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Chapter 89: He Didn't Want to Fight, He Just Wanted to Date You

Monroe barely dodged Mary's attack!

Mary jumped out of the room, raised her hand and continued to chase after him, so Monroe wrapped her fist with his palm!

What a guy!

Monroe was surprised at Mary's strength, it was indeed from skill, he almost underestimated her!

Mary continued to sweep her leg; the other hand hit Monroe's lower abdomen.

Monroe was busy dodging her leg when his lower abdomen received a punch from her!

This brat! Did she really want to hit him?!

Monroe was a little angry as he dodged while asking, “What do you want to do?”

Mary said with a beaming face, “I've wanted to fight with you for a while! Come on, let's have a good fight!”

Monroe snapped, “I don't want to fight with you. I just want to be in a relationship with you!”

Mary was embarra.s.sed. “Enough with the smooth talk! Beat me first!”

Monroe smiled. “That's what you said!”

He freed himself and began to fight with Mary!

Mary was indeed very strong.

The moves and strength of her punches were not a match for any ordinary man.

Monroe admired a girl like her very much. And as they fought, he understood how she killed Sirius and crippled the Snow Wolf, it was because she would use her own brain in the fight!

For example, at this moment, Mary flew up from behind and clamped Monroe's waist, then strangled his neck and fell backward

If Monroe was restricted by her, he would easily be locked up!

Ordinary people would not be able to withstand a few moves from her.

He hardly believed that with her skills, which she had only learned for a few years, that she could reach such a level. She was definitely a genius!

However, she was up against the boss of the Raging Flame Group, Monroe Hall, who had been invincible since he was young and had won all kinds of martial arts championships at the age of sixteen!

As long as he did not want to, there were not many people in the world who could lock him up.

Monroe suddenly twisted. Mary had not even figured out what move he had used before her legs went numb and she lost strength in an instant!

Mary fell back a few steps before she managed to steady herself.

When she looked up, Monroe had already turned his defense into an attack and punched her!

A punch landed on Mary's shoulder, and Mary grimaced in pain!

She turned around to deflect some of the force, but unexpectedly, Monroe's hand suddenly touched her waist. His hand did not exert much force at all. With just a gentle push of his palm, Mary's waist softened!

What kind of fighting style was this?

Was he an expert among experts?

Mary suddenly realized that once Monroe became serious, she really could not win!

However, admitting defeat was impossible!

Mary's eyes rolled, and suddenly she turned around to jump up and use the previous move again!

Monroe raised his eyebrows but did not dodge. Mary just jumped onto her body and clamped his waist, then tried to turn his head to the side again, when Mary saw Monroe's smile.

His hands turned strangely and quickly caught her hands. Then, one hand successfully twisted her hands behind her back.

Mary's face changed, and she fell down!

Monroe frowned. He was afraid that he would really twist her arms, so he immediately let go.

Mary was free. She raised her leg and was ready to use her ultimate move, one leg to strike-

Monroe raised his leg and took a heavy blow from Mary's leg on his shoulder!

Mary's face changed slightly. She didn't want to hurt Monroe!

Monroe gritted his teeth and stood up again.

Of course, he was carrying her leg on his shoulder.

Mary leaned back against the wall.

Monroe didn't intend to let go of her raised leg, even though Mary's other foot was barely tiptoeing.

The closer Monroe got; the more Mary felt his hot, heavy breath on her face.

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