally, Xu Senni would also like her photos. Seeing the two names next to each other, Cen Si Miao would feel a little weird.

She guessed that Xu Senni was using a private number.

The notifications about opening a gallery together also hadn't stopped yet.

She smiled. It was high time that she started earning money; she couldn't only spend without giving back. Dialling Xu Senni's number, her voice became gentle. "Xu jie, are you busy right now?"

The system had just received a new plugin orange from the headquarters. He'd only read about two-tenths of it before the data suddenly became extremely sour, making him so angry that he started jumping up and down.

Of course, he hadn't forgotten about Cen Si Miao. "Are you stupid? Is there someone as dumb as you? You want to work together with her? She's obviously trying to pull you down!"

Cen Si Miao retorted, "That sweet orange must be really delicious."

That day, she really couldn't find anything fun to do, so she holed up inside her hotel room for the whole day. In the afternoon, Wu Li Chen came over to knock on the door, and she was still bleary with sleep.

When Wu Li Chen entered, his eyebrows furrowed unconsciously as his gaze swept over the room before landing on her empty dustbin. "You haven't eaten yet?"

Cen Si Miao hadn't fully woken up, and her face was filled with exhaustion as she replied. "Don't feel like eating."

Holding himself back, Wu Li Chen stayed silent.

For the past few days, he hadn't had to film any scenes in the morning, so he'd made lunch early and kept it in a lunchbox to keep it warm. Then, he'd placed his hotel card in Cen Si Miao's room.

If he didn't come back on time, then he would order takeout.

As a result, on the day he'd had to rush out early in the morning, she hadn't eaten her breakfast.

Rolling up his sleeves, he began to make a dish. He'd just taken out the vegetables from the fridge and had been washing them when he heard her speak. "How come you're back so early today?'

He picked up the green peppers and tomatoes. "Today there wasn't much to film, and everyone was quite relaxed, so they went out to eat together."

She yawned. "Why didn't you go?"

The sound of water trickling stopped, and she looked up. Wu Li Chen continued staring at her, and immediately her mind regained some clarity.

Lowering his head again, Wu Li Chen played with the vegetables in his hand. "They all brought their friends, but I didn't have a partner, so I didn't feel it was suitable."

Straightening up, Cen Si Miao went to pour herself a gla.s.s of water. As she gulped it down, she felt much more comfortable. "Aren't I here?"

Wu Li Chen was stunned for a moment, and his throat moved a little before he looked up at her. Cen Si Miao looked back, face filled with confusion. He suddenly smiled, eyes filled with gentleness.

"You're sure you want to go?"

"I'm hungry."

The Male Lead's feelings rose to 37%.

The people at the gathering ranged from the lead actors to those acting the smallest of supporting roles, and while they weren't a tight-knit group, the atmosphere was still harmonious. Even though those without partners felt very awkward, they still had to bear with it for the sake of their reputations.

Ye Min Chi had been in the entertainment circle for quite a few years, and had fought her way through to the top. It wasn't easy for her to even look at you, yet Wu Li Chen had managed to catch her attention.

She felt that it was quite a pity. If it wasn't for his family issues, it would've been quite easy for him to rely on his own abilities and have a breakthrough. During the gathering, she'd pounced on every opportunity to try to talk to him, but had been put off time and time again by the pair whispering at each other.

Wu Li Chen's eyes were gentle and warm, and occasionally he would place some food into Cen Si Miao's plate, not caring about his own. Having just gotten up, Cen Si Miao didn't really have an appet.i.te. Looking at the table filled with food, she planned to just try a little bit of everything.

But who knew that Wu Li Chen would get so excited and place more food on her plate.

Her mouth set into a firm line. "Go eat your own food; don't bother me."

Wu Li Chen laughed a little, his voice light. "You didn’t eat in the morning, so right now you should be famished. Eat more."

Seeing this, Ye Min Chi's expression became quite unsightly.

At the end of the day, everyone was prepared to set off on their own. The actor's friends left first to the hotel. Cen Si Miao took the opportunity to leave, but before she left she saw Ye Min Chi, eyes purposeful.

She took the chance to get up and bend down to speak to Wu Li Chen. "Both of you can take your time to talk, I'll go back first."

Ye Min Chi waited for the others to leave before she looked at Wu Li Chen, who was peeling a prawn. She sighed, "You should just stay with us for a while. Anyway, even if you go back…"

Before she finished her sentence, Wu Li Chen popped the prawn into his mouth and smiled before saying his goodbyes.

Cen Si Miao walked towards the door, Wu Li Chen following behind her. She looked back and wondered aloud, "Why're you back?"

With a swipe of the room card, Wu Li Chen opened the door and entered. Looking up, he said, "Cen jie, you should know what kind of person I'm like, right?"

Cen Si Miao's face was confused. "What kind of person are you talking about?"

Wu Li Chen's eyes curved as he gazed at her from head to toe. The cut of her clothing was quite good, showcasing her exquisite curves.

"I'll follow the hand that feeds me the most."[1]

At the other place, the gathering had ended and everyone had dispersed. Ye Min Chi was feeling quite despondent, but she suddenly pulled Xiao Wen to a corner. Xiao Wen's eyesight was good [2], and knew that she had something to ask, so she lowered her voice.

"What is it, did anything happen?"

"That person, the one who came along with Wu Li Chen, how come I've never heard of her?"

The phrase in Chinese is 有奶就是娘, which literally translates into: As long as there's milk, then it's the mother. It's a Chinese idiom with a negative connotation. Basically it means that as long as he receives benefits from someone, he'll follow that person, which shows that he's an opportunistic person and implies that he's following the MC around and treating her well because she 'provides' for him. Literally translates as her eyesight is good, but it means that she can take hints.

So we introduce a new person to face slap…

School is starting, so the schedule is back to 1-2 per week! Thanks for reading ?

The plan was originally to post this on Sunday but… Sigh I have no self-control.


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