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Chapter 917: The Misunderstanding Resolves Itself

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Luo Ba was pitiful indeed!

Everyone felt rueful. Having received two slaps in public, it was like he had been nailed onto the pillar of shame; he would never be able to rid himself of the humiliation. However, this new first-place student was bold indeed. Not only were his comprehension of martial arts, the strength of his spirit, and combat skills superior to others', but he was also formidable in actual combat.

However, Luo Kaifeng was just standing on one side—was it really a good idea for you to embarra.s.s the Luo Clan like this?

Sure enough, Luo Kaifeng's face was evidently dark now. He did not stop Luo Ba from attacking, because he had wanted the latter to personally regain his honor; still, he had not expected the gap in cultivation level between Luo Ba and Ling Han to be so wide.

As one of the top three elites of the Imperial Capital's younger generation, he was actually no match for a lowlife from a small world?

Who would believe it?

Since it was impossible for Luo Ba to rival Ling Han, Luo Kaifeng could only make a move himself; otherwise, the Luo Clan's reputation would really be tarnished beyond redemption.

“Humph! First, you illegally sold alchemical pills of the Academy. Later, you hurt your cla.s.smates. Such a person is not worthy to remain in the Academy!” he said in a low voice, with his terrifying spiritual pressure immediately directed towards Ling Han.

Immortals cultivated the strength of the spirit; furthermore, he was also an elite of the Sun Moon Tier. The strength of his spirit was many times more powerful than Ling Han's, so under such an impact, the latter suddenly felt a mountain of pressure coming down at him from the top of his head, seemingly about to crush his bones. Only by leaning forward was he able to withstand the pressure.

However, Ling Han was well aware that the other party was purposely oppressing him, trying to make him bow or even kneel.

Given his lofty and unyielding character, how could he allow himself to be humiliated?

Ling Han stood upright, and pa, pa, pa , the G.o.dly bones in his body cackled violently—he was fighting against Luo Kaifeng's spiritual pressure. A cultivator of the Sun Moon Tier was incredibly strong indeed; even a mere imposing aura was enough to make Ling Han sweat profusely, while his eyes were bloodshot, and veins were all the more throbbing furiously.

Strictly speaking, it would have been impossible for a cultivator of the Shattering Void Tier to resist the spiritual pressure of another at the level of the Sun Moon Tier—the gap between these two levels was just too great. However, Ling Han was just too proud and stubborn—he could accept being defeated, or even killed, but he would never kneel down to another.

The crowd had initially been indifferent, but soon expressed their amazement by and acceptance of Ling Han.

This guy's willpower was truly quite impressive.

The sounds of bones cracking were clearly transmitted from within Ling Han's body, while sweat was flowing from his forehead like a small stream, drenching his clothes wet. Yet, he stood proud and upright like the peak of a mountain, his spine not even the tiniest bit bent.

Who wouldn't admire him?

“So you would rather die than plead guilty?” Luo Kaifeng bellowed. He really had to make Ling Han miserable today; only in this way could he make the others forget Luo Ba's disgrace of being slapped in the face twice.

“I did not commit any offence, so why should I plead guilty?!” Ling Han boldly retorted.

Xiu , just at this moment, a figure flew over from a distance—it was a woman of peerless beauty, and appeared to be about twenty years old; she was the embodiment of a refined scholar. However, she currently has excitement written all over her face.

“Ling Han! Ling Han!” She was already calling out to him from afar.

“Hey, isn't she Gu Lingyu?”

“One of the three great beauties of the Imperial Capital? I heard that she was exceptionally talented in the field of alchemy. She had already been recruited under the Alchemy Inst.i.tution quite some time ago.”

“We have an Alchemy Inst.i.tution in our Academy?”

“Haha, there are too few students in the Alchemy Inst.i.tution. Moreover, each of the students there have always buried themselves in the study of alchemical pills. Indeed, not many people know about the existence of that Inst.i.tution.”

“However, the Alchemy Inst.i.tution has a special status, so everyone must give them face.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Alchemists belonged to a special group with superior status. Therefore, they couldn't be rashly offended.

