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Deca.n.u.s Justus grimaced. Sixtus' words from a few suns prior echoed in his head. Clouds formed in his mind under their shadow, just as pa.s.sing clouds overhead turned the journey dismal and sunless.

'You're a born leader, Hero of Leopardon... In the dire straits of the Rhodok adventuring company, we're giving you a chance to act like one.'

This was Rena's chance.

She was the hero of her own story... and moving to Constantina's aid would ensure her rise in rank in the Rhodok company.

The Witch of Leopardon needed but to be unleashed upon her enemies.

He steeled his courage and spoke in the proudest voice he could, "Go where your heart tells you to go, Rena."

Ferrutius snapped, "Oh, COME ON, Justus, you can't be--"

Justus waved his hand to halt Ferrutius' words.

"Go or don't go. I will take the blame if you want to stay here," He smiled.

Rena nodded, "Th... thank you, Justus."

"Now THAT is a Deca.n.u.s worth following," the old man, Modestus, laughed.


Rena's heart thrummed with pride at Uncle-Immortal's belly-shaking laughter.

It was a routine call... to support Constantina with her crossbow... Still, the way Duplicarius Zehr was acting, made her a little anxious.

"Yeah, save our scouts, Rena!" "It might be dangerous." "Yeah, be careful, girl." --The tent group was enthusiastic in their support.

"Stick to cover. Remember your training," The injured scout offered.

Rena nodded, smiling to Justus.

There he was, her super-handsome friend. He was such a dummy, but he was always honest, innocent, pure. She always treated him like the crybaby he used to be, growing up.

...But somewhere along the way, he grew up. She didn't realize when it was, exactly. She knew it for sure with his declaration, just now. Maybe he had grown up a little when he took that helmet from Zehr. Maybe he grew up way before her, when he set off from their hometown of Leopardon to join an adventuring company.

She bowed lightly, "Thank you, everyone."

"Hahaha! Just be careful, little one!" Modestus a.s.sured her, "Run and hide, if you need to."

"I will, Uncle-Immortal!"

The old man chuckled, scratching his beard.

She turned to Zehr... The most handsomest man in the entire company... and the man who was desperately trying to convince her to stay, out of... worry? Jealousy?

The thought of it was making Rena's heart gush with love and affection. Even now, Zehr was half-turned away. His strong jaw looked both majestic and forlorn, as he gazed at the cloudy horizon.

Rena knew she was being a bit selfish with Zehr. She unfairly forced her feelings onto him...

She couldn't help herself. She loved him so much, and she... just wanted to drop everything and be with him.

But that's not how the world works. There were things more important than crushing on the manly hunk of manliness that was Duplicarius Zehr.

There was honor. There was pride. There was doing everything she could to help. She joined the Rhodoks to keep Justus out of trouble-- and sometimes, it felt like he took care of her more than the other way around.

Someone needed her help. She was asked for by name by Scoutmaster Constantina.

She wouldn't betray that trust.

Rena thought to herself... that she could be a little selfish. Zehr promised he'd protect her, after all. That meant he liked her, at least a little bit.

She took his hand in hers. It was still a little shaky. Her heart was racing crazily as her hastily made plan was coming to fruition.

As he turned to face her, she found her chance.

She lifted herself up on the tips of her toes and placed her lips against Zehr's.

Soft. Every bit as magical as she'd hoped. Her heart was pounding so hard. it hurt-- but it was a lovely feeling. She loved the way being with Zehr made her feel.

...She swore she could hear bells ringing-- but that was definitely just in her head.

Zehr opened his eyes in disbelief, "Rena... you..."

"I'm going, Zehr. Thank you for worrying about me."

The green-haired man gulped audibly. "I don't want you to go," He whispered.

Rena's heart somehow beat even faster-- a hundred-thousand miles per second, "Hey... can we... can we go steady, after? I mean... like... as lovers?"

"Tss," Zehr scoffed and turned away again. "Come back alive and we shall discuss it."

Rena jumped up, embracing Zehr's neck. She planted a dozen kisses on his confused face.

Jumping off of him, she yelled, "It's a DEALLL!!!" And she pumped her fist down in victory, "You all heard it! I called him! He's MIIIINE!!"

She would survive, no matter what! With all the energy and good luck she just stole from Zehr, Rena felt invincible.


She dashed off to the side, adjacent to Heracles. She was pretty light, so she wasn't worried about startling him too badly-- she climbed onto a stirrup, then mounted the saddle.

"Heracles! Zero to hero!!!" Rena yelled, pointing towards the front of the caravan.

The horse bucked up, neighing, more than willing to be her companion in crime. And so, Heracles galloped forward, as fast as the wind.


Justus watched Ferrutius run as fast as he could for several steps. It was useless, of course, and he quickly slowed.

Heracles and Rena were just too fast.

"Ohhh, FLAME. TAKE. THE BOTH OF YOU!!!!" The Deca.n.u.s yelled, falling to his knees. He drove his pilum angrily into the dirt.

It shattered. The rocky terrain, even after the sporadic rains, was still too hard to pierce.

"What the h.e.l.lLS??!?!!?" He screamed, the sound echoing off of the hills.

Duplicarius Zehr turned to Justus, "With Rena's recent actions, should I be less worried or... more?"

Justus shrugged in response, "She... she'll be fine."

Rena would be fine.

She was an idiot.

Idiots didn't die.

"She seems to have a lot of respect for Deca.n.u.s Constantina," Zehr mused.

Gianna walked up, "She does... Constantina grew up in a time where females in the military weren't really respected. It was only recently that it was opened up to both genders."

Justus smiled inwardly. To be honest with himself, he was afraid that Rena had only joined the Rhodoks and stuck with it, because of him. The girl needed to stand up for herself-- to fight for what she believed in.

She couldn't follow him forever.

Zehr began to walk away... towards where Rena and her horse galloped off to.

"Wh-where are you going? Duplicarius?" Justus raised his voice.

Inwardly, Justus cursed himself for blurting out such a useless question.

Of course, he already knew where Zehr was going.

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