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Chapter 2021: Searching for Firm Essence Green Gold

Ling Han didn’t know how the people on the island had triggered the beast tide. However, since they could trigger it, they could naturally cause it to continue.

This didn’t worry Ling Han. Right now, he was simply concerned with how to obtain that Source Power of heaven and earth.

The battle continued, and the sea creatures continued to surge forth. They had complete disregard for their own life and death, and they simply yearned to break through the defenses.

10 days, 15 days…!

On the 17th day, Ling Han suddenly felt the pressure easing.

“The beast tide is weakening.”

“There are no new sea creatures charging over. It’s finally about to end.”

“We’ve finally held them back.”

Everyone faltered for a moment before feeling a rush of delight.

Even though they were exhausted, it was a miracle that not a single one of them had been killed during the intense battle.

“We’re being protected by a deity,” someone immediately said with a devout expression.

Their words resonated with everyone else, and they all nodded in agreement. After annihilating the final wave of the beast tide, they all kneeled down to pray toward the ancient castle.

Qin Wei and the others exchanged a glance. Even though they hadn’t enjoyed a buff from the “deity”, it was true that not a single one of them had died during the battle. As such, how could they not regard this as a miracle?

Several of them immediately kneeled down in prayer. Meanwhile, several of them remained standing. They hadn’t obtained any benefits, and they had instead fought a battle for the sake of others first. That being the case, they naturally couldn’t bring themselves to kneel down.

Ling Han silently stepped back. The retreat of the beast tide also signified that the sacrificial offering was nearing its end. It was time to collect that Source Power of heaven and earth.

“Small Tower, lead the way.”

He arrived behind a huge boulder, where he directly broke through the ground, and tunneled into the earth.

The Firm Essence Green Gold was buried deep beneath the ground.

If Ling Han had practiced the Regulations of Earth, he wouldn’t have needed to tunnel through the earth in such a crude manner. By channeling the Dao of Earth, tunneling through the ground would have been like soaring through the sky.

Now, however, he had no choice but to use this crude method to forge a path.

Fortunately, his physique was tough enough, and his power was also strong enough. As he tunneled down, the stone and earth before him were much like water. They would affect his speed, but not to a significant degree.

Small Tower pointed out the correct path, and Ling Han followed its guidance. After descending thousands of meters underground, he finally started to feel some resistance.

The earth… had become firmer, and it was incredibly hard and tough. Rather than being composed of dirt and stone, it was as if it had been forged from Divine Metal.


A thought occurred to Ling Han. By the looks of it, he was most likely nearing the Firm Essence Green Gold. Under the influence of this Source Power of heaven and earth, even the surrounding terrain had become as stiff as metal.

‘Huh? Then under the influence of the Firm Essence Green Gold, might this dirt have transformed into genuine metal? Or even G.o.dly metal?’

Ling Han immediately drew his Divine Demon Sword. First of all, he wanted to see whether his Divine Demon Sword could absorb the metallic element contained within the earth. Second of all, wielding the Divine Demon Sword would allow him to travel at a quicker speed. In terms of destructive ability alone, the Divine Demon Sword was superior to him.

With this hope in his mind, the Divine Demon Sword immediately thrust forward.


The Pseudo-Celestial Sword shuddered slightly. At the same time, the surrounding earth started to dazzle, glowing at times and dimming at others. It was as if the earth were breathing.

‘My speculation was right!’

Ling Han faltered upon seeing this. He was then overcome with delight. The earth in this region had all transformed into G.o.dly metal. Moreover, it might have even reached the level of Pseudo-Divine Metal. It was because of this that he found it increasingly difficult to advance.

To the Divine Demon Sword, however, this was a delectable feast.

‘This is incredible!’

Ling Han wielded his sword and continued forward, allowing it to absorb the G.o.dly metal to its heart’s content.

In fact, he was advancing at an even slower speed than before. Even though the Divine Demon Sword had a huge appet.i.te, it still needed time to digest what it had absorbed. However, Ling Han wasn’t impatient at all. After all, this kind of opportunity was far too rare.

The formation of a Source Power of heaven and earth would require heaven knew how many hundreds of millions of years. In fact, it might even take several epochs. During the process of its formation, it would naturally affect the surrounding environment as well. Thus, transforming the surrounding earth into G.o.dly metal was, in fact, very understandable and normal.