Gu Lingyu ran into the courtyard, not even casting a glance at her surroundings, and directly said, “The Replenishing Spirit Pill which you have concocted was 30% more effective than the common ones. Is it that you have improved the recipe, or have you concocted it using a special alchemy technique? I have investigated your background; you came from a small world, and had just arrived in the Imperial Capital less than a month ago. It should not be possible to improve the recipe, so you must have a special alchemy technique, am I right?”

She said so much in a single breath before abruptly stopping. She then looked at the other people with a somewhat blank expression, and asked, “Hey, do you guys have some issue here?” It was strangely crowded and lively here.

Everyone was speechless—only now did you realize that something wasn't right here?

However, Gu Lingyu had just revealed an amazing piece of information—Ling Han was able to concoct alchemical pills! F*ck, he was the one who concocted that Replenishing Spirit Pill.

It was no wonder that he had admitted to selling alchemical pills, but denied that he had illegally sold alchemical pills of the Academy.

How could they not let him sell the alchemical pills that he had concocted himself? The Academy had no such rules.

Luo Kaifeng was suddenly speechless. Wei Qianshu even snorted heavily, giving the Luo Brothers a stern look—they were making a false accusation, which would also be subject to punishment by the Academy.

Given these words of Gu Lingyu, what more could Luo Kaifeng say? He could only blame the Luo Brothers for not having investigated the basic facts before coming forward to make a malicious accusation against another person. Now, how could this situation be salvaged?

A broad smile flashed across Ling Han's face as he said, “Senior Sister, I need to deal with some matters first. I will talk to you later.”

“What is it? I will help you!” Gu Lingyu appeared to be filled with impatience. In her opinion, what matter could be more important than a discussion on alchemy?

Ling Han responded with an 'oh' before he further added, “These two accused me of stealing the Academy's Replenishing Spirit Pill and then illegally selling it to outsiders.”

Gu Lingyu immediately became furious, and looked at the brothers with disdain. She said, “In the future, you shall not be allowed to consume any alchemical pills concocted by the Alchemy Inst.i.tution!”

To actually make false accusation against an alchemist… would obviously make the person an enemy of all alchemists!

The Luo Brothers became extremely depressed; no matter how highly they thought of Ling Han, how could they possibly think that a cultivator barely over twenty years old who had come from a small world could actually cultivate both martial arts and alchemy?

This strike had really knocked them silly!

Ling Han coughed, and said, “Elder, since these two people have wrongly accused me, what should be done based on the Academy's rules?”

Wei Qianshu couldn't help but feel awkward. Had it been another person, he would have acted impartially and imposed the appropriate punishment—what was required to be done would be executed accordingly. However, Luo Kaifeng was just beside him; he would need to consider the reputation of the Luo Clan, right?

But they were being observed in public; could he openly show favor towards the Luo Clan?

Luo Kaifeng saw all this, and said hastily, “Luo Ba and Luo Lie also didn't do anything wrong. After all, they had really witnessed the sale of alchemical pills transacted by Ling Han. They were having the Academy's best interest in mind when they reported the matter to the Law Enforcement Committee.”

Right, so they could even earn merit based on a false accusation.

Ling Han spoke up calmly, “If this elder is right, then wouldn't I have suffered in vain? Had this Senior Sister not come over and testified as my witness, wouldn't I already have been persecuted to death by this elder?

“To think that I have pa.s.sed through eight levels of the Academy's a.s.sessment, and have the potential of becoming a four-star Genius in the future. If I am hounded to death, then wouldn't it be a huge loss to the Academy?”

Luo Kaifeng couldn't stop a muscle in his face from twitching. He had seen people who were thick-skinned, but it was the first time for him to meet someone like Ling Han. Yet, what the other party had said was indeed true. It was just that he was being too brazen about it.

Wei Qianshu spoke asked, “Then, what do you want?” He decided to become the peacemaker between the two parties.

Ling Han beamed, and said, “If you give me some 8,000-10,000 True Origin Stones, then I will definitely forget this unpleasant event. Otherwise, I will fight to no end for the Academy to give me a proper justification!”

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