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Chapter 1594: G.o.d Of Light, The Garbage Man

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Alright, enough with the rubbish!”

Fearless was more practical so he interrupted w.a.n.g Yu who was humble-bragging and asked, “The Korean server said that you took Starry Sky City’s G.o.d Tower down? The Korean server is still undergoing a huge update.”


w.a.n.g Yu laughed and said, “I did not take it down. I just killed a BOSS and it fell on its own.”


Everyone was puzzled and asked, “You met a scene BOSS? What BOSS was it?”

A scene BOSS was the kind of BOSS that once it died, the entire scene will die with it.

As veteran online gamers, they had met countless BOSS so they knew what a scene BOSS could do.

Such BOSS were usually designed to be positioned at the front of a significant architectural location.


With the BOSS around, the architectural location would be there but once the BOSS died, it would disappear too.

Architectural locations were the most important thing in the game.

In the game, after an architectural location was damaged, it would be updated to ensure the game’s continuity so it could not be casually damaged.

Once a location suddenly disappeared, it was clear that the game was about to undergo large changes.

Because of this, scene BOSS were there to guard the place. In the earlier times of the game, players’ equipment and character were still not at the state where they could defeat the BOSS.

Of course.

The game designers spent so much effort to create a symbolic infrastructure there so it did not make sense for players to destroy it in just a few days…

Once Quan Zhen Sect heard w.a.n.g Yu killed a scene BOSS, they believed it. They were just curious what BOSS it was. This showed how w.a.n.g Yu’s formidability was a usual thing so no one questioned his abilities.

“I think it was called G.o.d of Light Luke. He was quite tough to deal with!”

w.a.n.g Yu said very casually.

Although w.a.n.g Yu said Luke was tough to defeat, his tone sounded as though he just killed an ant.

“G.o.d of Light?!! For real?”

Hearing what w.a.n.g Yu said, everyone’s jaw dropped to the ground.

They did not know who Luke was but once they heard ‘G.o.d of Light’, it was like thunder to their ears. This was what the NPCs in <> believed in as their religion. Even Fearless could be counted as a minion to this G.o.d of Light.

It was compet.i.tive to be a G.o.d too. In the mainland with lots of believers, as the G.o.d who squeezed out other G.o.ds, this showed how strong Luke was.

How could such an almighty G.o.d be killed… Even though it was w.a.n.g Yu, everyone was still in disbelief.

This… This was too ridiculous. A player who was not even level 70 could kill the G.o.d of Light. No one would believe this was true.


w.a.n.g Yu seemed to have expected everyone’s suspicions. Seeing everyone’s expression, w.a.n.g Yu took out the skill book Luke dropped and threw on the table.

“This is what Luke gave me.”


Seeing the skill book on the table, everyone was surprised and quickly threw out a [Probing] skill, wanting to see what good item this G.o.d of Light gave.

However, after seeing what the skill book was, everyone mocked, “G.o.d of Light gave you this?”

Honestly, the two skill books w.a.n.g Yu threw out were not bad but that was it. They were not exceptional.

If an ordinary BOSS dropped these, they would not say anything as blinding within range and teleportation skills were practical.

However, as the G.o.d of Light, it was not fitting for Luke to give these two books.

For such items, ordinary BOSS could drop them too.

Luke was just a level 80 BOSS so if he dropped an ultimate skill book like [Doomsday Judgement], w.a.n.g Yu would find it unbelievable.

“Are these skills very bad?”

w.a.n.g Yu asked curiously as he was a gaming idiot so w.a.n.g Yu had to ask shamelessly.

“They aren’t bad!”

Fearless kept the blinding skill book which he could use then calmly said, “It depends on who dropped it. For G.o.d of Light to drop such a skill book, it isn’t good. Are you hiding the good ones?”

“Haha! Fearless, you’re indeed a dog. Your nose really can sniff well.”

w.a.n.g Yu chuckled then took out a long spear from his pocket and threw it onto the table.


The long spear landed on the table and made a heavy sound, attracting the eyes of Quan Zhen Sect’s players.

That spear on the table was more than two metres long and was greyish black without any glow. The spear’s head was a cross shape which looked grey.

In the game, the colours of the equipment was the most direct way to differentiate how good they were.

Rare equipment often had special effects to glow. The higher its level, the shinier it would be. G.o.d-grade equipment was blinding even. Players did not need to probe so with just one look, they could tell.

And the long spear w.a.n.g Yu threw onto the table was very normal without any shine nor special effects, just like a normal metal spear which could be bought in the store. It was just made with more detail. If it was not taken out by w.a.n.g Yu and was just on the streets, everyone would not bother giving it an extra look.

Of course, everyone was adults so they did not mock w.a.n.g Yu as, after all, he was powerful. Offending him would do them no good so they just kept quiet with black lines across their heads.

Vainglory innocently pointed at the long spear and laughed, “Is G.o.d of Light a garbage man? How could he drop such a thing?”


Everyone heard him and looked towards Vainglory with pitiful eyes. Young man, he really did not know any better… After a few more deaths, he would learn what to say and what not to.


Hearing what Vainglory said, w.a.n.g Yu was not angry, Instead, he smiled then displayed its attributes.

The long spear’s attributes appeared before everyone and they were stunned. They speechlessly looked at the long spear on the table and said, “This… This thing is a G.o.d-grade weapon?”

“Nope!” Fearless reminded them with a motive, “It’s a Priest-exclusive G.o.d-grade equipment!”

“Hehe! Surprising, right?”

Seeing how shocked everyone was, w.a.n.g Yu proudly said, “I am very surprised too but I don’t know how to a.s.sess this thing as I can’t see its exact data…”

“That’s no problem.” Fearless excitedly took out a blue scroll as said, “See what this is.”

“An a.s.sessment Scroll?”

Everyone was surprised to see what was in Fearless’ hand.

In <>, scroll items were not cheap and a.s.sessment Scrolls were very precious. This Fearless was really sneaky. Once he saw that this was a Priest equipment, he was even willing to use such a precious item.

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