Anyhow, Ling Han had come across it, and he had truly struck gold.

After descending a further few thousand meters, Ling Han started to feel an aura of violence and murder.

In fact, this wasn’t simply a feeling. Rather, he could also see it with his eyes.

After breaking through the stone and earth, he could see streaks of air currents flowing through the surroundings. They were like swords and sabers, and even Ling Han’s physique wasn’t tough enough to withstand their power. They could easily breach his physique and draw blood.

This was the violent aura of the Dao of Metal. It was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with devastating destructive power.

Ling Han tried to carefully avoid these air currents, yet this was an incredibly difficult task. The streaks of air currents had no pattern to their movements, and they continued to cut through the surroundings in a chaotic and unpredictable fashion. Moreover, their speed was incredible, and they could breach Ling Han’s defenses before he even noticed their approach.

At some point in time, Ling Han raised his Divine Demon Sword to parry their attacks. To his surprise, he discovered that the Divine Demon Sword could even absorb this kind of murderous aura.

He came to a sudden realization. The Divine Demon Sword wasn’t absorbing metal itself, and it was instead absorbing the Regulations of Metal.

It was because of this that metal would be reduced to smithereens after being engulfed by it. Since this murderous aura also contained the Regulation of Metal, it could naturally be absorbed by the Divine Demon Sword as well.


A smile spread across Ling Han’s face as he advanced with sword in hand. He cut aside all obstacles, and he advanced with no trouble at all.

After an hour or so, the Divine Demon Sword suddenly stopped absorbing the surrounding Regulations of Metal. Its blade started to quiver slightly, and several symbols of the great dao started to materialize around it. However, they immediately shattered again, only to be replaced by new symbols of the great dao. These symbols were far more complex, and they were also far more complete.

It was advancing!

Four-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tool.

If a cultivator wanted to advance, they would need to make countless preparations. Moreover, they would also need to face heavenly tribulation and whatnot. However, the Divine Demon Sword had advanced in an instant.

This was because there was only a single level above that of G.o.dly metal to the Divine Demon Sword. It was Divine Metal.

The notion of One-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal, Two-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal, and so on were all divisions created by humans. In reality, nature didn’t differentiate Pseudo-Divine Metal in such a manner. As such, the Divine Demon Sword had only taken a small step forward by reaching the level of Four-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tool.

Ling Han continued forward. Following the advance of the Divine Demon Sword, its engulfing ability became even more astonishing. Previously, it had only been able to engulf the metallic essence in the nearby 30 meters. Now, however, this range had expanded to 60 meters. Wherever the Divine Demon Sword pa.s.sed, there wouldn’t be a single iota of Regulation of Metal remaining.

“Small Tower, what exactly is Devouring Metal?” Ling Han couldn’t help but ask.

“Divine Metal. Moreover, there’s a sliver of chance that it can surpa.s.s all Divine Metal in the future, becoming a peerless existence,” Small Tower replied in a calm voice.

“So you’re saying that it can engulf Divine Metal and continue to advance?”

“Finally, you’re not stupid beyond saving,” Small Tower said. It was clearly praising him, yet Ling Han couldn’t feel joy no matter what.

“How extravagant.”

Divine Metal… Even Celestial Kings couldn’t necessarily obtain such a matter to forge a Celestial Tool. However, the Divine Demon Sword needed to be nurtured by Divine Metal such that it could continue to grow…

Absorbing Divine Metal to grow… Even r.e.t.a.r.ds would understand the freakish nature of this.

Ling Han couldn’t help but yearn for that time. When he became a Celestial King, no, a high-level Celestial King, he could perhaps give this a try. If he could truly obtain a transcendent Celestial Tool, wouldn’t that be fun?

Ling Han chuckled to himself. He was getting way too ahead of himself. The first step was to transform the Divine Demon Sword into a genuine Celestial Tool.

“Ling Han, you’re not celebrating with everyone else, and you’re instead wandering around here by yourself. Perhaps you’re doing something shameful?” someone sneered in a cold voice. A person suddenly appeared behind him.

Lan Tianyu.

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